Ah. I know your pain. I feel your tears.
I know your grief. I understand your fears.
My heart flows to you. My heart is ever true.
I am here for you.

I feel your pain. I know that you’re afraid.
I see your grief. I feel it under you.
No more shall you be under the fear.
No more shall you be under the greed.
No more shall you be under power’s grip.
No more shall you be your own worst enemy.

I bring truth. And I bring hope.
No more shall the faithless rule.
Aye. Yah.

No more fear shall rule this world for I Am here.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress

Drum: Mary Elizabeth

Shaker and Rattle: Deborah Allderdice and Debbie Carcuffe

Triangle: Helen Clear

Soundscape: Clive Smith


Everyone needs the love of a mother, and it is utterly devastating when anyone is denied that experience. The consequences of abandonment, abuse, and early death for a child are literally immeasurable because the effects continue to reveal themselves throughout the lifespan of the individual. But, they don’t have to be. We all have a Divine Mother from whom all life has sprung. Although she may be invisible to the human eye, she is not unknown to the human heart, and always connected to the Soul. In the second recording session, the Divine Mother was on a mission to let her Earth children know that not only has she not forgotten them, She is present to them. Fearless, She is confronting the negativity of power and greed that cause you to abandon yourself in pain and defeat. Because you are alive on the Earth, She knows your name and desires to care for you, regardless of what may have happened to you with any unkind women in your life. The Divine Mother is known all over the world by many names as a comforter, nurturer, and protector. It doesn’t matter what you call Her, as long as you are willing to let Her love, protect, and uphold you. She knows that you are worth loving and always believes in your power!