The circuitry of the fifth dimensional auric field is necessarily different from what we have known in our third dimensional experience.  Outlined below are the key differences between the way we processed energy in the past and the way that we are currently learning how to now.  Although the process is at times confusing and does cause fatigue, the increasing moments of deep joy, pure clarity, and peace are well worth it.  Besides, there is no going back.  Our Earth has ascended and is taking us with her.

1.The Pole Shift of the Human Auric Field, From the Bottom Up
Prior to 2012, multi-dimensional energies moved from the Heavens down to the Earth through the light channel of the human being.  The focus was upon drawing down the energies of the Soul to promote conscious connection to your divine nature and celestial heritage.  Because human beings, in their ignorance and fear, threatened the planet’s evolution and cosmic intervention was necessary to prevent disaster.  The Earth and all life upon her were the recipients of massive multi-dimensional and extra-terrestrial assistance to support the evolutionary goals necessary for the ascension of the planet.

The turning point toward evolutionary success was the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  Since then and through the entire year of 2012, steady progress was made to promote human evolutionary development as our planet was traveling within her spiral of the Milky Way galaxy and would cross galactic center on December 21, 2012, her evolutionary due date.  She achieved her fifth dimensional status and the Earth’s current multi-dimensional position allows her greater access and communion with the celestial intelligences of our solar system, galaxy, and universe.  Her core, the planetary Soul is an aqua unconditionally loving heart, transmitting the qualities of creative collaboration, capacity for joy, graceful abundance, gender unity, and commitment to service throughout the planetary body and atmosphere into all life forms residing upon her.  Our planet is now a conscious participating member of our cosmic quadrant.  As life forms upon this ascended planetary body, this heralds the beginning of a conscious soul-embodied fifth dimensional humanity capable of multi-dimensional community and inter-galactic contact.

It is through the crystalline grids within and surrounding the planet that multi-dimensional support and communication from our cosmic quadrant are provided.  This crystalline matrix is alive within the soul-embodied fifth dimensional human because it is within and through these fifth dimensional crystalline matrixes that the evolving humanity exists.  The planetary body transmits information from its core up and out through the crystalline grids.  It also receives information, technology, resources, and extra-terrestrial assistance through the same grid work. Likewise, the energy of the human auric field now moves up from the Earth’s core through the feet and out through the head.  Your Soul, linked to the Soul of the planet, is moving within you, alive within you, and reaching out into the heavens through you.  Your fifth dimensional auric field is itself a crystalline grid in alignment with the auric field of the physical body of Earth.

2.The Ascended Fifth Dimensional Earth Energies, Six Key Qualities
Unconditional loving, creative collaboration, capacity for joy, graceful abundance, commitment to service,  and gender unity are the primary qualities of the evolving human being who is becoming a soul-embodied citizen of Earth.  The fifth dimension is a dimension of peaceful connection promoting graceful expansion.  In order to achieve this humanity must embody the   unconditional loving through which peace comes alive.  This requires creative collaboration among those committed to serving the highest good of all.  Every kingdom of nature is included in creative collaboration because harmony and balance are keys to peaceful living for every creature who supports life on Earth.  When collaboration is creative and committed to service, graceful abundance and joyful living are the outcome for the well-being of every being is the goal.  Happy beings live happy lives and contribute from their joy.

Fifth dimensional individuals make life choices based upon the good of the planet, while third dimensional individuals make life choices based on what they perceive is best for them.  Climate change, financial decline, food insecurity, a threatened water supply, and increasing energy demands are primary concerns with severe consequences for all life on Earth.  A soul-embodied human being approaches life with sanctity, honoring the purposes of all.  A third dimensional human being uses what the Earth has to offer without recognition of its planetary purpose.  When inside the aqua slinky or light channel, every decision is arrived at in support of all life on Earth.  Linked within the crystalline gridwork of the planet, you begin to perceive and to experience the depth of connection involved in every interaction on the planet. Giving and receiving are always considered in fifth dimensional relationships so that balance is not only established, but maintained.  Your unique contribution to a situation, environment, or relationship is as important as what you are requesting from it. This is the basis of graceful abundance.

3.The Subtle Bodies of the Fifth Dimension, Freedom and Expansion
The auric field is comprised of five basic energy signatures which collectively create your experience of living in any dimension.  Each layer of the field supports the critical systems required for life to experience and express itself.  Freedom and expansion are the hallmarks of the fifth dimension while fear and limitation are the experiences of the third dimension.  Your fifth dimensional subtle bodies are slowly working their way into and through your third dimensional subtle bodies to free them of their limitations to support your expansion.  In doing so, your fifth dimensional subtle bodies will target the issues and patterns to be broken through in each body and support your overcoming.  Each layer of the field supports, working in creative collaboration to brings about dimensional transcendence in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the field.

Here is a quick outline of how your subtle bodies work together to support and uphold your life-force.  Your spiritual body radiates the essence of your being and provides the fuel your other four bodies live upon.  Your mental body packages that fuel into intelligence which perceives effective and fulfilling life experiences.  Those thoughts are transferred to your emotional body which functions as a delivery service, making sure that the direction and guidance that you require is provided when, where, and how you need it.  Your emotional navigator marks its destinations in the etheric or memory body, downloading this package of information into the computer like circuit board of your etheric body.  Your etheric body processes the information and assesses behavior patterns and incarnational history, adjusting and re-configuring life patterns to facilitate greater health and well-being.  The etheric body sends its programming into the physical cells and tissue to support the body’s ability to fulfill your mission and purpose on Earth.

5D Subtle Bodies Diagram

5D Subtle Bodies Diagram

4.Gender Harmony into Unification, Horizontal Infinity Channels
Fifth dimensional relationships are peaceful because they are created by peaceful people.  In order to achieve internal harmony, your own masculine and feminine energies have to know peace as a way of life.   Unfortunately in the third dimension gender conflict is our specialty.  Separation is a hallmark of third dimensional living and gender imbalances are key to the fear upon which third dimensional life is predicated.  Inequality, sexual abuse, physical violence, and even wars have resulted from gender imbalance.  Tolerance and cooperation are third dimensional experiences that lead us in the direction of respecting each other but not necessarily honoring each other. Fifth dimensional relationships require the leap into creative collaboration with others whom we unconditionally love and purposefully connect.  Because these relationships are not defined by role and function, fifth dimensional men and women offer their gifts and talents to and in support of the other.  In so doing, a profoundly intimate relationship is born of purpose and promise for the highest good.  Complementary harmony is a necessary outcome of creative collaboration.  It leads the way to gender unity as the masculine and feminine energies, each mirroring the other, merge into a complete whole.

In the fifth dimensional auric field horizontal infinity channels that cross at the center of the fifth dimensional chakras become means by which the masculine and feminine energies support each other to fulfillment.  These infinity channels are energy pathways that function to keep a steady flow alive between genders, accessing whatever is necessary at that moment to respond to a collective demand or process.  Together they manifest a complete and whole life experience that is joyously fulfilling.  Fifth dimensional relationships occur among friends, colleagues, families, and in couples.  Our relationships with the minerals, plants, animals, and angels on the planet are also moving into fifth dimensional resonance.

5D Chakra Column

5D Chakra Column

5.Manifesting in the Fifth Dimension, Connecting to Create
Your physical environment and lifestyle are expressions of your internal etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual processing. The layers of your auric field create the landscape upon which your personality experiences its dimensional existence.  In the third dimension, you entered this incarnation with distinct lessons to learn and defined soul mates who agreed to help you learn them.  Situations and experiences arise to facilitate new behavioral patterns, awaken spiritual perception, develop compassion, and increase personal responsibility.  You can try to manifest what you want but if it does not support your lessons, it generally does not appear.  The linear quality of third dimensional living necessitated a planned approach to personal achievement that provided opportunity.  Education, financial resources, and powerful connections are critical to third dimensional success.  However, manifestation in the fifth dimension is driven by quantum mechanics and is not limited to a linear time frame.  It is also not designed by the human ego desiring the effects of wealth at the expense of teach other and the planet.

Because of the crystalline quality of the fifth dimension, perception, communication, understanding, and interactions are exponentially increased and processed through quantum timelines.  Whatever you decide to manifest will emerge from within the crystalline grids, supporting your fulfillment and the fulfillment of all.  Relationships, resources, experiences, and locations are all quantumly entwined in fifth dimensional manifestation.  So much so, that sixth dimensional energy channels are utilized to deliver higher dimensional guidance and direction to energetically infuse the manifestation process.  The sixth dimensional infinity channels appear above the fifth dimensional infinity channels and lock into position during a manifestation process.  They create a manifestation circuit that is literally the flowering of creativity in an intentionally ordered fashion to produce a desired outcome that is in service to the self and all.

The Christ Consciousness Grid of the planet radiates unconditional loving into all life on Earth.

Christ Consciousness Grid Activation

In this activation you will participate in downloading silver shimmering energies that support and expand the Christ Consciousness on the Earth.  Your connection to your 5D Soul Star will be enhanced facilitating a deeper connection to the Christ Consciousness grid which surrounds and supports all life on Earth.  In the process you will hear the silver shimmering energies singing balance into the planet, increasing flow, supporting life-force, promoting integrity and increasing electromagnetic coherence, for you and all life on Earth.  Thank you for assisting our beautiful world!  If you can, listen to the activation with headphones to more fully experience these beautiful frequencies.