Milky Way Galaxy

On being Motivated and Empowered: If you observe the power at play in your world, you would have to admit that there is an awful lot of power alive in the world.   The power of the human being is an unlimited resource on the planet. But, it has generally become impotent in the hands of the many, and dangerous in the hands of the few. That is beginning to change as the winds of integrity awaken the multitudes and challenge the privileged elite. Every human being, in every circumstance, has the opportunity to understand the enormous gift with which they have been born. You have the ability to choose, and the capacity to understand the consequences of your choices. Because of this gift you also carry the personal responsibility for the condition of your life and that of your world. Under the influence of impotence in your third dimensional existence, you have believed yourself to be ineffective, and in that ignorance, self-destructive.

When you embrace the power of your own Soul, the illusion of impotence is replaced with the reality of empowerment. From the day you were born, the infrastructure of your auric field began to facilitate access to the electromagnetic energies of the planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe.   Your spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies continue to function as the receiver, translator, transducer, and creator of the experience of the divinity within your humanity. In the transcendence of your planet, lies your ability to transcend the ignorance of your humanity through the insight of your divinity. You can choose to embody the electromagnetic energies flowing through your Soul and follow the soul-empowered directions discovered therein. Fueled by the integrity of your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and memories, you can engage enlightened behaviors that respect who you truly are, rather than who you thought you believed yourself to be.

Although they may exert enormous pressure upon your third dimensional lifestyles, no one in elite positions controls your personal experience. Your Soul cannot be controlled, even when your mind, body, and emotions are being manipulated. Your Soul is out of reach of any human authority figure, including those leaders within the fields of religion and spirituality. As close to you as your breath, the intelligence and compassion of your Soul is reaching into your consciousness and reminding you of the divine energies living within. When you consider that you are participating in the life of the solar system as an active recipient and utilizer of the electromagnetic power of the Sun, your ability to process energy as a human being becomes significant. Combined with the essence of your spiritual origins, you are indeed capable of immense acts of kindness, unconditional loving, and respect. All of these qualities are required to transform the impotent ignorance of your humanity into the empowerment of your divinity. It is time to consciously wield the power of your Soul.

Opening Song: Wide Awake received and performed by Ilona Anne Hress with Clive Smith on her recording, Love Is On The Move.
La, La, La, La, La, La, La,
Wide awake. Seeing everything around.
Feeling your heart abound. Life is full.

Wide awake. Feeling life abound.
Knowing hearts are beating, beating out loud.

Ah. Ah. Ah.

Wide awake. Feeling life flowing now.
Knowing that love is growing, growing, growing whole.

Wide awake. Seeing the sky and the Sun,
Bringing light to Earth again. Wide awake.

Wide awake. Wide awake. Wide awake.
Seeing life out loud.

Wide awake. Wide awake. Wide awake.
Seeing life out loud.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance: Home to more than 100 products designed to increase the vibration of your auric field, vibesup is a great energy and affordable marketplace. Developed by Kaitlyn Keyt, this technology exerts constant pressure on quartz which releases its piezo electricity. Combined with essential oils she created a nature technology that support the health and expansion of the auric field and is patented. Check out her VibesUp water bottles, Earth Mats, cork bracelets and Divine Soles for starters. These make great Christmas and Hanukkah presents! Author of the book Soul Empowerment, Judith Kusel offers information and insights into the origin and functions of the Soul of humanity. She states that her mission is to serve mankind in all and every way I can, with truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity as best I can. To learn and teach at the Highest Levels, to open up the Ancient Energy Centers and to transmit the Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom into writing and share with the world. Most of all to be a huge Beacon of Love and Light to the world.”

November’s Mantra:

Through my soul-empowerment, I am creating my insightful, effective, and transcendent life.
Listening to Surely In This Moment from Love Is On The Move and doing the exercise and meditation accompanying this song will support your soul-embodiment.

Planetary Activation:

Breathe in a velvety emerald green and relax under the canopy of a very large and luminous tree. As you continue to breathe in the velvety green, allow yourself to smell the fragrance of this divine tree and experience its strength. Rich and satisfying, allow this fragrance to safely draw you into the massive roots of this luminous tree. Feel your consciousness descending into one of the pathways this tree uses to multi-dimensionally connect with the intelligence of this universe. As you descend into the roots you become immediately aware of the upper branches of the tree and the movement of the leaves which live upon the branches. Above and below are intimately linked.

Moving through this root system you find yourself passing by multiple galaxies and solar systems with planets and moons. You witness nebulas and asteroid belts, the birth and death of stars. You feel the tree responding to these events with the gentle grace of immense power. It holds the experiences in electromagnetic resonances that are open to transmutation. You find yourself relaxing into the roots of the tree and becoming sleepy. As you descend into unconsciousness, you curl up into the support of the comfortable roots.

Held within the protective grace of this luminous universal tree, your spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies grow in heightened awareness as your body sleeps. They begin to address themselves within the luminosity of the tree, recognizing the way in which the roots of their existence have been twisting and strangling the trajectory of your life. Each, in turn, begins to express itself to the collective experience of you.

The 8 Subtle Bodies of the Soul Embodied Human Being

First the beliefs of your spiritual body express themselves. Without judgment, your mental, emotional, and etheric bodies hear the struggles of your spirit and commit themselves to assisting in your transcendence. Next, your mental body expresses its challenges and anguish. Your spiritual, emotional, and etheric bodies recognize the confusion, doubt, control, and suspicion with which it has struggled and vow to support the mental body in achieving the clarity and productivity it desires. Thirdly, your emotional body drops its guard and expresses its fears, loss, hurt, and loneliness at being left alone, carrying the burdens of the consequences of their actions. Respectfully, the spiritual, mental, and etheric bodies express their sorrow at being inconsiderate of the emotional body’s needs. They commit to paying attention to and supporting the energetic expression of the emotional body. They collectively ask for forgiveness and encourage the emotional body to give them a chance to earn its respect. The emotional body agrees. Lastly, the etheric body expresses the traumas left within the lattices of memory that have been crippling many chances at physical transcendence. The etheric body shares the experience of entrapment into the past and fear of the future. It asks for the assistance of the spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies to free it to receive the powerful tools of electromagnetic resonance that will allow it to move you into the present and create a profound new future. The spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies commit to energetically clearing fear from the memory lattices and awakening possibility into the etheric body. All four bodies notice that the knots that have restricted their collaboration are gone. They feel the freedom of respect, recognition, validation, and contribution linking them into coherence. They look upon your sleeping body in gratitude for the opportunity to better serve you from the transcendent understanding that they have gained in the roots of this luminous tree.

As each body descends back into the physical home of the sleeping you, the leaves of this luminous tree align in the directions that allow them to download the electromagnetic frequencies from the Great Central Sun of our universe, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the planets and moons of our solar system that support the optimal functioning of this subtle body in your Soul’s auric field. You feel a gentle, yet dynamic breeze greeting you as you awake in the comfortable roots of the luminous tree. As you stand, feeling whole and complete, expansive and harmonious, you follow the breeze as it guides you back to the trunk of the tree, under the dancing leaves. Very gently now a leaf descends to land upon you. As you pick up the leaf, you awaken into your conscious life.

November’s Stone Grid:

Green tourmaline nurtures the masculine energy and encourages personal empowerment.

Supporting your soul-empowerment, the minerals of November nurture the power of each of your subtle bodies. They promote strength, resilience, insight, courage, and most importantly expansive growth in every area of your life. Enhancing multi-dimensional awareness, these minerals support the conscious awareness of your Soul’s presence, voice, and power, making it easier to listen to and follow divine directions. Many of them assist you in recognizing and utilizing the intelligence and nurturing power of the plant kingdom. These stones anchor you into your multi-dimensional roots while lifting you up to see the canopy of your own Soul on the Earth. True life force adventurers, the minerals of November know how to help you settle into the energetic home of a healthy and harmonious auric field, because they teach you how to live soul-empowered lives.

Emerald strengthens the body to perform at its greatest capacity.

It may be helpful for you to choose one stone for each of your five subtle bodies and one for each of your solar, galactic, and universal subtle bodies. Creating a grid where these stones abide in coherent harmony will help you to experience coherent harmony in your own life. Placed in a family room or kitchen, this grid will likewise support the development of coherent harmony in couples and families. Wonderful in meditation, these stones can also be placed on an altar to receive multi-dimensional infusions of life force. When you meditate or pray holding these stones, the life forces that they have absorbed will be radiated into you. You can also place one or more of these stones in both pockets to anchor yourself into soul-empowerment when you are facing the challenges of a regular day. Because of the link to the plant kingdom, placing one of these stones in a houseplant or out in your garden will support your physical coherence and your respectful connection to the life force of the planet.

Here are the minerals for November:

Epidote support your soul-empowerment and attracts abundance.

Variscite, Emerald, Brochantite, Malachite, Epidote, Prehnite, Chrysoprase, Green Garnet, Lizard Stone Jasper, Vesuvianite, Seraphinite, Chlorite, Tourmaline, Moss Agate, Tree Agate

Questions for Reflection:

  1. How does your belief in your soul-empowerment reveal itself in your life?
  2. How would you define the creativity of your Soul? Give an example of it in action.
  3. With what kind of powers were you born?
  4. Whose influence matters the most to you? Why?

In the Spotlight from

The Subtle Bodies of the Fifth Dimensional Auric Field

5D Subtle Bodies Crystalline Matrix

Your subtle bodies are the energy field through which your physical form and personality emerge in dimensional existence. The physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers collaboratively work to develop and sustain a healthy and vibrant energy signature which expresses itself as you. When you engage in self-destructive activities of any kind, deterioration of the field begins. Left unchecked, negativity will tear the field, create holes and leaks, and deposit energetic debris that will eventually generate illness. The kind of dis-ease that appears and the level of intensity experienced will reflect the layer of your auric field most battered by your current lifestyle. The field will continue to support your well being even though you may not be making the most life-affirming choices. Now, however, positive choices are easier to make because the subtle bodies of your fifth dimensional auric field are upgraded versions of your third dimensional subtle bodies. They are providing you with higher dimensional energy infusions to lift you above the conflict and drama of your third dimension so you can engage better choices. The following notes define the basic processes of each subtle body and the dimensional changes now occurring.

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations

John Logan: Gemstones and minerals from American Eagle Crystals, 973-449-9839
Monique Schobert: The White Lion Sanctuary in South Africa

If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370. We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Crown down

We look forward to awarding the Explore Life in 5D grant at the December 15th activation. Please join us to support and celebrate our new 5D pioneer. Your contributions have made this possible. Thank you.

Upcoming Events:

Christmas Crystals, Sunday, December 3rd from 1pm-6pm

Ilona invites you to experience the light of the season through the shapes and colors of the mineral kingdom. Make some new minerals acquaintances and enjoy the company of some old stone friends. Enjoy 5D community while drinking great hot chocolate and nibbling on tasty holiday treats. Have a fifteen-minute reading where Ilona tunes into the stones that will support your happiness, abundance, and fulfillment in 2018. She’ll instruct you on how to utilize your stones to reach your goals. And, you can share the assistance of the mineral kingdom with those you love as thoughtful and effective holiday presents!

Please call Ilona to schedule a reading at 973-822-5042. The fee for readings is $20.00 and minerals are sold separately.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to you and all those you love!