Your subtle bodies are the energy field through which your physical form and personality emerge in dimensional existence. The physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers collaboratively work to develop and sustain a healthy and vibrant energy signature which expresses itself as you. When you engage in self-destructive activities of any kind, deterioration of the field begins. Left unchecked, negativity will tear the field, create holes and leaks, and deposit energetic debris that will eventually generate illness. The kind of dis-ease that appears and the level of intensity experienced will reflect the layer of your auric field most battered by your current lifestyle. The field will continue to support your well being even though you may not be making the most life-affirming choices. Now, however, positive choices are easier to make because the subtle bodies of your fifth dimensional auric field are upgraded versions of your third dimensional subtle bodies. They are providing you with higher dimensional energy infusions to lift you above the conflict and drama of your third dimension so you can engage better choices. The following notes define the basic processes of each subtle body and the dimensional changes now occurring.

    1. The 5D Physical Body: PRESENCE

      Physical Subtle Body

      Your physical body is the vehicle through which your Soul is expressing itself. It is the means by which you are experiencing a human existence that is in transition from third dimensional fear and separation, into the unconditional loving and unity of the fifth dimension. Your auric circuitry is changing the way your body accesses and processes electromagnetic energy so you can consciously engage the multi-dimensional assistance your body requires for this transformation. As you download the higher frequencies and reprogram your physical life experience according to fifth dimensional parameters, your Soul begins to consciously live through you, affecting every decision that you make. The loneliness of your human nature is replaced by the loving presence of your divinity which consciously connects you with the mineral, plant, animal, human, and angelic kingdoms of nature, who are your neighbors on the Earth. As much as you increasingly appreciate and honor their contributions to your life, you become much more present and available to appreciate and contribute to theirs. This is the physical development of fifth dimensional community in the new civilization of peace. This subtle body works though the cubic configuration of the platonic solids.

    2. The 5D Etheric (Memory) Body: PURPOSE

      Etheric Subtle Body

      Your etheric body is the blueprint upon which your physical form came into existence. It contains the memories of all of your earthly incarnations and the behavioral patterns that fashioned your experiences within them. These patterns include both your positive and negative choices in your third dimensional life. As we transition into the fifth dimension, healing this layer of the field is crucial to your evolutionary success. When you acknowledge the consequences of repetitive choices you can either keep them if they are positive, or change them if they are negative. Essentially your etheric body creates a circuit board for the functional patterns of your life, creating linkages and supporting communal infrastructures that include the individuals in your soul group and the environments in which you choose to live. Through your access to fifth dimensional energies, behavioral restructuring is possible within your etheric body so that you can transcend the limitations and suffering of the third dimension through forgiveness, enlightened action, and the freedom to unconditionally love. This subtle body works through the tetrahedral configuration of the platonic solids.

    3. The 5D Emotional Body: FLOW

      Emotional Subtle Body

      Your emotional body is a delivery service that transports electromagnetic energy through your auric field. It ferries thoughts from your mental body to targeted destinations in your etheric body. Likewise, it sends information from your physical experience and memories into your mental and spiritual bodies so they can understand what you are experiencing and create the most benevolent outcome for you. It has a fluid consistency and often feels like a lake, ocean, or river. In the fifth dimension, these crossings are graceful and fluid, unlike the dramatic, violent, and sometimes drowning sensation of third dimensional emotions. The deep awareness of peace that accompanies a fifth dimensional lifestyle is facilitated by the emotional ease through which all relationships are navigated. This subtle body works through the configuration of the icosahedron of the platonic solids.

    4. The 5D Mental Body: CLARITY

      Mental Body

      Clear and conscious multi-dimensional awareness is facilitated by the fifth dimensional mental body. This is distinctly different from the defensive and limiting third dimensional energies of the human ego. The ego has been a stalwart defender of the third dimensional experience and has exhausted itself in distilling who potential enemies are, devising protective strategies, and addressing resource acquisitions necessary for survival and the appearance of success. An exhausted ego is given safety, healing, and the opportunity to transmute itself into becoming part of the fifth dimensional mind at this transitional time. The expansive awareness of the fifth dimensional mind allows for multi-dimensional communication that promotes quantum outcomes unattainable to the ego. The mental body of the fifth dimension focuses its intelligence for specific evolutionary outcomes that are supported by collaborating with the creativity of other fifth dimensional soul-embodied human beings. Living through the fifth dimensional mind provides an experience of spaciousness, a vast multi-dimensional awareness that is capable of the most creative and intriguing problem-solving and idea-generating possibilities.  The fifth dimensional mental body is free to engage in multi-dimensional consultations because it acknowledges these quantum relationships as real and utilizes celestial assistance for the benefits of all. This subtle body utilizes the power of the octahedron of the platonic solids to support higher mental functioning.

    5. The 5D Spiritual Body: RELATIONSHIP

      Spiritual Subtle Body

      Your spiritual body is generated from the Source of your life-force deep within the heart of Creation. It understands and supports the cosmic relationships that have collaborated to provide you with this opportunity to become a soul-embodied human being in this great ascension experiment on Earth. Multi-dimensionally connected, your fifth dimensional spiritual body grants you access to the multi-dimensional expressions of your existence throughout this solar system, galaxy, and universe. It offers you the opportunity to purposefully commune with these multi-dimensional expressions of your own being to understand how you are evolving here on Earth and why you chose to be on this planet at this time. Fostering purposeful communion with an evolutionary focus, your fifth dimensional spiritual body functions as your spiritual home from which your Divine Mother and Father send you forth to experience multi-dimensional existence and all the wondrous relationships it offers. The dodecahedron of the platonic solids offers its assistance in the evolutionary journey of your spiritual body.