The resonance within your subtle bodies is shifting in accordance with the acceleration of your planet’s experience of her own multi-dimensional awakening. Your planet has its own auric field which sustains all life forms upon and within it. As the resonance of the planetary auric field is modulated by incoming solar, galactic, and universal frequencies, the auric fields of all life forms upon the planet are likewise affected. Within the context of solar, galactic, and universal evolution, multiple evolutionary timelines are impacting your current experience of being human. As your planet evolves into her fifth dimensional expression, the opportunity to consciously embody your Soul’s presence becomes a reality out of necessity.   Evolving into higher dimensional resonance requires the upgrading of the aspects of your being that allow you to experience life on Earth. Your hopes and dreams, thoughts, feelings, memories, and behavior must upshift to access and utilize the current electromagnetic streams bathing the planet in evolutionary opportunity. This experience requires the stretching of your humanity into your divinity, with the willingness to transmute the past, and transcend into the collaborative creation of a new reality. We are providing some simple steps to assist you in engaging these benevolent higher dimensional frequencies for your soul-embodiment.

Your Spiritual Body

Color: Luminous Gold      Quality: Restores hope

Expands and coheres the lower four bodies.

As the gateway from and to your Soul, your spiritual body awakens your connection with your inherent divinity. It literally translates your Soul’s energetic imprints into resonance with the planetary environment on which you reside. Your spiritual body creates the electromagnetic link that allows your incarnational experience, the personality that you experience in your body, to be directed by the multi-dimensional awareness of your Soul, which resides beyond your Earthly existence. Functioning as a transducer for incoming celestial frequencies, your spiritual body becomes the filter and interpreter for the information, experiences, creativity, and physical expression of your human reality, the life that you lead on Earth.

Because your spiritual body links you to the celestial essence of your Soul, it is the coherent glue that insures that your mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies remain supported and maintained while your Soul guides you through the purposes, lessons, and missions for which you embodied. By functioning as this access point for divine assistance in every aspect of your life, it is a source of hope, inspiration, and awe when the challenges of earthly life exert their impact.

The luminosity of the golden energy through which the spiritual body works promotes an awakening of the masculine frequencies of creativity. Strong, impassioned, clear, and visionary, this luminous gold spreads the imagination of divinity through your auric field, seeding your life experiences with possibilities your humanity would have never dreamed.

Your Mental Body

Color: Platinum     Quality: Restores Faith

Facilitates multi-dimensional access and travel

In the higher dimensions, thoughts are streams of electromagnetic energies encoded with information. They are precisely designed to serve a particular culture, species, experience, or environment. Because these are energetic packets of communication, they are highly organized and developed to be easily decoded with utmost accuracy. To decode the message, you must understand that you have received an energetic thought stream. This requires your conscious awareness of the multi-dimensional communication systems functioning within your solar system, galaxy, and universe. We would define what you call intelligence, multi-dimensional awareness, for within that awareness lies your ability to communicate with vast numbers of species populating your universe.

The multi-dimensional network hub located at your Mouth-of-God chakra receives these thought streams and reconfigures these electromagnetic messages into electronic impulses that your brain can translate into human language. This information processing supports the upgrading of your throat chakra, and promotes the effective use of your voice. When you are able to access the guidance that you require to solve issues, create opportunities, promote compassionate understanding, and collaboratively thrive, faith is restored. In this sense faith is any energy in which you participate, rather than an energy on which you depend. Self-esteem is inherently dependent upon the degree to which faith is an embodied experience.

The platinum energy of the mental body radiates the energy of opportunity born of multi-dimensional awareness. As smooth as it is shimmering, the platinum frequency travels gracefully and easily in and through any dimension, giving you access to the insights and wisdom of vast species of Creation. As a wave of multi-dimensional transportation, the platinum energy supports universal research, consultation, creative collaboration, and respectful discovery. You could call this platinum energy the ultimate universal education internet.

Your Emotional Body

Color: Velvety Magenta   Quality: Trust

Promotes creativity.

You cannot flow with any resonance unless you trust the source. And to trust the source you must learn to recognize and trust your inner awareness and Soul’s voice. You are an intelligent species with the capacity for great courage and surprising ingenuity. You have simply not realized your capacity for creativity because you have misunderstood what it means to be creative. Creativity is the unfolding expression of life force, the key being life force, not the destruction of it. Additionally, life force can never be owned because it is incapable of being contained. It can only be infinitely expressed. So, as trust is restored, intelligence is understood to be one of the servants of divine creativity.

To create, there must be malleability and flexibility, two qualities with which humanity struggles. Malleability requires surrender of the forms that have been stable in your experience, while flexibility requires being able to utilize the forms that are in their malleable state to promote new realities. The change from horse drawn carriages to motorized vehicles is one such example. So too would be the malleability of the written word from the letter into the email and text. You not only have to get comfortable with the change happening. You then adapt, and learn how to use it for your highest good.   Creativity requires intelligent action to be successful. Freedom of movement is necessary to utilize these qualities of divine creativity. And flow does not respect the boundaries between your subtle bodies. Indeed, the flowing movement of divine creativity supports the coherent collaboration of your hopes, thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical behaviors to create complete and thorough change in your life.

The velvety magenta energies support your capacity to trust the malleability and flexibility of the subtle bodies of your auric field. You are likewise trusting in the intelligent creativity of your Soul that is initiating these changes at defined moments in your life that offer you the best creative potential. Smooth, viscerally rich, and luxurious to see and feel, the velvety quality of this magenta energy supports the beauty and priceless nature of the creativity of which you are capable.

Your Etheric or Memory Body

Colors: Green and Lavender  Quality: Manifestation

The power to manifest new realities.
It is within the stories of your lifetimes, that your ability to manifest is trapped. What once held you captive, continues to hold you captive until you decide that entrapment is no longer your reality. The most difficult, but also the most productive of your subtle bodies, your etheric body offers you the freedom to manifest a new life because of what you have learned from the experiences your past. It is within this etheric network that you can utilize your spiritual, mental, and emotional power to disassemble the scaffolding of fear and rebuild it with the rebar of unconditional loving. Forgiveness and compassion become your power tools as you learn to sculpt a new life out of the material of the old. Negativity in the form of auric debris is transmuted into integrity, purity, and confidence to begin again.

What has been, has been, which means that reality has already moved on. But, you may or may not have moved along with it. The nature of memory in the human experience is static or stagnant. You love to take pictures to capture a moment, keep a record, and have a point of departure from which to chart a course. Yet, if the pictures do not serve the highest good, they will inherently bring down those interested in them. Manifestation begins with the choice to create a defined goal, object, or relationship. You are choosing to bring an experience, relationship, or object into physical expression through the manipulation of electromagnetic energy in the form of time, physical energy, and material resources. In that process you are directing the power within your dreams, thoughts, feelings, and memories through your physical body, especially your eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet. You are channeling your electromagnetic resources through your environment into situations that will support the relationships that will physically realize your creative goals. You are powerful. And with that power comes the responsibility to understand the consequences of your creativity, for which your Soul will hold you accountable. Such is the definition of manifestation for the human being.

To be honored with the power of manifestation is a great gift from the Creator of life force. And the freedom with which that gift has been offered to humanity is an even more incredible opportunity. The lavender and green energies support the healthy development of your manifestation powers. The lavender becoming a filter for negativity and danger while the green supports the insightful use of information, technology, and philosophy. The green energies safeguard the awareness of celestial intelligence to promote positive expressions and the development of life force. Together the green and lavender create a checks and balance system for the effectiveness and beneficial character of your manifestation. These two energies dance together throughout the manifestation process. The green energies support the expression of your dynamic feminine creativity while the lavender energies support the powerful protective and nurturing presence of your masculine energy.


Your Physical Body

Color: Pink   Quality: Relaxation

Receiving coherence.

For behavioral change to establish itself in your life, there needs to be not only receptivity, but relaxation. Many are often mentally open to change but resist the physical activities necessary to make these changes a reality. When your physical body is relaxed, it naturally receives what is beneficial from your subtle bodies. The incoming energies have their own innate intelligence and know how to provide you with the physical assistance that you require. When your body is relaxed these energies are free to do what they have been sent to Earth to do through and for you.

Your physical body is the densest aspect of you, and the part that is most visible to the eye. The truth is that it is also a rather small part of your existence. As an organic machine and a vehicle for electromagnetic expression, your body is more of a motorized storage device for your consciousness. It has billions of cells, great resilience, and is indeed a miracle of life force innovation. But it is fueled by all your other subtle bodies and maintained through the nurturing foods and animals of your planet. The job of your body is to receive all the guidance, direction, support, infusion, and creativity of your hopes, faith, and trust so that it can relax into what your etheric body is choosing to create for it. When the electromagnetic energies traveling through your auric field cohere into your conscious awareness then you can follow their directions to create health, peace, happiness, meaning, and abundance. But, you have to relax into the directions in order to follow them through to completion. If you question, doubt, reject, fight, dismiss, or obliterate the information and instructions your Soul has worked so hard to deliver through your subtle bodies, then your physical body never gets to relax.   And, it never gets to receive what is best for it. You get sick. At that point you can choose to listen and relax into a life that is being completely supported by its celestial origins.

The tender color of pink supports relaxation and promotes the receptivity necessary for soul-embodiment. This pink energy infuses a soft awareness of how well your Soul is nurturing you in your life. You become aware of the attention and care that your spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies are providing for you. You can relax into the reality that you are not alone. You are present to the presence of your Soul in every moment through every cell of your body. You physically relax into the safety and unconditional love your Soul is constantly creating for you.

Your Solar, Galactic, and Universal Bodies

The five subtle bodies of your Soul’s auric field are supported and nurtured by the frequencies traveling through your solar system, Milky Way Galaxy, and universe. Because of the Earth’s ascension, your planet has been reunited with her celestial family and is receiving tremendous evolutionary support and assistance from multiple star systems and celestial beings of light. As a member of the family of Earth, you are now capable of receiving this assistance in your earthly evolutionary experience and indeed, it is vital to do so. The three higher bodies which surround your Soul’s auric field are the means through which you can consciously connect to and receive assistance from the parts of you that are currently experiencing life in this solar system, galaxy, and universe. Your Soul is not limited to one human experience and the eleven other members of your Soul’s family, and the one hundred and forty-three members of your Monadic family have much to share with you from the vast reaches of what you call “outer space.” The concept of loneliness has served an important purpose on the Earth plane to allow you to experience separation, fear, and loss. And you have learned the value of, and consequences of, these states of existence extensively. Now you are called to share that experience in community, universal community, and be welcomed home to your divine origins with the respect that you deserve for the research and development of the Soul that you have accomplished. Your commitment to serving all life on Earth is reaching out into your solar system, galaxy, and universe with a brilliance born of perseverance, compassion, and the ultimate journey into unconditional loving. Yours is a conscious and successful return to your celestial family after a long, arduous, and challenging mission. We are blessed to describe these higher subtle bodies through which you are reunited with your celestial heritage.

Solar Subtle Body   Quality: Peace

As you settle into the awareness of your planetary home as part of a larger galactic neighborhood, your understanding of electromagnetic energies by necessity changes. In the physical search for life on Mars and throughout the solar system, your scientists are impaired by multi-dimensional blindness. Because you cannot physically see life as you know it, does not mean that life does not exist. Through the connections made by your solar body, your ability to consciously become aware of multi-dimensional life forms grows, along with your capacity to develop multi-dimensional relationships. Whenever you experience valuable support that is safe, nurturing, productive, and celebratory, you automatically feel at peace. In stressful moments, it does not matter how that support appeared or arrived, by whom or what, or from where. You are vulnerable, grateful, and relieved. The goal of your solar body is to provide an expansive experience of peace for all life on Earth by introducing you to the multi-dimensional relationships that are essential to the wellbeing of every species. It is through these multi-dimensional relationships that the healing of all life on Earth unfolds. They are the “first responders” to planetary and human crisis. Through your solar body you are being consciously introduced to compassionate, understanding, and respectful, light beings and extra-terrestrials who are coming to the aid of a planet in distress, and a fractured civilization that is learning to transcend its past. As a member of the family of this solar system, you are provided the technological guidance and enlightened awareness through which you can navigate electromagnetic solutions to old problems that safely create evolving new realities.

Galactic Subtle Body Quality: Connectivity

As humanity settles into its multi-dimensional relationships in the solar system, it becomes easier to accept and appreciate the reality of Creation as expansive, intelligent, and kind. Your galactic subtle body provides access to the Sun of this galaxy, the portal through which universal electromagnetic frequencies descend to support all life residing in and traveling through the galaxy. As such, your galactic body becomes a source of multi-dimensional connectivity, an electromagnetic transport hub. Through the frequencies of your galactic body you can electromagnetically travel to star systems near and far, traverse nebulas, discover sources of electromagnetic radiation, and grow deeply aware of the respectful use of galactic natural resources. Eventually this will lead to physical space travel, when humanity is evolved enough to peacefully enter into intelligent and graceful creative collaboration. For now, the recognition of your galactic body is an awakening to the generosity and hospitality of Creation.

Universal Subtle Body  Quality: Transcendence

Home to the life force that creates and sustains all life throughout this universe, the Great Central Sun of our universe serves as an outpost for the heart of Creation. Holding the electromagnetic codes of creation for all species in this universe, the Great Central Sun is an aspect of Mother/Father/God that nurtures, protects, supports all those experiencing life in this universe. The Great Central Sun holds tremendous power to heal, guide, support, and realign species that are experiencing difficulty in maintaining and growing life force. You can imagine the Great Central Sun as the head of a large non-profit corporation, or the head of state of a large nation. Filled with responsibility towards those they serve, this universal leadership requires vast knowledge, understanding, communication, compassion, acuity, confidence, and strength, all based in the wisdom and attentiveness of unconditional loving. Through the assistance of the Great Central Sun you may access these necessary and powerful states of being to align yourselves with the best evolutionary outcome for you and all life on Earth.

As you comprehend the levels of electromagnetic support that are held within your expanded auric field, you can rest assured that everything you require to embody your Soul and heal your world is at your disposal. By calling forth the multi-dimensional assistance residing in these higher bodies, and awakening to the expanding frequencies of your subtle bodies, you are constantly being bathed in the love of Creation, stepped down specifically for you to personally embrace and consciously utilize. Your Soul’s auric field has its own metabolic rate. It breathes in waves of expansion and contraction under the guidance, support, and protection of your solar, galactic, and universal bodies. Allow yourself to inhale these magnificent currents of celestial loving and to further the embodiment of your Soul with every exhale. It is time for you and your world to thrive.