5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Golden Orange Chakra up

On Finding a New Way: Now is the time to explore, advance, and find your way forward. Nothing stands in the way of your progress as the Heavens are opening the gates to success for those living in the integrity of their being. Integrity is your key to the radical changes necessary to leap out of third dimensional fears, limitations, and dramatic debris. You have the power within your integrity to recognize the resources, situations, environments, and relationships that will facilitate your soul-embodiment with grace, courage, and flexibility. This is new territory that you are all moving into. Integrity keeps your compass pointing North and insures honesty in your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, memories, and behaviors. As the rudder to your success, integrity keeps you moving in the right direction by facilitating the development of enlightened relationships that support the emergence of your 5D lifestyles. As the changes, world over, unfold, the integrity of your Soul’s auric field keeps you calm, informed, hopeful, and lovingly engaged in the transformation of your life and world. In exercising your integrity daily, hourly, and moment by moment, you will be growing stronger, clearer, and not merely resilient, but rather transcendent. In aligning with the power of your Soul to integrate every aspect of your life, you are consciously ascending.

Opening Song: The Path received and performed by Ilona Anne Hress with Clive Smith on her recording, Breath of the Soul.

Eeh yah. Eeh yah.
Eeh yah. Eeh yah.
Eeh yah. Eeh yah.

I hold you up to the sky above.
I lay you down on the Earth below.
The winds they blow, circling round you now.
Where the Sun shines down to warm you up.
And the waters flow, to cool you down.

I hold you up to the sky above.
Filled with Light. Your Soul takes flight.
And the winds they blow.
Sending you to where you need to go.

I lay you down on the Earth below.
The Earth it holds you in its grip,
Supporting you, upholding you.
Now stand tall. Now stand tall.
And walk on her. Walk on her with gentle feet.
She gave to you the path before you.
Walk on her. Gently step forward.

Winds they blow, surrounding you.
Comforting you. And guiding you.
Let the winds move you now.
Listen to the direction and follow.
And follow.

I am beside you. I am above you.
I am below you. I walk before you.

I am with you. I am in you.
I am for you. Here I am.

Here I am.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance:

www.iamuniversity.org Providing education for the age of awakening, this site is the outgrowth of Dr. Joshua David Stone’s mission to support the ascension of humanity on the Earth. Through multiple evolutionary coaching programs they provide a structure in which to step into your soul-embodiment.

www.addicted2success.com Founded in April 2011 by Australian entrepreneur Joel Brown, this interesting site focuses on motivation to promote personal and professional success. It is a truly interesting mix of inspiration and entrepreneurial desire, empowering individuals to make a difference. By providing motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favorite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the word, this site seeks to empower you to become a successful human being.

October’s Mantra:

I am embracing the power within my integrity to courageously create my soul-embodied life.
Listening to BE The Truth from RISE and doing the exercise and meditation accompanying this song will help you to embrace your integrity on the evolutionary journey.


Planetary Activation:

Breathe in a deep velvety blue and feel it filling up your chest cavity in a wave of insightful strength. Let the wave pour through your body and out your feet into the Earth. Continue breathing in the waves and growing stronger from the inside out. Allow yourself to rest in this strength and let it build within you. Reach out to the person next to you, and in holding hands, feel this strength multiplying. Welcome the support as you provide support. Become aware of the strength of the insight you are collectively experiencing. Take a deep breath as you release your hold and bring your hands up to your chest over your heart.

As your hands reach your heart, become aware of a wave of magenta energy pouring over the top of your head and down your entire body working its way down to the Earth. Feel a filament of this magenta energy moving into your Mouth-of-God chakra through the back of your head, down your neck, and into your 6D heart chakra in your upper chest. Feel the magenta filament connecting to the rhythmic pulses of your heart and growing with every breath. Welcome in the assistance of your own angelic nature to awaken the power living in the unconditional loving of your soul-embodiment. As the magenta energies grow through your multi-dimensional hearts, feel the dynamic power of unconditional loving moving into the palms of your hands. When your hands are filled with the magenta energies, bring them down from your chest, palms down, and send this magenta, unconditionally loving energy, into the Earth. Relax into the magenta flow as the Earth receives your loving.

Brings your hands to settle on top of your knees, palms down. Visualize a golden orb of light in front of your 3rd eye chakra. It is gently pulsing. Become aware of a celestial presence choosing to connect with you through this golden orb. With your permission, this celestial guide projects a ring of golden light around your head. With gentle pulsing your celestial guide awakens your mind with a deepening awareness of your purpose and presence on the Earth. Your guide reminds you of your importance, and honors the contributions you have, are offering, and will bring to life. Become aware of bursts of light as your brain awakens to a deeper conscious connection to the multi-dimensional realities supporting your soul-embodiment and peace on Earth. Welcome the insight, guidance, focus, and direction being offered to you now. It is time to forge ahead in shining light.

October’s Stone Grid:

azurite malachite

Azurite supports your intuition to act upon divine guidance.

Supporting the integration of the subtle bodies of your auric field, the minerals for October promote insight, strength of character, faithfulness, enlightened relationships, unconditional loving, multi-dimensional connection, and responsive decision making. They bolster when strength is required, and soften when flexibility is necessary. Awakening you to the purposes for which you were born, they support your fulfillment by providing access to the guidance necessary for success. They are uplifting, encouraging, hopeful, and enthusiastic about your ability to become a soul-empowered presence, capable of manifesting peace and abundance through respectful and effective decision-making.

These minerals work well together and easily integrate into the frequencies that are reconfiguring your third dimensional auric fields. They offer a template of peaceful collaboration that encourages the coherence of your expansive subtle bodies according to your multi-dimensional profile. They create a collective grid of sacred geometries that supports your emergence as an integrated soul-embodied human being. Protective as well as supportive, this mineral network creates an energy scaffold that promotes the graceful transformation of your physical life into a soul-embodied presence on the Earth that explores new ways of being that are in alignment with the evolution of all life on the planet.

Morganite encourages unconditional loving.

These stones are excellent when placed in grids to infuse your environments with the energies required to transform third dimensional dramas into fifth dimensional opportunities. They support responsible and respectful behaviors that build enlightened relationships, families, and communities who exhibit integrity as a way of life. Grids can even be placed in classrooms and houses of worship to support the unconditional acceptance and compassionate love for those who may feel challenged by, and have experienced being judged in life. These grids require regular cleansing because they will be working hard to support the transcendence of all those in the environments in which they are placed.

When focused on personal transformation, these stones are best kept close to the body in jewelry or in pockets. Meditation with these mineral assistants and incorporating them into your daily routines will also be useful. You can end your day by sleeping with stones to support your insight or soothe your heart. You can start your day by placing a stone in your pocket when you get dressed. You can even choose a stone to drive to work with you to remind you to be insightful with co-workers and clients. The more you consciously allow these minerals to assist you, the more you will receive.

Here are the minerals for October:

Topaz promotes personal fulfillment.

Blue: Apatite, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Blue Fluorite
Magenta: Cobaltoan Calcite, Purpurite, Pink Smithsonite, Morganite, Pink Lemurian Quartz
Gold: Stellar Beam Calcite, Gold, Yellow Opal, Gold Topaz




Questions for Reflection:

  1. How often do you practice self-control? In which subtle body is it the most needed?
  2. If you could hear the integrity of your auric field, what piece of music do you believe would best express the coherence of your subtle bodies?
  3. How much do you appreciate innovation? What areas of your life are most affected by research and development?
  4. What brings you the most hope for the future?

In the Spotlight from www.livingenlightenedrelationships.com

How To Build Stone Grids to Manifest New Realities

This grid infuses any environment in which it is placed with the six key qualities of fifth dimensional living.

When building a stone grid you are engaging the assistance of specific minerals who are experts at drawing to you that which you are requesting. Discussions between you and the mineral kingdom are necessary to determine the best stones for the job. Your personality structure and the environment in which your home or office is located are just two of the aspects for consideration when building a mineral grid. The stones in your grid will radiate a collective energy that generates a frequency field uniquely designed to help you achieve your goal. The frequency signature of the whole collective is as important as the electromagnetic voices being radiated by each specimen. As a group, your stones are creatively collaborating to manifest a new reality for you and are now in a unique relationship with you. They desire to make sure that what you are requesting is what you truly need to fulfill yourself, and also bring peace to the planet from which they have emerged. Let’s take a look at the mechanics of mineral manifestation.

We are accepting applications and nominations for the ExploreLifein5D grant to be awarded at the December 15th activation. The application can be downloaded at livingenlightenedrelationships.com and mailed to 95 Madison Ave, #1, Madison, NJ 07940. The deadline for applications is November 13th. To nominate an individual or organization please call Ilona at 973-822-5042. Thank you for helping us to support those 5D pioneers who are changing the world with intelligent loving!

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations

Ed Coster: Masonic Lodge Sanctuary Tours
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370. We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Upcoming Events:

Christmas Crystals, Sunday, December 3rd from 1pm-6pm

Ilona invites you to experience the light of the season through the shapes and colors of the mineral kingdom. Make some new minerals acquaintances and enjoy the company of some old stone friends. Enjoy 5D community while drinking great hot chocolate and nibbling on tasty holiday treats. Have a fifteen-minute reading where Ilona tunes into the stones that will support your happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in 2018. She’ll instruct you on how to utilize your stones to reach your goals. And, you can share the assistance of the mineral kingdom with those you love as thoughtful and effective holiday presents!

Please call Ilona to schedule a reading at 973-822-5042. The fee for readings is $20.00 and minerals are sold separately.