Everything we do on Earth is in relationship to someone, some thing, or some energy.  Our entire existence is dependent upon the quality of relationship we are capable of engaging in any and all circumstances.  The more confident you become in navigating relationships, the more successful you feel and the more supported you are.  Life, by design, is a shared experience, and in the fifth dimension, our understanding of life awakens us to the multi-dimensional realities that support our physical experiences of Earthly living.  From the dirt and rocks beneath our feet to the clouds passing overhead, and up into the starry sky, we are in relationship with the elements from which we emerged.  This is an intimacy which the Soul understands because it respects the sources from which creation emerges, as well as the functions of the elements and the purposes of the kingdoms of nature.

Every new form of life is born from and into an existing relationship and contributes to the development of those involved in the birthing.  Whether human beings are giving birth to a baby, atoms are bonding into molecules, or a plant is making seeds to solidify its presence for the following growing season, relationships are the base from which creativity thrives.  The harmonic collaboration between the feminine and masculine energies nurtures life in every kingdom of nature.  These two primary forces are our introduction to intimacy because it is through them that we are welcomed into physical relationship with our environment.  And it is through the interplay of these masculine and feminine energies that we learn what it means to be supported and loved, to witness creativity in action.

To engage these primary forces of creation, it is necessary to understand the parameters upon which they function.  There are specific energy patterns, unique to each gender, which involve more than biological equipment.  The way that life is perceived, approached, and attended to is dependent upon which energy is being primarily utilized in that moment.  The masculine presence will always seek to act while the feminine presence will always choose to receive.  In collaborative relationship, the feminine energy will provide the insight upon which the male energy will appropriately act in whatever situation they find themselves.   Creativity as a generative experience is born of masculine and feminine harmonic union.  To utilize this creativity in your own life, it is important to appreciate the functions of gender unity.

The credo for fifth dimensional relationships is, “Each to the other, whole and complete.”  The masculine and feminine energies are fully formed, functional, and respected for the contributions each makes to the whole.   Honor is inherent in the relationship as each engages the understanding and strengths of the other to fully address the experiences they are collectively experiencing.  Although self-contained, they are also intimately connected, and merge to express their creativity in completion.  In human beings, the masculine and feminine energies are present regardless of the gender you physically embody.  The primary fifth dimensional relationship to be developed is with your own internal masculine and feminine energies.

The Feminine energy is vulnerably receptive to the masculine energies in her environment.  She is unconditionally loving and open to receive support however, whenever, and in the best ways possible.  Through this support she becomes an empowered nurturer and is capable of fulfilling herself.  In her confident self-respect she lovingly supports the masculine energy.  The Masculine energy makes his highest choices for personal fulfillment based upon his experience as an empowered nurturer who is open to receive support from the feminine energies however, whenever, and in the best ways possible.  With her support his ability to unconditionally love flowers and he becomes vulnerably receptive to the relationships in his environment.  He engages a gentle power in respectfully protecting and appreciating the feminine energy in his life.

A circle of oneness emerges when the masculine and feminine energies merge into complementary harmony.  Each to the other, whole and complete becomes the process through which their creativity flows.  Committed to each other, they offer the space and freedom necessary for the unique parameters of their fifth dimensional relationship to unfold over time, given the purpose of their union.  This fifth dimensional experience of intimate commitment is determined by the Souls of the partners, not by external forces.  There is a purpose to their union that will provide personal and collective fulfillment in service to life on Earth.  Graceful abundance flows from this gender unity inviting life to continue to grow and evolve in lasting joy and creative wonder.