Ee aye. Aye.
Oh. Heah oh. Heah oh. Heah oh.
Oh. Heah oh. Heah oh. Heah oh.
Heah, heah oh. Heah, heah oh. Heah, heah oh.

Yo aye. Aye. Ho aye.
Eeh aye. Aye.
Oh. Oh.

Oh. Aye.
Oh, heah oh. Heah oh.
Heah oh.

Oh. Oh. Oh.


Vocal: Ilona Anne Hress
Drum: Mary Elizabeth
Rattle:  Deborah Allderdice
Triangle:  Debbie Carcuffe


This melody is a gift from the Pleiadian Star System to support humanity’s physical ascension. The lyrics are Pleiadian light language that stimulates the awakening of the fifth dimensional soul star chakra for humanity. The Pleiadians were one of many star systems that seeded the human race on Earth. They are deeply invested in our evolutionary fulfillment and have been holding the ultimate physical blueprint for humanity’s ascension until we can achieve our own soul-embodiment. This frequency is reminiscent of Native American melodies. This is, in part, due to the Pleiadians being one of the Star Nations that taught ancient wisdom to tribal elders. Thank goodness we are finally on our way to becoming a soul-embodied enlightened civilization of peace. Let the gift of this frequency accelerate the embodiment of your own Soul.


Imagine yourself soul-traveling into the Pleiadian Star System to learn about humanity’s origin and purpose. Ask to meet with a Pleiadian historian and allow yourself to be guided to an appropriate setting that is lovely, peaceful, stimulating, and invigorating at the same time. A Pleiadian greets you now with warmth and excitement and begins to share with you the relationship that Earth and the Pleiades share. He or she tells of the hopes and dreams they have for humanity. Ask all the questions you wish, and please answer when your experiences and understanding are requested. Let this visit awaken your Soul understanding of the purpose of humanity, and the reality of celestial support that exists for humanity’s wellbeing.


Visualize a bright white shining sun about a foot beneath your feet in the crust of the Earth. This is your fifth dimensional Soul Star and it is anchoring you into the Christ Consciousness grid of energy supporting the planet. Imagine a beam of white Soul’s light rising up through your legs, up your spinal chord, into your brain, and out of the top of your head. Feel the beam of white Soul’s light beginning to spin inside of your counterclockwise and begin to expand beyond your body until you are encased in a white orb of Soul’s light. Gently now imagine tiny spirals of white Soul’s light moving into every cell in your body, into every memory, into every feeling, into every thought, and into every hope and dream. Become aware of the frequency of your Soul infusing every aspect of your being into the awareness of fifth dimensional living.

Crystalline Assistance

Clear quartz points, held point up toward your head, will assist in the rising of the 5D Soul’s light through the light channel of your body.
Holding Petalite, Phenacite, and Danburite in your left hand while listening to the music will support your soul-embodiment. You may want to repeat the song five times to infuse each of your subtle bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Through this music the Heavens touch all living upon
the Earth with love, grace, strength, hope, joy, and peace. May the breath of your Soul always be upon your lips.
— Ilona Anne Hress