July Energies

Soulful Beauty

World Tree

On Soulful Beauty:  There is a beauty about you that you do not yet recognize. It is an innocent wonder that looks upon life with curiosity and admires the power of life-force. This is not the innocence of childhood that is dependent upon respectful and loving caretakers and life-affirming environmental forces. The innocence of your Soul is a powerful experience of creativity that is marked with enthusiasm and appreciation. It is the mature expression of an empowered soul-embodied human being. Because it is multi-dimensionally progressive, this innocence becomes a bridge to the multi-dimensional wonders that are your celestial birthright. Soulful beauty is limitless in its ability to experience the magnificence of life in all circumstances, and expansively aware of the potential for harmony and communion in every relationship. Under the influence of soulful beauty, unconditional loving thrives and courage becomes a way of life. This is the courage to engage life wherever and however you are experiencing it, understanding that love always creates a home for those willing to reside in the magnificence of the Soul. Your experiences of home will be transforming from limiting restrictions, and defined bloodlines and birthrights, to embrace the awareness of connection, purpose, and celebration that are the hallmarks of all happy earthly and celestial families. In the next few weeks allow your relationships to mature, expand, and express truths that were unable to be shared up until this moment in Earth time. As you receive these truths in soulful beauty, your experience of relationship will create new opportunities to appreciate all the innocent wonders that unconditional loving brings. How beautiful is your loving!

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July’s Stone Grid

Promoting the Beauty of Unconditional Loving

Gold calcite supports your conscious awareness of your Soul’s presence.

The stones for July support your ability to unconditionally love by connecting you to the innocent wonder living within your Soul. They encourage you to embrace healing from an expansive experience of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, generosity, respect, kindness, and appreciation. Strong yet fluid, these are kind stones who do not use their power to overwhelm, but rather invite you experience another dimension of your capacity to love.

Here are the minerals for July:

Golden Healer Arkansas Quartz, Stellar Beam Gold Calcite, Gold Danburite, Yellow Jasper, Amber, Lemon Chrysophrase, Yellow Opal, Golden Barite, Imperial Topaz, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Spirit Cactus Quartz, Libyan Gold Tektite, Star Mica.
You can place a gold ring, necklace, or bracelet into your grid to support healing and promote the circulation of unconditional loving in this relationship.


The Heavens Sing For You – Wide Awake

This song is designed to help you see through the essence of your being, your Soul’s eyes.  It awakens your ability to recognize the illusions under which humanity suffers so that you can engage your Soul’s power to overcome that which has trapped you into negativity and uncertainty.  Human eyes were trained to see suffering everywhere.  Third dimensional human beings have become the experts of suffering in the universe because we were sent to live in an environment flooded with fear, separation, and loss.  Our job was to find our way back to our spiritual core after experiencing amnesia regarding our celestial origins.  It has been a very hard assignment, with many detours, but now we are on the verge of success.  We are learning to recognize that our human lives are simply one part of us, and indeed not the biggest or most expansive elements of who we are.  Wide Awake is a joyous melody that connects you with the power of your Soul and the hopeful and joyous way in which it views your life on Earth.  Because your Soul generates the power through which you live, it seeks to awaken that power within you so that you enjoy all the goodness which truly exists for you on this ascending planet.  When you are wide awake, all the energy you need to transform the way you live is at your disposal.  Now is your time to live your fullest life ever!

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The Christ Consciousness Grid of the planet radiates unconditional loving into all life on Earth.

Christ Consciousness Grid Activation

In this activation you will participate in downloading silver shimmering energies that support and expand the Christ Consciousness on the Earth.  Your connection to your 5D Soul Star will be enhanced facilitating a deeper connection to the Christ Consciousness grid which surrounds and supports all life on Earth.  In the process you will hear the silver shimmering energies singing balance into the planet, increasing flow, supporting life-force, promoting integrity and increasing electromagnetic coherence, for you and all life on Earth.  Thank you for assisting our beautiful world!  If you can, listen to the activation with headphones to more fully experience these beautiful frequencies.