Transcendent Healing

Ilona offers multiple services through which your evolutionary journey is supported and your relationship with your Higher Self is nurtured.  Here she describes what occurs in a 90 minute healing session.

To schedule a session in person, or on Skype or Google Hangouts please call Ilona 973-822-5042, or text 862-823-6141.

Your session begins with a scan of your Soul’s auric field and your Monadic auric field.  Ilona identifies the areas of congestion and/or hyperactivity to be addressed and begins to work with your conscious awareness of the issues, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and memories that are creating disturbances in your ability to love and to effectively live your life.  Of singular focus, is the primary obstacle that is inhibiting your entire well being.  Once the source of your internal distress is addressed, the resultant external symptoms begin to

As you are drawn into a meditative state, your Universal Healing Team and the Archangel Lineage overseeing your evolution in this lifetime, are called in to assist and support your development.  If your auric field is not in resonance with that of our fifth dimensional Earth, it will be upgraded to support the healing to occur.  This is also necessary to maintain the progress gained after the session.  Crystalline grids are placed underneath or around you to facilitate the connection to your own Soul and to the multi-dimensional energies accompanying you on this journey to wholeness.

As you settle into the awareness of being a soul-embodied human being, dramatic residue from the challenges facing you in this lifetime become apparent.  A combination of talk therapy, energy work, multi-dimensional sound healing, mediumship, bodywork, angelic massage, past life regression, and crystal treatments will be provided as is necessary to your process.  The modalities chosen for you will release debris, clear the auric field, restore energy flow, align the mind with the Soul’s purpose, and free the emotional body to consider better choices to improve the quality of your life.  Affirmations encouraging your conscious awareness and homework assignments to facilitate positive life changes are provided.

This is an active process of self-engagement and self-empowerment, for you are healing yourself.  Ilona and your multi-dimensional assistants are guides on your journey, pointing out dangerous intersections and noting particular opportunities for significant personal development.  When appropriate, Ilona will channel particular Light Beings who have a healing and empowering message to share.  Their presence offers an energy surge through which your Soul’s auric field is enabled to promote positive changes in your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical body.  Because every aspect of your life is considered in this process, it is almost impossible to sabotage yourself.  With the knowledge, awareness, and support provided in the session you have the capacity to stop willfully hurting yourself. Within the environment of unconditional loving Ilona and her multi-dimensional team provide during the session, no judgments can survive.  Fifth dimensional freedom and joy
are offered to all who choose to love themselves without condition.  Everything can be forgiven and all can be healed.  It simply requires a commitment to unconditionally love and the perseverance to make this a reality in your life.

Fee: $175.00 for ninety-minute session in person or via internet or phone.