Once upon a time, there was only love. There was only love.
Once upon a time, there was peace. Then the fairy tale was released.

Now the fairies rise. Now the heart is free.
Suddenly the Earth dresses herself in peace.

Once upon a time is fading away.
Clarity is lighting the day.
Loving is now rising on the Earth.
Suddenly, there’s new birth.

Now we rise.
Love is born.
Truth is alive.
It’s a new dawn.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress 

Tingshas: Helen Clear 

Soundscape: Clive Smith


Fairy tales have happy endings. But you have to start at the beginning of the story and journey with the heroines and the villains to find out what happens. As you move through the dramas of witches and wizards, an evil step-mother, poisons, spells of black magic, getting lost in faraway lands, and terrifying beasts and giants, you find yourself wrestling with your conscience, learning to stand up for your rights, and growing to be considerate and respectful of others. Just when you think the darkness is swallowing up the story, a light pierces the darkness and hope is born. Suddenly a yellow brick road appears, a new and better way emerges, the path is clear. And most of the time, you’ve found amazing and courageous friends who have joined you on the journey to happy. By the end of the story, you have changed to appreciate how very good life has become. Humanity is currently on the journey to a happy ending. Even though some of us have gotten stuck in the dramas of wickedness and treachery, the story is not over. We are the soul-empowered heroes and heroines of our day and through us the light is shining in the darkness, showing the way home through kindness, playfulness, and creative genius.