My heart knows how to feel. 
My heart knows how to be.
My heart knows how to remember,
All of me and all that I can be.

Your heart knows how to feel.
Your heart knows how to be.
Your heart knows how to remember,
All you are and all that you can be.

Your heart will find the way,
To guide you today,
To believe that life is filled with love,
And know the peace that life can bring,
When all you need is here.

Your heart.  Your heart.  Your heart is here.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress
Soundscape: Clive Smith
Sound Engineer: Warren Hibbert


Discouragement and disappointment eat away at our feelings of being loved and knowing support. These powerful states of being jeopardize our sense of self-worth, and challenge the worthiness we feel from those, who we hope, believe in us. The pain, that loss in relationships create, is so powerful that it can literally stop a physical heart. But that pain can never touch your spiritual heart! The heart of your own Soul has, is and always will cherish you beyond measure, no matter how well, or how poorly, you have behaved. This song is a gift from the heart of your Soul to remind you that you are never alone, always supported, and indeed, guided to find the best and most gracious ways to become your best self. Listen to it often when you feel challenged in being loved or loving another. It will help you to connect with the wisdom and power of your heart