May Energies

Abundance Is Flowing

World Tree

On Abundance is Flowing:  Do you believe that you have all that you need?  Do you truly understand what your needs are?  Can you connect your needs to your personal mission in life?  Are you willing to trust your life to your Soul?  What does it really mean to be faithful?  In the third dimension these questions are riddled with fear, and expectations.  Dictated by an ego that doesn’t understand personal fulfillment, the obsession with power, greed, and lust literally burns up life-force, leaving an emptiness that seems impossible to fill.  How can you be greedy when you already have all that you require?  What good is power when you are too afraid, or too egotistical, to use it wisely?  What positive purpose has lust ever played in anyone’s life?   In transitioning from third dimensional fear to fifth dimensional living, your entire understanding of what is enough, and your perception of what abundance involves, drastically changes.  Fear is self-absorbed while love is generous.  Manipulation is self-absorbed while power is magnanimous.  Lust is self-absorbed while sensuality is creative.  Abundance only knows how to flow.  And even if you try to capture it, abundance will move on, with or without you.  Now is the time, in the process of your soul-embodiment, to consciously awaken to the power of abundant flow in your life, and for your world.  The idea of scarcity, the experience of poverty, the imbalances of power, the misuse of sexual energy, and the loss of personal responsibility all relate to energies that humans are attempting to control, according to an external standard, that has no significant relationship to the realities of infinite life-force.  Are you willing to receive the blessings that will change your life once and for all?

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May’s Stone Grid

Facilitating Graceful Abundance

Jade inspires you to fulfill yourself and supports you to embrace the resources and relationships that make this possible.

The stones for May enlighten you to what divine abundance is so that you can consciously begin to feel it working and present in your life.  They promote discovery, wonder, and possibility because that’s what abundance facilitates.  They are also beautiful, reminding you that your life can be as colorful and interesting as you will allow.  Although you may be holding a simple rock in your hand, the journey the molecules of this stone took through heat, pressure, erosion, and time to emerge as the mineral you are now feeling, will help you to appreciate the vast journey your Soul has arranged for the emergence of your own magnificence.  All life changes and the stones for May will encourage you to appreciate fluidity in your thinking, feeling, choosing, believing, and behaving.  May’s stones promote gratitude for experiences, not judgments about what is being experienced.  In that, they offer you the freedom to flow into soul-embodiment unencumbered by negativity, doubt, and fear.

Here are the minerals for May:

Cobaltoan calcite awakens your Mouth of God chakra so you can hear the angels sing.

Magenta stones to promote soul-awareness: Cobaltoan Calcite, Purple Fluorite, Purpurite, Sugilite, Lithium Quartz
Green stones to promote abundant flow:  Emerald, Moss Agate, Jade, Fuchsite, Variscite, Nebula Stone, Green Aventurine, Prasiolite, Epidote
White stones to promote soul-embodiment: Faden Quartz, Phenacite, Datolite, Channeling Quartz, White Opal

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The Heavens Sing For You – RISE

Open Up

Our immediate response to danger is to protect ourselves, and rightly so. However, when the danger is everywhere around us, as in poverty and war, or living in our homes, and inescapable, what was a momentary response can become a way of life. Restricting and inhibiting, when fear lives within us, our hearts and minds close and our bodies bear the brunt of self-protection. Yet, safety is possible. Our Souls will always direct us to the best situations and relationships necessary for our well being. Sometimes we must physically travel to reach a safe destination. At other times, the move is emotionally and mentally inward to find the calm nurturing within. In either case, when we open up to new possibilities and are willing to entertain opportunities we may have never considered, our Souls are prepared to show us the way.

Listening to and doing the exercise and meditation to Open Up from RISE will help you to break free of the powerful fears that have made scarcity and loss a part of your life.

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The Christ Consciousness Grid of the planet radiates unconditional loving into all life on Earth.

Christ Consciousness Grid Activation

In this activation you will participate in downloading silver shimmering energies that support and expand the Christ Consciousness on the Earth.  Your connection to your 5D Soul Star will be enhanced facilitating a deeper connection to the Christ Consciousness grid which surrounds and supports all life on Earth.  In the process you will hear the silver shimmering energies singing balance into the planet, increasing flow, supporting life-force, promoting integrity and increasing electromagnetic coherence, for you and all life on Earth.  Thank you for assisting our beautiful world!  If you can, listen to the activation with headphones to more fully experience these beautiful frequencies.