The third dimensional human heart has endured great suffering and pain over its incarnational existence on Earth.  It was built to experience fear, separation, and loss and has become an expert in understanding and functioning with hurt.  Now that the planet has moved into her fifth dimensional resonance, connection, belonging, and joy are the resonant frequencies growing on Earth.  To experience these, the third dimensional heart can now evolve into its fifth dimensional expression so that it is free to unconditionally love and enjoy a new way of living on Earth.  The third dimensional heart lived without the support of the Soul because it did not know how to access unconditional love.  Today you can heal your heart with the support, attention, honor, and respect of your fifth dimensional Soul. To begin, engage step one. (A detailed illustration of this healing process can be found below. Click to view illustration.)

Step 1: The Green Containment Field
Allow the hurts of your entire incarnational existence on Earth to rise into your awareness.  As this occurs place a green containment field around your third dimensional human heart.  This will contain the pain, hurt, blame, resentment, guilt, shame, loss, and anguish that you have experienced over many incarnations.  As the green containment field congeals you may feel the hurts of the heart ricocheting off the field like bullets or spheres in a pinball machine bouncing around.  Imagine how these bullets or balls of hurt have felt penetrating your memories, feelings, thoughts, and hopes and dreams and the damage they have caused.  Now that they are being contained, they can be addressed for healing.

Step 2: The Lavender River of  Transmutation
Visualize a river of Lavender Light falling through your head, down into the green containment field into your heart, and then down your arms and legs into the Soul Star beneath your feet.  Instruct and encourage the pain, hurt, loss, fear, blame, shame, and guilt to flow into the Lavender River and be transmuted back into positive, clean, life-affirming energy.  You do not need to know, explore, or discuss what caused the pain, hurt, and suffering.  You just need to let it go.  Surviving pain is not helpful or useful any longer.  Healing has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with the freedom to unconditionally love.  You can engage compassion and forgiveness to help you in the releasing process.  As you heal, the hurts move into the Lavender River and clear space is made in your human heart.  The Lavender River will grow as more hurt is released and the green containment field will shrink as there is less hurt to process.  This is a working mechanism that changes according to need.

Step 3: The Pink Light of Unconditional Loving
When you feel the heart clearing, imagine cutting slits into the green containment field so that the Pink Ray energy of coherent creating loving can flow into the field and begin healing the cleared heart energies with tender unconditional loving.   As the healed heart becomes infused with love, it will appear less dark and foggy until the entire heart is pink.  At that time the green containment field dissolves and all that remain is a pink heart pulsing within a Lavender River.  This may take a few days to complete.  Or, it may have to be done in sessions depending upon your resistance to letting the pain go.

Step 4: The Activating Event
Once the pink heart is present and accessible to you, your Soul will give it a trial run in an event that activates your ability to unconditionally love.  This can occur with a family member, a significant other, a neighbor, a stranger, or a friend.  You will know when the situation is unfolding because you will experience yourself loving without reservation and engaging a kindness and generosity previously unknown to you.  If you have difficulty living in the freedom of loving, you will continue to have the chance to clear your heart until you are freed of being hurt by the third dimensional world.  Keep clearing because you deserve to love and be loved unconditionally and this is available to you now.

Step 5: The Fifth Dimensional Heart
With the success of your activating event, your fifth dimensional aqua heart, which was located at the breast bone at the thymus gland, surrounds your third dimensional healed heart and interpenetrates it with the aqua energy of unconditionally loving, collaborative creativity, joy, and commitment to service.  Your third dimensional heart evolves into your fifth dimensional heart and a beautiful aqua heart that lives in connection, honor, respect, and peace now resides in your chest.  This process allows you to experience your emotional life without hurting because your perspective has shifted to a fifth dimensional understanding of connection.

Post Exercise Integration: As your heart heals your body is able to process unconditional loving through its cells.  You can physically feel the support of your Soul providing a lightness of being and a physical sensation of joy.  This may be a bit uncomfortable at first, primarily because it is a new feeling.  Simply relax into a new experience of happy that is based in connection and supported by the love of your Soul.

Healing the 3D Heart: 5D Heart Activation