5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Crown down

5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Crown down

The chakra column of the fifth dimension is uniquely designed to provide access to the higher frequencies promoting your evolutionary development into a soul-embodied human being.   As the energies of your Soul permeate your Light Channel, which runs through the spinal chord, they superimpose and interpenetrate your seven primary chakras with the enhanced frequencies of fifth dimensional functioning including the capacity to unconditionally love, the ability to collaboratively create, gender unity, and graceful abundance.  They enhance your capacity for joy, and establish a deep commitment within you to serve all forms of life wherever and however you encounter them.

New Colors and Horizontal Infinity Channels

The new colors of the fifth dimensional chakras radiate the expansive energies being processed by these little life force engines in your physical form.  Your fifth dimensional chakras work through all the systems of the body creating a harmonically dynamic physical presence through which your Soul shines. To promote that harmony the horizontal infinity channels emerging from each fifth dimensional chakra serve to balance the masculine and feminine energies living within you.  They facilitate the process of gender healing that leads towards the inner peace of gender unity.  These infinity channels become a dynamic tool to monitor the steady flow and considerate respect that your masculine and feminine energies are learning how to develop and sustain.

Soul Communication

Your fifth dimensional aqua chakra column directly processes the energies in the subtle bodies of your auric field for consumption in your physical body and dispersal into your personality structure.  This aqua Light Channel is directly connected to the aqua heart of our fifth dimensional planet and is fueled by Mother Earth’s ascension.  Your fifth dimensional chakras anchor the spiritual frequencies of your Soul into the systems of the body, providing for optimal functioning of your organs, endocrine glands, and hormones.  Your Soul communicates within you through the network your nervous system and sensory organs provide. Your higher sense perception and spiritual awareness are greatly enhanced through your fifth dimensional chakras because your ego is no longer in charge of accessing information about your world.  Your Fifth Dimensional Mind is developing your conscious multi-dimensional awareness that is a hallmark of fifth dimensional functioning.  The activation of the Mouth of God chakra located at the back of the head at the base of the brain turns on your multi-dimensional communication system connecting you with the frequencies of the languages your Soul speaks.  It functions as a cosmic internet providing access to celestial support, technology, and information.  It also connects you with the voices of the kingdoms of nature with which you live.  It receives and transmits multi and higher dimensional information and messages from and to your spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual bodies as required for joyful, peaceful, and abundant living.

Activating Chakras

As the evolution of humanity proceeds over the next four years more chakras will be activated connecting us ever more deeply with our celestial heritage and the multi-dimensional kingdoms of nature that are our family.  In addition to the Mouth-of-God chakra, the violet green Empowered Service chakra located at the notch of the collarbone calls forth and navigates the necessary fifth dimensional relationships that will support the development of fifth dimensional communities.  The golden orange Gender Unity chakra located four inches below the root chakra heals fragmented masculine and feminine energies facilitating the gender unification necessary for giving birth to a peaceful soul-embodied humanity.  It anchors the fifth dimensional chakra column into the aqua Light Channel. The Gender Unity chakra also functions as an engine through which the Golden Orange Beam is generated.  This beam becomes the carrier wave through which each chakra is healed and unified, then continues up beyond the White Lotus Crown chakra to connect with the Monadic Star Pyramid about twelve inches above your head.  The Golden Orange Beam receives the celestial frequencies delivered through the Monadic Star and distributes them into your chakra column, then sends them down into the Red Reception chakra between your ankles for processing through your human form before depositing them into the brown Grid-Grounding Chakra that is your new fifth dimensional Earth Star.  In the creatively collaborative environment of the fifth dimension, whatever energies you require to heal are shared with all other beings on the planet who require the same.

Multi-dimensional Machine

Your fifth dimensional chakra column is an active multi-dimensional machine supporting the physical ascension of your humanity into your divinity.  Learning how to effectively use this energetic circuitry leads to optimal health, enduring peace, lasting joy, abundant well being, and fifth dimensional relationships that supports the development of a soul-embodied new civilization of peace.  When an obstacle comes across your path or a lesson is to be learned, you can use the power of your fifth dimensional chakra column to heal, grow, and fulfill yourself.

The components of your fifth dimensional chakra column are:

Icy Blue 4 Sided Monadic Star Pyramid
Golden Orange Beam
Aqua Light Channel
White Lotus Crown Chakra
Rainbow Third Eye Chakra
Magenta Mouth-of-God Chakra
Platinum Throat Chakra
Violet Green Empowered Service Chakra

Aqua Heart Chakra
Orange-Pink Solar Plexus Chakra
Pearlescent White Sacral Chakra
Blue Green Root Chakra
Golden Orange Gender Unity Chakra
Red Reception Chakra
Brown Grid Grounding Chakra – 5D Earth Star