One life.
One love.
One heart that beats as one.
And all are free, and all can be all that they are.
Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu, lu lu lu lu…………

Pleiadian Light Langauge:
Ke honsa saha le mehoun ka hana.
Seekaha koo mahke la konahe.
Co soodaha de he. Meeha canno.
Se ke helahone kesela hoca he.
Moo casan ke. Suca le sounke he
laconahe hosake maooda he.

Mooca sacahe la ho kee ekana he.
Mooca soola kea neena no. Kea neena no.
Pulaca ke hona sena he.
Soon paha casa luca cahana he.
Mooca hala hala hala wooda he.

Sooc cahada he mooca de ooh casad he kien
umacca ke acca ke oola heca canahe mooca se.
Mosa kahana cooca he la cooca hana he moo
kelaca so cala ooh cala mooca se la noma le.
So cona he cama he whospeta de coola ke.
Oh magonne he, ocha se he umba ke.

Hona cana he sooka ha, suma ke, suma ke,
nacada co esomeke he.
La ca moodehela cona he acase
mucca hana kenano.
Omph fa ha casada ha opa hana keeona he so ca mooca hana cooca he la keeca han.

Sonahe se ooo mikoola ha,
sooh cala, sooh cala.
Kieva whoda a hana he moosaha kooca kooca,
ke hana kooca ha.
Kooca, kooca kesela kooca ha.
Kooca, kooca. sehela kooca ca.
Kooca kooca selaha kooca ca.
Moo ca sehee sona ke, la caseca moo.
Voo sekaha, mooshade.

One life.
One love.
One heart that beats as one.
And all are free, and all can be all that they are.
Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu, lu lu lu lu…………
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah …………

Mooca sana coole.
Coosanite Oocaha la coselacoo.
Oocasade he elacoo, oosa kesa, kesa, kesa.

An Introduction to Light Language:

Just as language is present on the Earth, language also exists in extra-terrestrial civilizations. Sometimes these languages are just energy bursts and sound bites, or even just colors or images. However, some of these helpful celestial civilizations have languages that are more accessible to our ears and help us to remember our origins just by listening to the cadence of the language. In this song, the Pleiadians speak to us in one of the languages spoken in their star system. The Pleiadians continue to hold the blueprint for the physical ascension of humanity into our soul-embodiment. They were one of the star systems that helped to seed humanity. They are very much invested in our successful evolution and are happy to assist you on your journey today.

Here is the translation of their message:

The song of the new world will be seen, heard and understood by each person, according to his own present awareness. This awareness will expand in proportion to the individual’s level of curiosity to seek and learn from the many energy forces that will be available to all. It is not that these energy forces are new, but rather, humanity has developed to a place that all people and animals will be able to more easefully interact, experience and learn.

The mountains will remain where they are. The rivers will flow as always. All will visibly be familiar. However, your experience of all living things will be heightened.   Your perception of a deer being different from you will cease to exist. Your understanding of what your garden and crops need, will be altered by an energetic intuitive knowing. Your need to seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding outside of yourself will be filled with inner wisdom and joy. And guidance will be welling up within you.


Vocal:  Ilona Anne Hress
Deborah Allderdice:  Light Language  
Soundscape:  Clive Smith


This frequency came through in 2012 to support the ascension of the Earth into her fifth dimensional nature. The music draws you into an experience of the unity that exists in the fifth dimensional experience of living. When you have nothing to fear, and everything is safe, then life is a playful adventure and the possibilities are limitless. Freedom, by necessity, is a creative force because it is the vehicle through which discovery thrives. As a soul-embodied humanity rises with her ascending planetary home, we are free to respect, honor, appreciate, and embrace the contributions that all life on Earth offers each other. We are a planetary community, a global ecosystem and in respectfully assisting each other, our world will not only heal, but also thrive.


On a large sheet of paper make a rough sketch of the Earth, or you can even copy a picture of the Earth and glue it onto the paper. Then you will need either heart stickers, or a heart stamper and an ink pad, or tiny hearts cuts out of paper and ready to be glued. There are so many parts of our world that are in trouble. Whether through climate change, war, financial decline, or civil unrest so many species are struggling, so many are requesting support, so many are screaming for attention, or dying because they have been denied assistance. Humanity is just one of those species. As the song plays open your heart and send love to wherever you are drawn to on your picture of the Earth. Paste your hearts, place your stickers, stamp away and let the Earth and all who live upon her feel your love, your concern, and your prayers. Visualize the healing occurring, the peace descending, the abundance growing, and the harmony emerging. You can place this heart infused picture of the Earth in a location that will remind you to send love every day to your beautiful planetary home.


Sit in a comfortable position and connect to your 5D Soul Star beneath your feet. Then feel a beam of your white Soul’s light connecting to the core of the planet. You will feel spirals of aqua light rising up and around from Mother Earth. Then golden spirals will follow from Father Earth. Allow these spirals to surround you, support you, and nurture you. Gently breathe these aqua and golden frequencies into your lungs. Feel them flowing into your heart and through your bloodstream into every cell in your body. As you are infused with the unconditional loving, support, and nurturing from Mother Father Earth allow yourself to connect to her kingdoms of nature within you. Feel the aqua and gold blessing the minerals in your body, the nutrients from the plant kingdom that support your wellbeing, the nutrients from the animal kingdom that keep you alive, and the elements of water and air that support your life-force.   Feel the kaleidoscope of life on Earth alive within your own body and consciously embrace the oneness to which you belong, and of which you are a part. You are of the Earth.

Crystalline Assistance

Mica, Fushcite, Star Mica, and Lepidolite with mica are happy, hopeful stones that help you to see beyond limitations to reach for wholeness. Because they lift you out of the doldrums, you are freed to find balance and create harmony.

Through this music the Heavens touch all living upon
the Earth with love, grace, strength, hope, joy, and peace. May the breath of your Soul always be upon your lips.
— Ilona Anne Hress