In order to access the flow of fifth dimensional graceful abundance, it is important and necessary to clear negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have accumulated not only in your current incarnation but also from the generations of family members who have contributed to who you have become today.  Within your etheric body lie the memories of your ancestors, both positive and negative.  These energy imprints impact how your body functions, your thought processes, and your emotional makeup.  Who you are attracted to, where you live and what work you are called to perform is also shaped by these memories which are alive in you now.  It is time to honor the positive contributions of your bloodline by releasing the negative, restrictive, limiting, and inhibiting energies that have entrapped your entire family for generations.  This exercise offers a gentle and organized way to clear each subtle body and at least nine generations of your bloodline both past and future.  Then, all of you are free to thrive in fulfilling your selves and the missions you were born to complete.  Consider this process an energetic gift that you are offering to your ancestors past and future.

To begin, feel yourself within your fifth dimensional aqua cylinder.  Breathe this unconditional loving into your lungs, into your heart and feel it being pumped through the bloodstream into every cell of your body.  The process in which you are engaging holds no judgments.  You are unconditionally loving your ancestral experiences and allowing negativity to be reprocessed into life-affirming energy.   See the pink mist of support, understanding, respect, honor and consideration flowing from your sixth dimensional sacral chakra and filling up the aqua cylinder.  Relax into this tender support and allow it to buoy you through the exercise.  When the pink energies mix with the aqua energies of the cylinder, you will see a beautiful lavender light emerge flowing like a fountain, up from the feet and through the head.  This lavender fountain will assist in clearing the negativity from your field.  Visualize next the descent of a golden cylinder of light that inserts itself into your aqua cylinder.  It is though this golden cylinder that the debris will be lifted and cleared from your auric field.  Although you are going to be accessing negativity, you are not focused on analyzing or reliving the memory.  Your job is to honor what has been learned and release the destructive experience once your understanding of the purpose is complete.

Now, become aware of both your thoughts and feelings related to lack, loss, fear, sacrifice, struggle, worthiness, entitlement, greed, power, and pain.  Do not censure your self, write down what emerges so that you can systematically release the debris.  Allow the tears, anger, frustration, sadness, or disgust to also emerge but do not get stuck in these physical expressions.  Breathe through the emotional release until you regain your composure.  If you have memory recall, honor the story, learn from it, and let it go.  At the end of this section of the exercise you will have a list of limitations and restrictions to excise from your field.  Some examples may include:

I am not successful if I don’t own a house.
There was never enough of anything.
I don’t deserve to be rich.
Success is more important than self-satisfaction.
I have to sacrifice for my family.
Struggle is a part of life, get used to it.
Being in debt is shameful.
Manipulation is a part of doing business.
Money is sinful.
You can’t be spiritual and wealthy simultaneously.
I will always be poor.
Without stuff, I don’t have an identity.
My job rules my life.
I feel robbed of my life.

If your list is too long, pare it down to the top seven to ten items.  You can always do the process again to release the remaining negativity.   You will need to release these negative energies from each of your subtle bodies and from your lineage.  I suggest that you assign one subtle body to a day of the week and allow yourself to feel the impact of this negativity in that area of your life.  For example you can designate Mondays as the release of negativity from the physical body, Tuesday as the release of negativity from the etheric body, Wednesday as the release of negativity from the emotional body, Thursdays as the release of negativity from the mental body, and Fridays as the release of negativity  from the spiritual body.  You may wish to chart the level of intensity emerging as these restricting and destructive patterns depart.  Each day welcome graceful abundance and personal fulfillment into the spaces cleared of negative debris.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I suggest you focus on releasing the negativity from your genetics and bloodline.  You will need to go back at least nine generations and forward nine generations.  However, certain families have suffered more than others as the repercussions of poverty or wealth led to criminal behaviors, starvation, or even suicide.  Meditate upon how many generations would best be served by this process.  Whether it is twelve, fifteen, or twenty-five, honor what is being asked of you.  Through the power of your own Soul you are blessing your bloodline with freedom and grace.  Again, you may wish to chart the level of intensity emerging as your bloodline is cleared of this karmic debris.  Every weekend after you have cleared the debris, welcome graceful abundance and fulfillment to flow into the lives of your relatives.

You will engage your own Soul and can engage the assistance of your spiritual guides and guardian angels for the cutting of negative attachments.  Archangel Michael and Ascended Master El Morya are particularly helpful in this arena.  The following is just a suggestion.  You can use your own words to make the process easier.

Through the power of my Soul, I command that all negative cords of attachment and
connection to _(Negative Pattern)___ in my __(Subtle)____ body in this incarnation and
the last and future _(#)___ incarnations, be cut from me now and sent into the Golden
Cylinder for reprocessing.  I ask that any remaining debris be caught in the lavender
fountain and transmuted back into life-affirming energy.  I welcome the descent of
graceful abundance and fulfillment into the cleared spaces now.  Thank you.

Through the power of my Soul, I command that all negative cords of attachment
and connection to __(Negative Pattern)_ in my genetics and bloodline for the past
and future _(#) _ generations be cut now and sent into the Golden Cylinder for
reprocessing.   I ask that any remaining debris be caught in the lavender fountain
and transmuted back into life-affirming energy for all of us.  I welcome the descent
of graceful abundance and fulfillment into all of my relatives now.  Thank you.

Continue the process as many weeks as are necessary to feel liberation from the pressures and prescriptions of the past and future.  When you are feeling calm, clear, hopeful, and at peace discontinue the exercise.  By this point, you may also be feeling supported and uplifted as graceful abundance begins working its creative collaborative joyful wonders in your life and in the lives of those you love.

Thank you for contributing to the graceful abundance of our evolving humanity.