Angelic Massage

Ilona offers multiple services through which your evolutionary journey is supported and your relationship with your Higher Self is nurtured.  Here she describes what occurs when receiving an angelic massage.

To schedule a massage please call Ilona 973-822-5042, or text 862-823-6141.

Your angelic massage begins with a scan of your auric field and chakra system, and a discussion of any physical symptoms you may be experiencing.  Ilona then creates a personalized bodywork program designed to restore energy flow where it is needed most. Therefore, your entire body may not need to be addressed during an angelic massage. After the initial evaluation, you disrobe and relax onto the massage table.  Angelic assistants immediately begin to infuse your body and auric field with healing energies, while Ilona uses connective tissue therapy to bring healing energy to your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nervous system.

As both a clairaudient and clairsentient, Ilona hears the cells of your body speak and may witness any trauma your cells have experienced in this and past lifetimes, including physical or emotional pain.  As your cells release this trauma, you may feel physical discomfort or pain.  Crying; angry outbursts; and feelings of fear, panic, or sadness are sometimes part of the release process.Know that Ilona and the angels are supporting you during the massage so that you may safely release all painful experiences.  The angels direct specific rays of color into your body to provide emotional, mental, and spiritual support so that you can transcend past events.  Once free of negative congestion, your body can further absorb the angelic healing energies that will strengthen and heal you, and allow your cells to experience peace.  Feelings of relief, safety, hope, comfort, and love are often experienced after these intense releases.

As your massage comes to a close, the angels offer peace to your entire being.  Your physical body is relaxed and may be tired due to the intensity of the experience.  You may feel lighter in mind and spirit due to the increased energy flow throughout your auric field.  Once dressed, Ilona re-scans your auric field and chakra system to confirm that the areas previously under distress are clear and your life-force energy is flowing freely.  The angels who have infused you with healing energy send you forth with their blessings and love.

Due to the physical intensify of your angelic healing massage, you may continue to release up to a full week.  You may experience fatigue, nausea, muscle aches, and intense emotional releases.  These effects are short lived and pave the way for greater vitality, flexibility, and joy.

Fee:  $85.00 for one hour session