Eee.  Oh.   Eee.  Oh.  Oh.  Ah.  Oooh.

My hands reach out, touching light.
Flowing in light, our hands meet.
Fingers touch.  Hope awakens.  Loneliness flees.
We travel together on the river of light,
Currents of love strengthening us.
Holding hands, moving as one.

I see the light flowing, flowing out of me.
I feel upheld, lifted up with dignity.
We rise as One, into the light of day.
Banishing darkness, we find a new way.

Our light it shines through all the pain.
Our light it shines.  Grace is ahead.
Follow the light, holding hands.
Follow the light, holding hands.
Follow the light, holding hands.


Vocals and subliminal: Ilona Anne Hress
Soundscape: Clive Smith
Sound Engineer: Warren Hibbert


From a soul-embodied perspective we are never alone because we live within the Oneness of Creation experiencing itself uniquely on the Earth. This song infuses you with the presence of the Celestial Light Beings who choose to serve your evolutionary development and believe in your power to ascend. From your Guardian Angels, to the Saints that you pray to, the Christed extra-terrestrials that are supporting the Earth from star systems in our universe, to the crystals and plants that serve your awakening, you are being supported, upheld, and blessed. The heavenly realms believe in your capacity to embody your Soul, access your multi-dimensional empowerment, and lovingly change the face of the Earth. This frequency is their gift to you, a reminder of their commitment to stand by until you learn to stand in the light of your own Soul.