A message from our feathered friends to soar the skies in light:

Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne…………

Look to the skies and see the light.
Look to the skies, your Soul takes flight.
Look to the skies and fly with me.
There’s so much of divinity.

Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne…………..

Oh, fly with me. Soar the skies and see the light of day.
Fly with me. Soar the skies. There’s so much more to see.
Flapping through the clouds.
Gliding on the Sun.
Carried by the wind.
We are One.

Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne………….


Vocal:  Ilona Anne Hress
Soundscape:  The Birds in Helen’s backyard


My friend Helen recorded this early morning avian symphony in her back yard. As I was listening, the message the birds were sending to humanity started to emerge from my lips. This song is literally what Helen’s blue jays, sparrows, mourning doves, woodpeckers, nuthatches, cardinals, and chickadees asked me to deliver to the world. Birds of all kinds are connected to the angelic realms. Because of the vast higher perspectives in which they travel, they lead us closer to embracing the light of our own Souls and honoring the oneness from which we have emerged. Diana Cooper and Tim Whild in their book, The Archangel Guide to Ascension, write about Archangel Bhokpi, the archangel of birds. In Atlantis birds would sing the cosmic news of the day for all to download. Additionally, specific families of birds attended to the auric field of humanity through their songs and behaviors. Today Archangel Bhokpi along with Archangel Metatron oversee these early morning avian symphonies all over the world. Enjoy the generosity of these birds who care about and support your evolution.


Sit outside in the morning, in a location where birds regularly fly, feed, and preen. Bring some birdseed or peanuts and scatter it in a safe space as an offering. Open up your higher sense perceptions and telepathically thank the birds for being in your life. Be in their presence and play Soar the Skies out loud. Watch what happens. Become aware of any message the birds are imparting to you, and any energies they are infusing into your auric field. Radiate love and appreciation back to them.


Connect to your 5D Soul Star beneath your feet and become aware of your Soul’s light. Let it rise up into your body. As the light rises, feel your Soul Star connected to the Christ Consciousness grid of the planet and firmly anchored into this planetary light network. As your Soul’s light rises up to connect with your fifth dimensional higher heart aqua chakra, relax into the expansion occurring through your chest and back. Very gently now feel a tender magenta energy enter your Mouth-of-God chakra at the back of your head at the base of your brain. This angelic frequency travels down your throat and settles into your higher heart chakra. As it swirls through your chest cavity, it links with the aqua light of your 5d heart and starts to awaken your own fifth dimensional angelic nature. There is a stirring at your back on both sides of your spinal chord. Very gently your angel wings begin to emerge. Linked to your 5D heart and connected to your sixth dimensional nervous system, relax into the presence of your own inner angel. Ask for support from those guardian angels who have been your constant companions, and if you so desire, let them show you how to fly. As you lift, together, into the light of Spirit, become aware of the purity, tenderness, understanding, and generosity of your angelic nature. What gifts do your guardian angels have in store for you in this flight? What songs are they singing as they fly? Where are they taking you and why? As you return to your body, reconnect with your 5D aqua heart and feel your wings retracting to the sides of your spinal chord. Visualize the magenta energies becoming a mist that gently moves around your body and then dissolves. Feel your 5D Soul Star beneath your feet and your connection with the planetary Christ Consciousness Grid. Let the messages and energies of this journey descend into your consciousness. Embrace a deeper connection with you own guardian angels and thank them for their devotion to you.

Crystalline Assistance

Celestite, Phenacite, Angelite, Petalite, Seraphinite, Blue Wing Anhydrite, and Ajoite will support your conscious awareness of the angelic kingdom and the assistance the angels are working very hard to provide for you. All of these stones are uplifting, comforting, expansive, and hopeful.

Through this music the Heavens touch all living upon
the Earth with love, grace, strength, hope, joy, and peace. May the breath of your Soul always be upon your lips.
— Ilona Anne Hress