*5th Dimensional Auric Connections and Stasis Chambers*

5D Auric Connections and Stasis Chambers

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The Higher Rays

Updated on June 7, 2011
(Initial information through  Ilona Anne Hress, L.C.S.W., C.T.T., Rev.
June 13, 2006.)

Eight – Brilliant White

This is the Ray of the Soul.  Through this Ray, your Soul develops a conscious connection to Its home that is the Oversoul or Monad. Accessed through the Soul Star or your eighth chakra, this Ray maintains the integrity of your auric field and the physical form you embody on the third dimension.  Through your Soul you can access higher multi-dimensional energies incomprehensible by the human mind. The Mahachohan, who is at this time, St. Germain, serves to oversee the seven Rays that are transmitted through the White Light of the Soul down and into the Earth plane.

Your Soul Star is now located beneath your feet and is connected to the fifth dimensional core and atmosphere of our ascending Earth.  By September 5, 2011 the planetary auric field will be fully resonating with fifth dimensional frequencies. Through these higher rays humanity can relax as we progress into our Integrated Multi-dimensional Expansion.

Ninth – Blue Green

Provides an experience of radiant wisdom.  Combines the energy of healing with the willpower of divinity.  Builds primary strength so that you know what to heal and why.

Archangel Aragon and his legions serve on this ray.  They are devoted to helping us recognize the power of healing.  They focus on developing an inner process of awakening for us so that we understand what the “truth” is.

Archangel Aragon and his legions have a wonderful sense of humor. Nothing stands in the way of your healing and they laugh at anything that thinks it can.

Tenth – Pearlescent/Mother-of-Pearl

The Ray of possibility.  Provides access to unlimited manifestation so that you can comprehend the Infinite.  Expands your intellectual capacity to experience divinity through infinite multi-dimensional experiences.  Facilitates inter-species communication with the kingdoms of nature, extra-terrestrials and our celestial neighbors.

A Department of Inter-Species Communication has been created within the Planetary Hierarchy under this Ray.  Ambassadors from over 100 of our neighboring star systems and galaxies are participating.  They are developing communication technologies by which pertinent technological information, evolutionary advancements and philosophies can be shared with humanity.  This department also serves to contain negative extra-terrestrial influences that can further corruption through human greed and power.

The goal of this department is the attainment of peace on Earth.  Lady Master Nada is the director of this department.

Ray Eleven – Luminescent Orange/Pink

The Ray of Becoming.  Fosters intense creation.  Provides an intense understanding that leads to mutual union.  Uses the power of ritual to rise above negativity. Creates through gender magic.  This Ray understands the necessity of ceremony to honor commitments.  It facilitates the ability to manifest unconditional love in multi-dimensional physicality.  It assists with the merger of the creative heart within the creative body to transform into what is described as divine composition.  Within divine composition we move into the individual components of any outward manifestation.  This Ray perfects that which has been manifested by transforming those forms that have been working in whatever capacity into their highest potential for activity, productivity or function.

The composite energy of two Celestial Light Beings, Master Adama and Lady Master Adora serve on this Ray.  They participate in the Planetary Hierarchy as non-physical Celestial Masters radiating this Ray energy into and through our spiritual government.

Ray Twelve – Brilliant Gold

This is the Melchizedek Ray.  Lord Melchizedek is the God of our Universe and this Ray unites us with our universal citizenship.  The wisdom of universal evolution is shared through the cellular matrix of universal life transmitted on this Ray.  This cellular structure of any life form is its vibrational signature or name.  The Gold Ray provides a passport for all life in this universe, in the form of a specific cellular matrix.  This cellular matrix identifies us as citizens of our Universe whenever we travel within or outside of our universe.

This ray activates the golden monadic heart within the developing multi-dimensional human aura.  It connects with an eighth dimensional ability to creatively love and flows this capacity for creativity through the fifth dimensional heart into the evolving human being.   The golden monadic heart radiates the codes necessary for upgrading the human male into his ability to honor the Creator energy residing within his gender.  Through its assistance the divine masculine is given the freedom to live within the human male so that he may fulfill his role as a co-creator of heaven on Earth.

Ray Thirteen – Platinum

This is the Ascension Ray downloading the dynamic creativity of the Divine Feminine energy necessary for co-creativity.  It facilitates multi-dimensional explorations of life force in evolutionary development.  Through it the collaborative expression of the discoveries made during these adventures are made available.  It anchors into the human throat chakra offering humanity the ability to experience the divine voice speaking through the human body.

The Magdalene energies of the Divine Feminine are working through this ray to facilitate the gender balance necessary for human development. Mother Mary, Isis, and Quan Yin are focusing their energies on the restructuring of the human female in accordance with her fifth dimensional profile.  In so doing, they offer the human male the support and guidance necessary to his fulfill his own fifth dimensional expression.

Ray Fourteen – Rainbow

This ray provides access to the guidance, information and integrated technologies of inter-species research and development in evolutionary procedures.  It expands the Creator energy and identifies developing coordinates of consciousness.  The Arcturians and the Ashtar Command are observing and recording changes in the kingdoms of nature made in response to the ascension of the planetary body.  The Arcturians focus upon the developments within the elementals while the Ashtar Command focuses upon the departing and incoming animal species of the planet.  A contingent from Alpha Centauri is focused upon the development of inter-galactic contact.

Ray Fifteen – Lavender Silver with Aqua overtones

This is the ray of inter-species communion.  It facilitates the unification of life forces merging into consciousness without form.  It offers Creation the freedom to experience infinite energy potentials. It is the home to pre-matter, that which precedes physical expression.