To live in bliss as a state of being you must be:

  • Coherently Spiritual
  • Creatively Thoughtful
  • Intelligently Emotional
  • Directly Purposeful

This is the profile of the Crystalline Human that you are becoming.

We begin with a new understanding of COHERENCE from a spiritual perspective.

  1. Recognize the coherence within your Universal Auric Field as you connect with the life forms you embody throughout this universe.
  2. You are functioning between the 5th and 9th dimensions in this part of your evolutionary development.
  3. This is an expanded understanding of what it means to be spiritual, to function from within your spiritual body.
  4. Coherence is the integration of how you express yourself throughout this universe.

The Clean-Up Operation

To consciously participate in the integration of your universal expressions, you have to release any attachments to older and lower vibrations that defy or resist integration on every level of your universal being. Here are questions to get started:

  1. On what dimension of me is this lower vibration being released?
  2. How does it correlate to or effect my third to fifth dimensional
  3. existence on Earth?
  4. What am I more free to accomplish, here and everywhere, due to this release?

These questions cannot be comprehended by the human mind but can be addressed through human awareness. Awareness requires a conscious recognition of how you are participating in your own clean-up operation. This leads to the following set of questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this being within my universal matrix of self?
  2. What are the possible consequences of such behaviors, thoughts or concepts, and choices being considered for activation?
  3. With whom and for what am I aligned, for what, when and how?


Collaboration in our context is defined as the process of unifying energy fields to their highest magnetic resonance, to break through to the higher electrical currents of existence. This is electronic freedom and relates to the like attracts like principal. The outcome is peace. Invite others to this experience of collaboration to create a new humanity.

Building a Life of Peace

Practice the premier creativity that comes from peace. In a peaceful state you excel in:
The concepts you entertain.
The choices you make
You manifest within harmonic resonance.
You achieve your highest artistic vibrational expression.
You create inspiration wherever you go and co-creativity results. You are completely supported with easy access to infinite resources.
Are you willing to be an expert in happiness?

The Golden Octahedron

The coherence of your universal spiritual body is maintained by the rotational spin of the golden octahedron transmitting the frequencies through which your universal expressions are sustained.

Our next step is to engage the CREATIVE THOUGHT of the Luminous Heart.

  1. Luminosity directs the way to peaceful existence and evolutionary development by accessing higher dimensional guidance. It is the thought process of the fifth dimensional mind.
  2. Luminosity combined with purity is the experience of unconditional love on a mission. Unconditional loving facilitates evolutionary development.
  3. The unconditional love of the fifth dimension is calm, relaxed, and expansive due to its purity and luminosity. Humans don’t know how to love this way in the third dimension. We are evolving into our capacity to unconditionally love as fifth dimensional beings.
  4. Humans conceive love for a “part,” not the whole. We experience duality in particulate matter because everything appears divided. This is a reflection of our own separation from cohesive living.
  5. We see ourselves in parts and then our parts start to fight with each other. This has lead to self-destruction individually, and is assisting in the destruction of our current civilization. The collective human heartbeat is faint in specific areas around the globe where isolative pain has destroyed any sense of cohesive community.
  6. Purity celebrates the whole because it exists. It does not recognize duality. It has the power to reopen the third dimensional heart, broken and shut down by isolative pain, by reintroducing multi-dimensional connection and wholeness.
  7. Purity radiates through the fifth dimensional luminous heart that serves as a multi-dimensional Light Chamber for creative thinking. The luminous qualities of a light bearing heart are:
    • Transparent and bright,
    • Joyful and soft,
    • Buoyant and fluid,
    • Highly intelligent,
    • Gender balanced.

The Luminous Heart

  • Multi-dimensionally intelligent.
  • Energetically fluid.
  • Recognizes whole systems and incorporates all the individual
  • components into a cohesive whole.
  • Recognizes its power by understanding the consequences of its behavior.


  • To become intelligent, shift the human power base from the human brain to the multi-dimensional heart. Do not trust your rational facilities to determine the course for your life. Develop a kinesthetic awareness to access the creative energies of the luminous heart. It will always create cohesive applicable experiences for your universal life expressions.
  • The human heart is as afraid of taking control as the human mind is of surrendering control. The head, as the follower, must co-create with the heart as the leader. Let the luminous heart love the irrational human mind to calm it down to receive guidance.
  • The luminous fifth dimensional heart is a frequency transducer providing assistance for the transformation of the human mind into full cohesion with the intelligent multi-dimensional heart. Spiritual healers can utilize the modulating capacity of the luminous heart to assist others in self-healing.
  • Luminosity and purity are received, amplified, and transmitted through cohesive crystal lattices. Multi-dimensional creativity is downloaded into life forms throughout the universe through crystals. For humanity, the downloading of coherent thought patterns that assist us in manifesting our evolutionary creativity can be effectively delivered through crystals with laser-like accuracy.


The Blue Diamond Crystal and the Blue Heart Star

The blue diamond crystal is the geometry of your luminous multi-dimensional mental body and home to the purity of your fifth dimensional blue heart star.

We act with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE to experience integrated manifestation.

  1. To be clear about what you are manifesting and why, you must understand multi-dimensional co-creativity. All of your universal expressions are manifesting, each in their own worlds, and every decision each part of you makes has an impact on your human life on Earth.
  2. Ask yourself: Who is feeling this way? From which dimension are you? Become aware of which expression of your being is active in a particular situation or experience. Work with this part of you, listening to the story unfolding.
  3. Reign in your human self and take control of your Earth plane experience to gain access to your multi-dimensional emotional body. What kind of energies are you radiating that can be disruptive to or inhibiting your highest good?
  4. Your multi-dimensional emotional body directly connects you to the integrated manifestation occurring throughout out your universal expressions. Coherently, integrated manifestation concerns the highest good of all of you, understanding the ramifications of every intention each part of you makes for the rest of your being.
  5. Your entire being is co-creating physical and non-physical realities simultaneously.
  6. Frustration, in this matter, is a sign of progress, not defeat. Don’t give up. Keep seeking, “why” as a multi-dimensional answer. What part of me needs to become present on the Earth plane? When and how?

Manifesting in the Fifth Dimension

  1. Humanity is currently having a fifth dimensional light experience while being embodied in a third dimensional world. The electrical energies of the fifth dimension are fluidly penetrating the electromagnetic constraints of the third dimension and creating confusion, distress, and even havoc.
  2. Direct confrontation and hard approaches to this evolutionary experience are unhelpful. Embrace the tender and open-hearted energies of the luminous fifth dimensional heart to move forward.
  3. The fifth dimensional heart’s intelligence is greater than human experience and can ease the confusion, discomfort, and disorientation occurring as the third dimension feels like a void. Living within the fifth dimension brings ease into your life as you embrace the neutral energies that avoid drama, release fear, awaken generosity, and nurture peace.
  4. The fifth dimensional emotional body runs on understanding, unconditional loving and respectful action. It is creating a new bell curve of multi-dimensional intentional action that resonates throughout your being.
  5. In the context of the energy wave of the fifth dimensional emotional body:
    • Understanding is a state of being. Music as spiritual transmission supports the experience of universal coherence.
    • Living in unconditional love increases the ability to perceive multiple realities. A culture of oneness is facilitated when multiple perspectives are appreciated and engaged.
    • Through respectful action life-affirming choices are consistently made. Unconditional access to technology and natural resources are unquestioned in a peaceful civilization.
  6. This energy wave of the fifth dimensional emotional body is the frequency generator for the awakening of the luminous heart. Humanity will ride this wave to build a new civilization of peace. It will take five generations, starting with the current one, to entrain an evolved humanity capable of living in peace with the Earth, solar system and galaxy.
  7. The Earth wants your unconditionally loving company as you reside upon her. Through your fifth dimensional emotional body you will see your life through new eyes with true respect for the lessons of your life experiences. Become:
    • Fearless
    • Open
    • Accepting
    • Understanding
    • Aware
    • Compassionate
    • Humble
Be gentle in your healing. Be tender in your living. You will find grace.


The Pink Stellated Dodecahedron

The pink stellated dodecahedron sends the frequencies of your intentions throughout your universal expressions for manifestation. It is the intelligent delivery of your co-creative desires within universal harmonic resonance through which new realities manifest.


  1. As of December 16, 2009, the cell walls of the human body began to crystallize to receive fifth and higher dimensional transmissions linked to the activation of the universal auric field. The human body is now connected to the multi-dimensional crystalline matrix through which higher dimensional frequency waves travel.
  2. Order, symmetry and cohesion are the hallmarks of a silica-based biology into which humanity is evolving. In order not to physically die during the transition from a third to a fifth dimensional world, your body has to crystallize.
  3. Your universal etheric body is the vehicle through which your physical form is crystallizing. Through it your expansive multi-dimensional blueprint is being imprinted upon the physical matter of which your anatomical systems are composed.
  4. The crystallized human body is focused, ordered and directed so that it can receive and navigate through higher electromagnetic frequencies.
  5. Humanity’s universal monadic auric field is an interlocking electromagnetic matrix that allows for multi-dimensional healing to upgrade the physical mechanism that is the human body.
  6. View your body as an electromagnetic machine learning to function with the integrity of galactic life-force. This is a brand new experience of physical human existence.
  7. Learn how to consciously communicate within your expanded electromagnetic matrix to utilize multi-dimensional frequencies for healing, manifestation and to experience multi-dimensional joy. Engage your etheric ability to mapquest your consciousness.
  8. This is the process of physical enlightenment that allows you multi-dimensional access through your physicality. Although crystallization can feel initially confining, your universal electromagnetic matrix can consciously take you anywhere throughout this universe. There is great freedom within crystallization.

The Green Octahedral Matrix

Through the green octahedral matrix your physical form is evolving into a silica-based biology. Your Earth Star modulates incoming higher dimensional frequencies to create ease and reduce the painful symptoms of this difficult and physically taxing process. Your etheric body serves as a double terminated crystalline receiver, transmitter, and amplifier serving your entire monadic auric field.

The Crystallized Human

  1. The crystallized human is a fifth dimensional being whose physical body resonates with and participates in a multi-dimensional universal awareness of existence.
  2. The fifth dimensional worldview of the crystallized human consists of:
    • A complete balance in the kingdoms of nature, the byproduct being harmony.
    • An inherent understanding of what it means to live harmlessly, yet interdependently, upon each other.
    • Requires the understanding of the meaning and purpose of a life form in order to respectfully participate with it.
  3. Purity, clarity, balance, and harmony are the functional hallmarks of the evolved fifth dimensional human being.
  4. No heroes are necessary in the fifth dimensional world. There is no need for them.
  5. Although individuals may choose harmony, they cannot save the world. The civilization, collectively, must make this choice.
  6. As conscious receivers of fifth dimensional realities, you are here now to light the way and chart a realistic course to the development of a new civilization of peace.

The Golden Spiral

The geometry of the universal physical body is the golden spiral. Through it all forms of life throughout this universe evolve physically into their next dimensional expression.