Musaca dey a hone qui ha suca ney na ho ma hey coosada deyahee.

It’s dusk in the forest, and all the fairies are returning to their secret hiding places.

Hom da ha dey key hassa dey moocoonda dey daha pusaquena hona puncca hey.  Oocalla key macdeega a hoda hey.

They gather and their wings are aflutter.  And they start to share all the wonderful mysteries of the day, one talking faster than the next.  And with such delight they share.

Hooca ha la hey mey honda hey sa keysaba hoodahey a cumba keeca han. Ho sadaba ducan sa ney hey hoonca la ha duca hey na homaha.

So Wanda says, “Ooh I had a wondrous day.  I spent the day with this elderly couple.  They have been married for 50 years and they still walk down the street and hold each other’s hands and look longingly and lovingly in each other’s eyes.  They stop at a bench to sit and rest and enjoy the puppy dogs as they are walking by.  And the dogs stop to wag their tales and say hello.”

Cassa dica humba ha dicca humba deecaha. Mucca sey ahomba ho happa keeka hanna seyca ha osekey  mubeka mopakey ho ca ca choo ca ha ney no.

It’s Bernie, and he says that he had a miraculous day.   He did things he didn’t realize he could do.  He actually helped sooth a baby’s cry as he fluttered over the crib.  And the baby just stared up with his beautiful eyes.  And the more Bernie fluttered his wings, the more enchanted the baby was.  And then, all-of-a- sudden, the baby relaxed and slowly fell asleep.

Casanda hey acopa hey key seccaha honda hey beenna homaha potaheyga. Oh cadasa deycooda ney moopa mooca secaheylo oh la hey keeca nocca hacasey. 

Ohhhhh ahhhhhh, it is Sybil.  She was exceptionally excited.  She is a younger fairy and it was her first day out to explore.  Her Mom let her go all by herself.  And as she went out, she saw the chipmunks in the forest, and she saw bunny rabbits and she got very, very excited because they were very fluffy, you know.  And there they were, ahhhhhh, the most elegant deer, so statuesque and so elegant.  And the male deer had those stunning antlers.  She was mesmerized.  The deer actually let her sit on one of his antlers and she was quite excited.

Hontaha bocunt key sadaho seekeeca honsabeeca hannawho mucca sala coocahey key homakeecaso.  Hondahey key booca mucca key mucca daha leysa hannaho makeyheyho.

Ohhhhh it’s, it’s, it’s Stan. It’s Stan.  It’s Stan and he recently lost his mate about a year ago.  And just has not felt as if he could go out and serve, and give joy to somebody.  But today he did.  He took a deep breath and he ventured out.  And he went into a small village and there was a woman who had also lost her mate. And he knew how she felt.  And he could comfort her and she actually comforted him.  So, he gave and he received and it was a most profound day for him.  And he has come back to say, “Thank you all for supporting me this past year. I found my way again.”

Umpa key so cumda hey beyha hada keeca hoon.  Samba ho araca deepaho cahee succa hala cum meycoopaha dey hey. Soota hey pa pochecno honde, hey acoolca sundahey.

Well, it’s Bruno and he’s feeling rather grand today.  He has just finished his physical training and he feels strong and competent. And no one will bully him anymore, because he’s developed his own outer strength, in addition to his own inner strength.  And he walked proudly down the street this day.  And people greeted him and he greeted them back.  And he felt like he had suddenly found a secret place within himself that he had never known existed.  And even though it was his physical body that became strong, and he could not be bullied anymore, it was the inner strength that overwhelmed him with joy.  He thinks he shall never have a day as grand as this.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress
Light Language: Deborah Allderdice
Soundscape: Clive Smith
Sound Engineer: Warren Hibbert


Through this song the Pleaidians, in their light language, share with us the world of the fairies on the Earth. In this view into the service that the fairies offer to the world, we get a glimpse of their everyday lives. Most of the time we consider that the fairies focus their assistance upon the mineral and plant kingdoms. Yet here the Pleaidians invite us to consider how they are invisible, yet purposefully interacting with humanity. I find it extremely powerful to recognize that every species on the Earth, including the fairies, angels, and dragons live their lives moment by moment, seeking to be purposeful, needing to be loved, and being respectful neighbors with life forms different from their own. In the emerging enlightened civilization of peace, soul-embodied humans will be developing respectful, harmonious, and collaborative relationships with these beautiful fairies. Together we will support the healing and rejuvenation of a planet that has been very hurt by humanity.

I have had the privilege of visiting the fairies at their North American headquarters in High Bridge, NJ with Christina Lynn Whited. Christina cares for this special portal and offers walks at the equinoxes and solstices to photograph the electromagnetic energies radiating from this portal. It is wonderful to visit these beautiful beings at their homes in the forest. As they return at dusk from very busy days out in the world, their joyous energy sparkles, even though they have expended huge amounts of energy protecting and nurturing the natural world. It is a magical moment to capture their light on a smartphone and to recognize that indeed a fairy flew right by you.
To learn more about the fairies at their North American headquarters please contact Christina Lynn Whited at