Rise up. Rise. Rise up.
Feel the power of your own Soul.

Rise, rise to the light dawning within you.
Rise to the treasure of your Soul,

Here in your body, in your mind, in your heart,
in your memories, in your hopes and dreams.
Rise. Rise.
This is your time.
This is your day.
This is your life.
Ah. Rise with me.
Ah. Rise, rise with me.
Ah. Rise, rise with me.
Ah. Rise, rise with me.
Aye. Rise with me.
Rise with me.
Rise. Rise. Rise. Rise.
Rise with me.


Vocals, Tibetan Bell, and Tingshas: Ilona Anne Hress
Piano and Soundscape: Clive Smith


Ascension is the descent of the Soul into the body, memories, feelings, thoughts, and hopes and dreams of the auric field. Right now, the higher dimensional energies of Creation are flowing into and literally lifting humanity out of its third dimensional ignorance and loneliness. But this remains a choice that every individual makes of their own free will. For those who choose ascension, we awaken to our divine origins, come home, into our soul-empowerment, and begin to create Heaven on Earth. We cannot help but share the unconditional loving, safety, peace, and joy that we feel within us, regardless of the circumstances which we are experiencing in our lives. Reunited with these luminous and creative parts of ourselves, we recognize that anything is possible, most especially, the peaceful joy in which fulfillment occurs. Ascension, for us, is an active experience of unconditional loving that allows compassion and collaboration to fuel life-affirming change. This change starts in our own lives and sends out ripples of respect, courage, understanding, forgiveness, and connection. We are rising out of a very long and difficult adolescence as a civilization. Rebellious no longer, a soul-embodied humanity appreciates its divine identity and celebrates the power of Creation through which it is healing, growing, and fulfilling itself.