Pleiadian Light Language:
He ca ca somba de canno.
Muca se ca sa tuca he le ho.
Mi canna ko na ne. Key sa,
Key sa muca la he de hon da ne.
Koo sa te, muca, muca,muca, muca mo.

Co sanda de epula he akahi fu.
Kumba ha de he. Soo la ke mohona he a ki la co.
He ka so. Puca hana he la ke sona ke no huma.
A se ca ho, a ke sa ho be can hona he.
Kool la ke na dica hone a he.

Koona se ka dica lo han te a mo.
Somba ha de do ki ca sona ke.
La Kee sone pade on a he so ma
Becca he suca le a somba hey kona he oh ma ke la con a he.

Supa hale he supa hale he bey comba ma ne ho.
Se la ca ose mey con le he.
Mona he saicohum hasa se la,
Cona hey ca ha oh la key opa ha de ke na ho.


When we can embrace childlike wonder, the world opens to us in ways we ignore under the pressures of responsibility and obligation. This song is a gift from the Light Beings of the Pleiadian Star System to re-ignite the power of innocence, wonder, acceptance, and trust. Journeying into soul-embodiment is an adventure unlike any other. It requires a different level of surrender, stamina, faithfulness, and hope than any other human endeavor, simply because it is a journey into the unknown. Our Souls are continually calling us to come home to our essence and live from our creativity, but you have to see beyond your humanity to enjoy the invitation. Children are so much closer to the presence of their Souls because they are literally not forty years away from their descent from Heaven to Earth. And, in the protection and support of a loving family, they can surrender into the wonder of why their Soul has brought them to this family, in this location, on this planet. They are off on an adventure of a lifetime and they spend many years playing, exploring, and delighting in the gifts of nature, humanity, and the love of Creation. Their future is in the making, one enlightening moment to another. In soul-embodiment, your Soul is coming home, into you. As it descends into your consciousness it awakens its innocence, compassion, wonder, vulnerability, courage, empowerment, and adventurous nature within you. Your soul-embodiment awakens the divine child within you, curiously exploring the playground of life, with a wonder, freedom, and creativity that make all things possible.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress
Light Language: Deborah Allderdice
Soundscape: Clive Smith


Miaku she enters just the edge of the forest and she is so enchanted. As she continues to walk and walk and walk, deeper into the forest, she loses a sense of time. She is just so happy, breathing the air of the trees and the forest bed. She continues to walk and she comes upon this very large tree, but the tree, kind of, has steps on it. And she starts to climb the steps of the tree. And it is really easeful for her, and she is so excited. And she gets up in the arms of the tree and she is very high up and her heart just opens, and she sings. She sings to the heavens and she sings to the Sun. And suddenly, the birds are flying all around her and she can hear their sounds and their songs. And she doesn’t think anything could possibly be more enchanting than this. And then, oh my goodness, she manifests into a bird and she starts to soar with all the other birds. And she twists to the left and then soars to the right. And her wing span is full and she has never felt such freedom, such joy, and it continues to envelop her, to surround her, and she is in a state of wonder and joy unlike any other that she has ever experienced. And then, she and all the rest of the birds come to settle in the branches of the tree. And they are all nestled in there. And she continues to experience this expansiveness and freedom. And slowly she starts to climb down the tree and descend to the ground. And at that moment she hugs that tree because she knows that tree like she knows her own soul. And she thanks Mother Earth and that tree for giving her the most extraordinary experience of true freedom, of true faith, of true joy. And she slowly, slowly turns around and walks home to her Mom and her Dad in great bliss, in great joy.