The subtle bodies of your fifth dimensional auric field are highly sensitive and powerful.  Multi-dimensionally aware, they offer you great understanding, inspiration, strength, creativity, and support in the development of your soul-embodied humanity.  These levels of your Soul’s presence are to be consciously embraced and continuously consulted in the daily decision-making of your emerging 5D lifestyle.  This activation introduces you to each of your 5D subtle bodies and provides you with an experience of the function, purpose, and unique guidance each offers.  Ways to overcome resistance to committing to this new level of personal multi-dimensional coherence are also provided.

The 5D Spiritual Body
Bring to your awareness your 5D Spiritual Body.  Relax into its presence and feel its expansive power.  Let it gently awaken you to new levels of multi-dimensional comprehension and insight.  Feel your crystalline matrix being infused by the essence of life-force radiating through your 5D spiritual body.  Feel the pulsing of the heart of your spiritual body vibrating through you now.  Breathe in a deep gold and feel it penetrating your 3D spiritual body.  Feel yourself rising above the limitations of religion, philosophy, and human culture to merge with your Soul and perceive a soul-embodied human civilization of peace.  Feel your multi-dimensional awareness anchored into your 5D Spiritual Body in complete consciousness of its presence within and surrounding you.

Any resistance and conflict that lies within your 3D spiritual body to its evolutionary development will immediately arise as you call attention to your 5D Spiritual Body.  Acknowledge the resistance and hear your story.  Whatever painful illusions, hurtful memories and physical violence that occurred relating to your belief systems in the past are over now. Utilizing the assistance of your 5D Spiritual Body, release the resistance by rewriting the story according to unconditional loving that is available to you now.  Recognize that you are living your commitment to serving your own Soul.

The 5D Mental Body
Bring to your awareness your 5D Mental Body.  Relax into its presence and embrace its vast awareness of cosmic intelligence and wisdom.  Feel the limitations of your human brain and the fearful functioning of your ego melting in the presence of multi-dimensional knowledge attending to the condition of your humanity.  Surrender to the wisdom and insight of your 5D Mental Body to heal the battered thought patterns and disrupted neural circuitry which inhibits your evolutionary development.  Breathe in a deep indigo blue followed by a luminescent orange into the neurons of your brain.  Feel a flowering of the Lavender Light exploding deep in the center of your brain starting in the pineal and pituitary glands.  Welcome the cleansing of judgment, power, greed, lust, and disrespect from your incarnational memory.  Awaken to the space now being created within your mind.  Relax into your connection with the thoughts of your 5D Soul.  Feel yourself consciously accessing your 5D mind through higher sense perception.  Focus upon your third eye, the Mouth of God chakra at the base of the brain, your enhanced hearing power, and the sensitivity of your skin.   Relax into the access you now have to multi-dimensional information, technology, and experience.  This is provided through your Soul for the transformation of your life and your world into a place of peace, growth, and abundance.

Any resistance and conflict that resides within your 3D mental body will rise to the surface in protest as you bring forth your 5D Mental Body.  Acknowledge the frustration, anger, disgust, condemnation, injustice, and violence perpetrated by the ego in defense of your 3D understanding of your humanity.  Imagine sniffing aqua through your nostrils deep into the center of your brain.  Feel the unconditional love of your 5D Mental Body soothing the pain of your ego and honoring its endurance in the face of great danger to its existence.  As your ego surrenders to your 5D mind feel a magenta mist guiding it into the pituitary gland where it is tenderly blessed with feminine energy, then sent on to the pineal gland where it is supported by masculine energy and lifted up into the 5D mind for transformation.

The 5D Emotional Body
Bring to your awareness your 5D Emotional Body.  Relax into its presence and move into the fluid awareness of the electromagnetic energy swirling within and  around you.  Within this enormous multi-dimensional energetic pool lies the gentle power of your 5D Emotional Body.  Awaiting direction from the other subtle bodies of your auric field, your 5D Emotional Body understands it mission to deliver accurate, considerate, and effective envelopes of energy to targeted audiences within your auric field and beyond it.   It facilitates auric cohesion as it provides efficient and effective communication from the 5D auric field to the 3D  aspects of you that require this information and awareness for your cohesion as a multi-dimensional being of light.  Welcome a deep magenta energy into the base of your brain at the Mouth of God chakra and let it flow through the neck, into the chest, and down into the 5D solar plexus.  As it arrives in the abdomen feel the 5D orange-pink solar plexus chakra expand.  Welcome waves of empowerment emerging from your 5D Emotional Body.  Feel this empowerment move into your nervous system through the spinal chord at the middle of your back and rise up into the neurons in the brain.  Feel the load of anxiety carried by your 3D nervous system begin to melt in the presence of your Soul’s empowered unconditional loving.  Open to the multi-dimensional awareness and understanding that your 5D Emotional Body is delivering to your consciousness now.  Become aware of a deeply calming indigo appearing deep in the center of the brain and relieving the fear of trauma held in your hippocampus and limbic system.  Imagine this indigo energy moving through your optic nerve carrying peace through your physical eyes, enabling you to see the world as a safe and supportive place for you now.  Honor the strength in the flexibility and fluidity of your 5D Emotional Body.  It knows how to bring your 3D nervous system into peace by facilitating auric harmony and fostering understanding through grace.

Any resistance and conflict that resides within your 3D emotional body will appear as fear, distress, and panic during this process.  Your ability to communicate to the subtle bodies within you, and with others, fails under the internal chaos that emotional instability creates.  Instead of being pulled down into a whirlpool of devastating fear, forcefully swim out toward the calm waters of your 5D Emotional Body.  Feel your 5D Emotional Body sending you a lifeline that is strong, clear, and easy to handle.  With your 3D emotional body consciously grab on and receive the support your 5D Emotional Body is providing to you now.  As you embrace your empowered position within your 5D Emotional Body, relax into your preparedness, your Soul’s self-confidence, and your ability to insightfully respond to any circumstance, environment, or relationship as a Soul-embodied human being.

The 5D Etheric Body
Bring to your awareness your 5D Etheric Body.  Relax into its presence and embrace its focus, determination, and commitment to complete the missions of your life and the lessons you are to master.  Feel the vectors of connection it oversees and become aware of the master matrix upon which your physical life depends.  Open up to your multi-dimensional awareness to foster a deep respect for the karmic inheritance that you have created and the opportunities for freedom afforded from it for you now.  Listen to the energy of the commitments that have plagued you in the past, in which you have lost your sense of divinity, and to which you have been functioning within a seemingly endless web of deceit and dishonesty.  These forces of the past are no match for the re-orientation of your purpose and presence in the development of a new civilization of peace.  Breathe in a deep blue-green into the base of the spine and allow this blue-green energy to permeate your 3D memories of abandonment and betrayal.  As permeable as the air you breathe, feel the healing blue-green energies penetrate your memories honoring the success of your loving and dissolving the personal and collective defeats you have suffered over your planetary incarnation history.  Allow the culmination of your talents and abilities to cohere into an upgraded inventory of your capacity for service, joy, and personal fulfillment.  Your 5D Etheric Body will utilize all these gifts and abilities within your emerging 5D lifestyle.

Any resistance and conflict that resides within your 3D etheric body will rise to the surface as aggravation, frustration, dissatisfaction, and disappointment in your environment, relationships, and circumstances.  This 3D response pattern incurs violence as an attempt at problem solving and creates systemic conflict born of judgment and retribution.  Loss, grief, and despair have been the consequence of conflict throughout human history.  To disengage this 3D programming, imagine your 3D etheric body as a massive crystalline Eiffel Tower with a giant strobe light scanning its perimeter defensively.  Gently disable the strobe light with a Lavender Laser and replace it with a bright white dodecahedron radiating potential vectors of multi-dimensional relationships throughout your crystalline auric field.  Visualize the white globe shining down into the tower like an intense flashlight.  As the light permeates the dark infrastructure, imagine the walkways and landings being reconfigured from a defensive tower into an outpost or evolutionary base camp.  See your 5D Etheric Body providing equipment, infusing energy, introducing supportive and respectful new colleagues, and giving instructions on the current and upcoming evolutionary adventures you will be experiencing in your life.  Feel its support, guidance, and faith in your ability to transform your 3D memories into 5D evolutionary experiences.

The 5D Physical Body
Bring to your awareness your 5D Physical Body.  Relax into its presence and embrace its nurturing tenderness as a home to your Soul.  Visualize the white light of the lotus at your 5D crown chakra lighting up your body.  Breathe in this brilliant white light and allow the cells of your physical form to expand in the presence of purity, enlightenment, and peace.  Feel the density of your body begin to give way to a buoyant experience of vitality and joy radiating from the core of each cell.  Listen to the harmony of the rhythms within the systems of your body cohering as a finely tuned instrument designed to abundantly experience happiness on Earth.  Become aware of the tired, stressed, worn out and aching parts of your body rejuvenating them selves in this energy infusion from your Soul.  Relax as your endocrine system is upgraded to process higher electromagnetic infusions as your evolutionary development progresses.  Feel your hormones becoming soothing balms for the transformation occurring in your organs, blood stream, and musculoskeletal system.  Begin to honor your 5D Physical Body as your partner in this evolutionary journey.  Collaborate with its wisdom and presence to insure a healthy, graceful, and joyous transition into 5D living.

Any resistance and conflict that resides within your 3D physical body will rise to the surface in the form of pain, disease, imbalance, and loss of mobility as your physical evolution proceeds.  The rigidity of the stressed 3D physical body does not create space for harmony.  It responds to threats to its survival.  As you move beyond your mammalian ancestry into your Soul ancestry, your physical body is transforming into its Light Body, its 5D physical vehicle.  Visualize the wings of your guardian angels surrounding you now and infusing your 3D physical form with grace.  Relax into the strength of these feathers massaging away illness and discomfort.  Open to receive the winds of healing as blocked passages are cleared and energy flow is expanded to accommodate higher electromagnetic frequencies.  Breathe grace deeply into your chest and imagine a radiant aqua star at your fifth dimensional heart chakra.  Sense this aqua star beginning to pulse, sending waves of unconditional loving through your physical tissue.  Align your breathing with the rhythmic waves of your aqua heart star until your body begins to radiate the presence of your Soul, now embodied within your physical cells.