It’s time to trust and flow in faith.


Vocals: Ilona Anne Hress
Piano and Soundscape: Clive Smith


The experience of fear and separation are critical to third dimensional living. Humanity was sent to Earth with amnesia regarding our divine origin and given the task of finding our way back to Spirit. The experiment failed and now we are being given immense amounts of celestial assistance to embrace our soul-embodiment. However, we still have free will to accept or ignore the Soul from which we have physically emerged. When alone in our debilitating fears and tragic losses, we became, and continue to, experts in suffering because we are so good at creating it. Because we are such experts, we are in a unique position to learn how not only to stop suffering, but also to promote healing from the consequences it creates. It simply means that when we choose to come home to our divinity, there are no more losses, fear dissolves, and living a life of faith is all that remains. The song is for those who are sick of being scared, hurt, and lost. You don’t have to be any longer. Faithfulness is a journey that is filled with heavenly support and profound healing. You can choose that today.