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Gender Unity in 5D Relationships

Everything we do on Earth is in relationship to someone, some thing, or some energy. Our entire existence is dependent upon the quality of relationship we are capable of engaging in any and all circumstances. The more confident you become in navigating relationships, the more successful you feel and the more supported you are. Life, […]

5D Auric Field Webinar — March 2015

Fifth Dimensional Relationships Webinar with Rev. Ilona Anne Hress, L.C.S.W., L.M.T. Note:  This telewebinar is being postponed until later this year.  Stay tuned as the planet’s evolution is offering us even more gifts in fifth dimensional relationships as we approach this summer! Our Earth is welcoming you to love as your Soul loves.  It offers you […]

5D Auric Field Webinar — Nov/Dec. 2014

with Ilona Anne Hress Join us for these 6 amazing Sessions! 6 Tuesdays from November 4th through December 9th, 2014, from 7:30-9pm. Your fifth dimensional auric circuitry is an upgrade to the energetic physiology that supports your physical existence and the radiation of your personality into the world. In the third dimension, your energetic physiology […]

The Fifth Dimensional Awakening Stone Grid

The following seven stones offer you their collective assistance to align the resonance of your auric field with that of our fifth dimensional Earth.  Emitting the energies of unconditional loving, creative collaboration, commitment to service, gender unity, graceful abundance, and a greater capacity for joy, these minerals create an energetic environment in which the internal […]

The Crystallization of the 5D Auric Field Activation

We begin by connecting deep into the heart of our fifth dimensional Earth.  Allow your awareness to be drawn down into the unconditionally loving aqua heart of our planet.  As you make contact with the aqua heart, gently feel the aqua energy of the Earth’s 5D heart spiraling up from her core and surrounding your […]

The 5D Auric Field

Our auric fields are changing to provide us access to the multi-dimensional assistance supporting our evolutionary development into soul-embodied human beings.  Fascinating changes are occurring to our physical bodies, our capacity to transcend the past, our ability to remain emotionally calm and mentally focused under pressure, and our expanding awareness of the celestial beings supporting […]