Arise for love is uniting us.
Arise as love brings peace.
Arise for love is healing us,
Bringing joy that will not cease.

Arise for love is blessing us,
Bringing honor, trust, and grace.
Arise for love is upholding us.
Growing strong, we live in faith.

Arise for we are cherishing,
The love that makes us whole.
Arise for we are tenderly embracing
Each other’s Souls.

Arise we live in harmony,
Creating through thoughts and deeds.
Arise for love is flowing,
Our lives are safe, at peace.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress
Soundscape: Clive Smith
Sound Engineer: Warren Hibbert


Enlightened relationships emerge through the experience of giving and being unconditionally loved. They seek to harmonize and unify masculine and feminine energies so that the best of each other is offered for the fulfillment of the couple, the family, and the community. These frequencies were originally written for a friend’s wedding. In preparing this album, I recognized that this song is truly a wedding fanfare for an emerging enlightened civilization peace. As we learn how to marry our humanity with our divinity, we become the soul-embodied humans that are giving birth to the peaceful future of an advanced human race. When you are feeling discouraged, listening to this frequency will lift you up, give you hope, and fill you with encouragement. It’s also really beautiful to play at a wedding!