Love is on the move, on the move. Ha, Hallelujah!
Love is on the move. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Find your way to home.


Vocals and rattle: Ilona Anne Hress
Tambourine: Helen Clear
Electric guitar and bass, organ, keyboard, and Soundscape: Clive Smith
Sound Engineer: Warren Hibbert


Your higher heart never gets stuck in hurt, pain, loss, envy, jealousy, and fear. It only knows how to flow and will transcend every obstacle placed in its path, using whatever creative means are necessary to meet any challenge to love and be loved. Unconditional loving looks upon challenges with interest and intrigue and takes joy in overcoming limitations to expand personal and collective freedom. This is the playful side of unconditional loving that is none-the-less powerful and quite transformative. This song infuses us with the empowered joy of unconditional loving and supports us to embody our Soul’s intelligence, compassion, and creativity in our daily lives. It encourages our playful journey into our fifth dimensional lifestyles with a beat that is uplifting, motivating, and joyous. Let unconditional loving flow into and through you today. May you be filled with the honor and grace that will always bring you home to your own Soul.