Abstract: This article describes gender equality as the means to a peaceful civilization. It outlines the importance of reclaiming the feminine energies within a civilization whose masculine focus has left much of the population suffering under violent devastation. Integration, compassion, tenderness and unconditional loving are offered as a four-part strategy to heal the wounds of humanity. Men and women, as equal complements to each other, can save humanity from self-destruction.

In order to fully experience this article complete the following meditation before reading.

Visualize your Soul Star as a big bright Sun about a hand’s length above your head. Spin it down into a disc moving counterclockwise above you. Visualize your Earth Star as a big brown orb about a foot beneath your feet. Spin the orb down into a disc moving counterclockwise beneath you. Feel your feet being pulled into this connection with the third-dimensional planet on which you reside. Feel the higher dimensional energy of your Soul radiating out of the Soul Star disc and flowing around your body, creating a cylinder of light that connects with the Earth Star beneath you. Feel a golden beam of light penetrate the center of your Soul Star disc and flood your brain with light. The golden light travels into the brain stem and into the spinal chord. It moves through the base of the spine, down through the legs, out of the soles of the feet and into the Earth Star. The golden light now travels through Mother Earth’s chakra column, into the chakra column of the Solar System, through the Sun, into the chakra column of the Milky Way Galaxy, into the galactic Sun, into the chakra column of this Universe and into the Great Central Sun of our Universe. Feel yourself linked within the web of life of our Universe.

Visualize a tender pink orb descending through the Light Channel you have just activated. Feel Mother/Father/God’s heart descending into you and anchoring into your heart chakra. Spin the green orb in your heart down into a disc counterclockwise within your chest. Feel the creative loving of Mother/Father/God flooding your heart. Allow your heart chakra to expand, connecting with the heart chakras of all life forms in this Universe. The pink light now moves up into your head and activates your third eye chakra. Spin down the indigo orb in your forehead into a disc counterclockwise. Feel this creative loving move into your third eye. Feel your third eye chakra connecting with the third eye chakras of all life forms in this Universe. Now feel Mother/Father/God’s love move down into your pelvis activating your sacral chakra. Spin down the orange orb into a disc counterclockwise as it absorbs this creative loving into its matrix. Expand your sacral chakra connecting with the sacral chakras of all life forms in this Universe. Relax into all the multi-dimensional creative loving pouring in and through you now.

Imagine a horizontal pink beam of light radiating out of every heart in this Universe, directly in front of the body. Now imagine another pink beam emerging from every third eye and another pink beam coming out of every sacral chakra. Allow the third eye beams and sacral beams to intersect with the heart beams creating a pyramid of energy directly in front of all of you. Although Mother/Father/God’s heart is within us, it also exists at the apex of the pyramid created outside of and in front of us at the center of the Universal Light Channel. Breathe Mother/Father/God’s multi-dimensional loving back into you through the pyramid and feel your multi-dimensional ability to visualize, feel and manifest love growing with each breath

All loving is, by necessity, creative. Love seeks to become more than it has already been. Loving creates something out of nothing. It forms relationships that did not previously exist. Right now, you are now fully engaged in Mother/Father/God’s web of creative loving. This web is the cohesive blueprint upon which creativity manifests in every dimension in this Universe. In their relationship, Mother/Father/God generate a gentle dynamic power that is the source of all loving. Every family on every celestial body in this Universe emerges from this core energetic bond between Mother/Father/God. Experienced intimately by two adults, creative loving manifests new people on the planet. When males and females unite within a civilization, their loving manifests powerful peace, abundance and creativity. A couple opens not only their hearts to each other but also their minds and their bodies. They share a common vision of how to contribute to life and live in a common home, creatively manifesting what love means to them and their children. Thus, creative loving involves a lot more than the heart. It creates environments.

A gentle environment that produces peaceful relaxation is necessary for creativity to flourish. When you are stressed and overwhelmed it is difficult to be creative. Moments of discovery happen when you allow time for exploration. In our society, time has become a precious commodity. We are generally overbooked, driven to distraction and often pining for vacation. Our masculine focus on productivity is at the expense of our collective creativity. We need many more gentle rather than productive men to reclaim the peaceful environments through which we will all learn how to heal the world.

Isn’t it interesting that the word gentleman is used only for men? Men are not generally perceived as gentle beings. What is the point of identifying a man as gentle? In the presence of a gentle man, you experience feminine awareness combined with masculine power. A gentleman at his best is both protective and nurturing simultaneously. It is no accident that gentleman is a word that has long been used in the English language. Throughout your tumultuous history and ravaging warfare, you have always been seeking gentle men to bring peace and stability to humanity.

Gentility is a feminine factor of creative genius. It provides safety through tender protection, not violence. Consider being raised in a war zone where your father sits outside your bedroom door with a rifle on his lap and a pistol in his belt while you sleep. Consider being raised on a farm in the middle of the United States where your Dad reads you a bedtime story and tucks you in while the doors remain unlocked all night long. In which scenario would you feel safer and more inclined to sweet dreams? Protective safety, gently implemented leads to great moments of discovery and revelation. In the movie, Life Is Beautiful, a gentle tender Jewish father protects his son from the violence of the Nazi soldiers so much so that the little boy does not even know how precarious their situation had become. This little boy did not lose the wonder of life in the worst of environments because his father nurtured his creativity while gently protecting him from harm.

Gentle moments emerge when masculine and feminine energies unite. They provide us with creative experiences that whet our appetite for music, dance, theatre, art, technology, architecture and more. Call to mind your most creative moment or your most interesting idea. How did you feel when it occurred? What did you experience? Did you feel excited, enthusiastic, grateful, awakened, surprised or delighted? Did you want to share your experience right away? Who did you call and why? Generally, both men and women find themselves connecting with others when struck by creative genius. It is a contagious experience that is feminine in nature. It causes you to fearlessly reach out in your exuberance and share the joy. In the movie Contact, Jody Foster plays a scientist who ardently testifies, before a congressional panel, about her experience in space while all of America listens. She focuses not on what her masculine mind would tell her about what is real, but of how her feminine nature connected with Creation in a way that she had thought previously impossible. She reported that she not only knew but also felt that she was connected to the life in this universe. She was no longer alone.

Creativity is always about an experience. Although thoughts and ideas are necessary, they are the masculine component of creativity. Experience is the feminine aspect that manifests the creative vision into words, pictures or actions. In creativity, you have the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. This is why creativity occurs within the heart of Mother/Father/God. The gentle man, the Father, provides the protective safety in which the dynamic feminine, the Mother, comes forward to creatively express their joint discoveries. The masculine and the feminine complement each other in creativity. They are not merging with each other, but rather nurturing each other’s own growth.

Creative loving flows between the masculine and feminine forming an infinity symbol between the two at their point of connection, or heart. The heart of Mother/Father/God is literally the space, the void or the electromagnetic energy in which the concept, the experience and the coordinates of consciousness for the emergence of what you experience as love coalesce. No physical heart exists at the Source of Creation but we use this image to help you focus on divine loving.

Within the web of creative loving, you are now experiencing Mother/Father/God’s heart beating in and through you. It is moving into your mind and opening up your imagination. And it is moving into your pelvis stimulating your connections with others and generating creative activity. There is an internal infinity symbol now functioning within you. Your masculine ideas flow into the heart and then through the figure eight down into the pelvis where they are expressed through the feminine energy of physical activity. Then the pelvis sends this feminine experience up into the heart where it is received and sent through the figure eight up into the masculine brain for further processing. On and on the creative cycle goes each time meeting within the heart where the communion between the masculine and feminine within grow strong, clear and holy.

If you were going to destroy creativity, what would you put in the center of the infinity symbol where the Heart lies? Any painful memory, divisive thought, physical object or hurtful experience will separate the masculine from the feminine. The heart will then shut down and the creative impulse will fail. Humanity lost its collective creativity when it cut itself off from the heart of Mother/Father/God. It takes humanity forever to embody a new idea because you are separated from the creative cohesive force that would allow you to easily flow into change. You have to flow into creativity. Change always involves a process and processing is a feminine quality that humanity needs to develop in large quantities. Humanity is stuck. You need to learn how to flow with the feminine so you can download appropriate solutions to difficult societal maladies.

Although change is hard for humanity, it is not impossible. You practiced embracing the feminine through your Goddess worship. As a simple agrarian civilization, you honored Mother Earth and all of nature as an expression of the divine feminine. However, women and girls were treated as possessions and objects. There was no recognition or appreciation for the creative dynamic power that women possess. Then when you began to worship the masculine God, feminine creativity further diminished. Violence thrived not only within the civilization but also towards the planet whose feminine benevolence was dismissed. Currently, your planet and your civilization are being devastated by masculine violence.

Your human creativity is imprisoned within your gender battles. Because you do not honor both your masculinity and your femininity, you are unable to make peace among yourselves. You have cut yourself in half as a civilization and are bleeding to death. You don’t flow into change because you do not honor the dynamic creativity of the feminine. Then, your masculine energy cannot implement the changes that the feminine intuits for the healing of all. The women are left powerless and the men defeated.

In order for the civilization to heal, there needs to be at least a conceptual reunion of masculine and feminine energies in perceived harmony. We did say perceived harmony. If humanity can at lease perceive harmony you will be utilizing both your masculine and feminine energies to create a peaceful thought form that is better than the one from which you now function. Any solution to your civilized chaos must come from both sexes. Until it does, there will be no peace. Further, both sexes must function as equals or at least be perceived as equal.

When you collectively choose peace, women will bring forth and intuit the solutions which the men will then execute. Leaders who are able to equally access their masculine and feminine energies are able to both recognize and manifest solutions to dangerous situations right now. However, how many world leaders currently exhibit this kind of balance and integrity? The King and Queen structure of leadership has great potential for creating harmony. However, they must rule as equals over an integrated, compassionate, tender and loving civilization.

When you combine integration, compassion, tenderness and unconditional loving, you become extremely powerful. Humanity has never collectively experienced civilized power. The recipe noted above delivers consistent evolutionary progress for every civilization in any dimension. The archbishops and abbesses during the Dark Ages and Medieval period came close to benevolent ruling, except that they were kept segregated and their congregations were small. Together, their masculine and feminine power would have been formidable. Therefore, the men of the church pulled tight the reigns, the power and the control over their sisters in the faith.

The true feminine within Mother/Father/God’s heart is never a victim. She is always respected and honored as an equal. Since this has not been the case for women, they have had to protect themselves. This is where violence has crept into the heart of women, shutting down their creative processing. Violence is always a masculine expression that is protective in nature. The people who are the most violent, whether it be in a highly populated riot or a small crime scene, are trying to protect themselves from someone or something. At times, they are even trying to protect themselves from themselves. Kali expresses the victimized feminine who protects herself through masculine violence. Kali does not live in Mother/Father/God’s heart. She lives where danger lurks behind separation, division, and prejudice.

We are focusing on the source of creativity that is love itself. When handling the creative energies of the First Ray, both birth and death are encountered. As better ideas emerge, old ones are thrown away. Creativity requires holding on and letting go simultaneously. To do this with grace, integration, compassion, tenderness, and love are necessary. These qualities offer every life form the complete experience of Mother/Father/God. They propagate harmony. However, when any life form chooses to play outside of Mother/Father/God’s heart, life will begin to disintegrate. Civilized power deteriorates into warfare. Greed, fear and disrespect flourish. Everything outside of integration, compassion, tenderness, and love is a distortion of Mother/Father/God’s love. Kali expresses the victimized feminine in everyone. She plays outside of God’s heart-protecting herself from disintegration, hatred, disrespect, dismissal, and apathy.

We are not judging those who play outside of God’s heart. We are simply noting that there is a better way to play. We began our class by calling forth gentle men to heal this civilization. We choose this strategy to help you break free of the judgments you hold against men. Masculine energy is not violent and aggressive by nature. It has become so because humanity has been playing in a heart broken in two. Disconnected from your masculine and feminine completion you cannot access healing strategies. Half a person or half of a civilization cannot solve problems. Men are hurting and many do not know why. Humanity is literally disabled. You need to be whole to heal.

The women’s movement in the United States and around the world has been an attempt to bring balance to the civilization. Women have made some gains in the workplace and at home, especially in Western countries. However, gender equality has yet to truly manifest around the world. Therefore, we are asking you to honor the feminine in every single way. In particular, we request that you pick one feminine quality that you enjoy and infuse this feminine energy into the entire civilization for the next two weeks. Through this process, you will discern what are the feminine and masculine components of every personality characteristic. Once you understand how femininity truly complements masculinity you will be able to infuse the appropriate energy into the consciousness of humanity. Here are some examples of the feminine energies that class members have embraced for humanity:

  1. Calm stability is the feminine component of masculine common sense. Focus on the experience that common sense brings to allow humanity to “chill out” and practically attend to difficulties without drama.
  2. Opening up is the feminine energy men must embrace in order to receive women as equals. Receptivity is the feminine energy that allows women to take their place as equals among humankind.
  3. Embracing diversity is the feminine process necessary for humanity to flow into positive change. It is the experience of being willing to embrace many ways of living. Rather than limiting yourself to a particular lifestyle and judging all the rest as unworthy of your attention, you begin to respect the adaptability and genius of every culture.
  4. Attentive is a feminine component of tenderness. Women spend time and energy focusing on others for no other reason than they exist.
  5. The willingness to see beyond whom or what lies before you is the feminine component of forgiveness. This is how women intuit the greatness in others that they cannot yet see in themselves. This is the feminine energy within the man that allows him to forgive others and himself for being or doing less than was required. Seeing what is good in another is a feminine process. The masculine energy receives the female perception and honors it by forgiving the one in question.
  6. Caregiving is the feminine quality of patience. When you are caring for another, especially children and senior citizens, you have to be patient. Perseverance is the masculine component of patience
  7. Support is the feminine component of nurturing. The masculine builds a solid infrastructure through which the feminine moves creative energies. Visualize the masculine as the solid metal structure of a trampoline while the feminine is the flexible rubber sheet upon which people jump. Both are necessary to nurture playfulness.
  8. Empathic touch is the feminine component of listening. Women listen to others with more than their ears. They often physically touch or even hold those whom they hear. The feminine embraces the individual’s entire energy field while the masculine will generally hear the words but not necessarily the meaning of them.
  9. Connection is the way in which the feminine gives herself to another. Men will offer ideas, opinions or advice but not necessarily themselves in interactions. Women give themselves as the gift.

Do you see how important it is for women and men to complement each other? The only way to access a complete understanding of any situation or relationship is to view it from both perspectives. Humanity’s masculine side is very well defined but your feminine side is in need of serious healing. Only then will effective solutions emerge to heal troubling difficulties. As you offer this service for humanity, you provide it for all life forms in the Universe who are also struggling to attain gender balance within themselves. Over the next two weeks, you will encounter many experiences that will test your commitment to honoring the feminine energy you have chosen to uphold. These situations will also deepen your respect for and understanding of the dynamic creative power of the divine feminine within you. Your masculine energies will begin to honor your feminine nature such that your sense of balance increases and you will feel more complete.

Civilized Power

For any life form to be fully integrated, masculine and feminine energies must be balanced within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the auric field. When any part of the field is out of balance, harmony is compromised and completion remains elusive. Always work towards complete balance within yourself and you will become a gift that helps to bring peace to your civilization. Although your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth occurs at varying speeds, try to keep your progress steady in each area. You will discover that when all of you is growing at the same pace, your creativity becomes expansive.

When you are emotionally hysterical can you think of a solution to your dilemma? When you are mentally depressed do you have enough energy to answer a difficult question? When you are spiritually bereft for what can you hope? When your masculine and/or feminine nature disintegrates you lose your ability to effectively solve problems. You end up with ineffective solutions that create more difficulties than they fix. Integration creates stability through effective solutions that are calmly implemented. A stabilized character structure is capable of great internal flexibility and personal creativity. We are committed to helping humanity stabilize its character structure so that you can reclaim your creativity.

Only through integration will humanity’s evolution accelerate. No significant progress occurs outside of integration because you are too busy driving each other to distraction. Evolutionary leaps occur when populations are focused on specific goals. In the United States, your campaign against cigarette smoking has lead to a keen awareness of the disastrous consequences of such activity. It has penetrated the pocketbook, public spaces, and the media. When a society collectively chooses to address a specific obstacle, it can.

To overcome your obstacles humanity must go further than addressing issues, you must resolve them. Men like to take action but they often act without considering the ramifications of their decisions. The feminine intuitive nature considers the highest good of all. Her input is necessary to safeguard the population before action is initiated. When you combine masculine thought with feminine creativity, justice, peace and plenty for all arises. Your industrial revolution occurred because men had to do something when they gained control of the civilization. When the Goddess was worshipped in agrarian populations the dynamic feminine energy was not supported enough to create the kind of technological progress seen during the Industrial Revolution. However, reliance upon fossil fuels and the development of sweatshops have created massive social problems that are still plaguing humanity. Masculine support is necessary for feminine creativity to manifest new possibilities for well being around the world. Without men to make real the dreams of women, human children are left with ineffective parents, unable to nurture their children in healthy environments because they have not created them.

Fully embody your masculine and feminine qualities. Seek the balance within and then it shall emerge around you. Integration builds links on a chain that grows stronger with every addition. You are not just integrating the masculine and feminine energies for yourselves, you are doing it for the entire civilization. Let’s look at how the masculine and feminine energies will integrate as the infrastructure of the new civilization of peace develops.

Within the culture of Oneness, men will learn to create peaceful environments. Without threatening or actually using violent military means, they will ensure the safety of all. Through such gentle and tender means of protection, peace will emerge as all that is. Women responding to the safety their men have provided will begin to connect every cultural expression into a tapestry of human Oneness. Nationalities will cease to be a point of contention as our collective humanity becomes the focus of attention.

In regards to music as spiritual transmission, the masculine energy makes the music and completes the performances. The feminine energy composes the music and connects the musicians necessary to deliver the music. The composing feminine and performing masculine allow higher dimensional transmissions to descend into human consciousness with creative joy.

All technologies are free within the new civilization because all resources are equitably shared around the globe. Men will build the technological infrastructures and ensure the equitable delivery of resources. Women will download the higher dimensional and multi-dimensional non-polluting technologies necessary for human evolution on this planet. Do you see how the integration of masculine and feminine energies provide the cooperation necessary to manifest a new civilization of peace and abundance?

The next step toward completion after integration involves compassion. Initially, compassion will be required by all to heal the traumas resulting from Mother Earth’s physical regeneration. Natural disasters will be addressed and displacement will occur all over the globe. However, women will not be the only nurses to a wounded civilization. Men will express their compassion through nurturing others back to health as well. A truly compassionate man will go out of his way to do what is necessary from buying groceries to washing someone’s face to digging through rubble. Although he needs to be active in his caregiving, he is nurturing in his compassion. A true gentleman is a healer who provides nurturing support. Instead of allowing women to provide for basic caregiving needs, he also jumps in and offers assistance. What is the feminine component of compassion? The feminine energy carries an intuitive awareness of what needs to be healed and how. When a man accesses this internal wisdom, he will know how best to proceed. If he cannot hear his internal voice, he can depend on the intuition of a woman he trusts for guidance.

All that humanity has experienced as compassion has been linked to disasters, misfortune and personal and societal wounds. You have not been able to yet access the positive side of compassion. Compassion also opens the heart to its cohesive possibilities for manifestation. This form of compassion recognizes the huge space in your heart that has yet to be filled. It sees an opportunity towards which it joyously moves your attention. This is playful compassion filled with hope and laughter.

Playful compassion leads to greater levels of connection because wounds are not the focus of your joining. Positive compassion wipes out pain as it discovers new ways for the heart to open. Every time your heart opens wider, the integration of your masculine and feminine energies grows more complete. You will recognize the divinity within you on levels that you will shortly begin to comprehend.   Divine joy will fill that huge space in your heart. Every experiment that may not have been so successful is celebrated for its attempt at integration and completion. The process and the outcome is equally honored. Every adventure has something from which you learn and grow. If a construction project proved to be inadequate, create a sculpture out of it instead. There is always a creative possibility awaiting manifestation within Mother/Father/God’s heart living within you.   Welcome playful compassion into your lives now. Get a glimpse of where you are going in your evolutionary development.

The positive connections that began in playful compassion turn into loving relationships through tenderness. You never fear someone who is tender. Tender people are always approachable and extremely safe. Because of these qualities you easily trust them with as much as your life. The sincerity exhibited by a tender person is never an illusion because his or her heart opens to you with great integrity. They recognize the possibilities that exist for you and encourage you to reach for the stars. Their strength is powerfully soft and unmistakably loving while their support is steadfast and true. A tender experience with an acquaintance turns him or her into a friend.

Tenderness is the defibrillator for hearts in crisis. It literally turns on a heart that has shut down. It can also restart the heart of a civilization that has almost stopped beating. Its primary gift is complete trust. No fear exists in tenderness and as such, vulnerability emerges. Held within a tender connection you are free to experience and express yourself without restraint. Such freedom offers you the possibility to believe in the unbelievable for yourself, others and the world.

Huge changes occur in vulnerable people because that is when they will finally listen to what will free them from whatever hurts. Tender people don’t control or manipulate others. They celebrate people. Humanity loves crises because they force you to become vulnerable and change. Most of you have to be forced to change. In tenderness you joyfully step into vulnerability and welcome change. You embrace the freedom to grow without fear and suddenly you are already changing. Without fear to slow you down, your vulnerability is ready to receive all the help necessary to explore unknown territories. Consider humanity becoming a civilization known for its tenderness. Think about any master craftsmen. Do they hack away or do they treat concrete, steel, and wood with the attention of a baker to his flour sugar and eggs? Tender workmen create masterpieces. We are depending upon you to be the tender creators of a collective masterpiece, the new civilization of peace.

Initially you have to integrate your masculine and feminine energies within every body of your auric field so that clear and effective decisions flow through you. In discovering just how difficult that process can be, you develop a greater level of compassion for yourself and others. You being to open up to possibilities, feel differently about your lives and begin to connect with others who share similar hopes and dreams. You become tender in the process and your initial connections deepen into powerful relationships that provide creative cohesive experiences in which you find yourself growing vulnerable. Within this safe, supportive and tender environment you find yourself healing and growing and enjoying life. Faith is no longer an invisible quantity. You are experiencing the freedom to unconditionally love.

Loving is an experience of communion in which you recognize another as part of you. This is not about union where you merge into one, but rather about communion where you share yourselves with each other. You become so vulnerable that you recognize that you need each other.   Moreover, in needing each other, you perceive yourselves as being part of a whole.   You develop a cohesive sense of consciousness that provides a primary sense of Oneness. You begin to comprehend losing your individuality to a group identity. This is when you experience civilization as you. You become humanity. You and humanity are one, linked through integrity, compassion, and tenderness into unconditional loving. The idea of hurting any member of humanity becomes unthinkable because you are humanity and you do not choose to be hurt.

Human evolution is about growing together in unconditional love as one collective being. You feel everyone and everyone feels you. As you comprehend your collective communion you embody the Soul of humanity. You literally bring the third-dimensional matter of your physical bodies into communion with the higher dimensional energies of your spirit. You will humanly experience Oneness and cross the bridge to meet your solar, galactic and universal family. Your humanity will be integrated within your divinity and the Universe will not only feel like home.   It is where humanity is loved and belongs.