Crystal Healing Consultation

Ilona offers multiple services through which your evolutionary journey is supported and your relationship with your Higher Self is nurtured.  Here she describes what occurs in a Crystal Healing Consultation.

To schedule a crystal consultation please call Ilona at 973-822-5042 or text 862-823-6141.

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Our bodies are composed of the minerals of the Earth, including carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen.  As such, we can access a form of natural medicine using crystals that contain those minerals.  Each crystal has a specific purpose – one may restore emotional balance, another may rebuild diseased tissue, while others clear mental confusion and awaken spiritual awareness.  Collectively, the crystals help revitalize your chakra system and infuse your body with life force energy.  A crystal healing consultation with Ilona can help you choose the crystals that will be most beneficial for you.

wholebodylayout Crystal healer sensing energyYour crystal healing consultation begins with an energy scan of your Soul’s auric field to identify areas in your spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, or physical bodies that are stressed or blocked.  Ilona also scans your chakras to determine if they are connected to the imbalances found.  Once imbalances are uncovered, Ilona selects a number of crystal specimens that will restore energy flow to the subtle bodies or chakras in distress.  Ilona helps you access the electromagnetic energies of the crystals and encourages you to choose those that feel most beneficial for you.  In this way, you are creating your own crystal medicine map.  Ilona then demonstrates how to program each crystal with your healing intention.  She also explains how each crystal can best be used to ensure the greatest benefit – some may be carried in your pockets, while others should be placed in your home or office.  Certain crystals are most beneficial for use during meditation or to clear specific areas of your body.  Others are used to make elixirs that you drink.

This grid infuses any environment in which it is placed with the six key qualities of fifth dimensional living.

Ilona will also demonstrate how to use a collection of crystals to create a “grid” – geometrical configurations of crystals that radiate the energy needed to address specific issues.  In addition, Ilona teaches proper crystal cleaning techniques that will help keep your crystals in top condition.  Before your crystal healing consultation concludes, Ilona will have you relax fully clothed onto a massage table.  She will place your crystals onto and around your body.  As you are bathed in the crystal matrix, your physical body relaxes and you begin to release heaviness, pain, and discomfort – allowing healing, hope, inspiration and direction to emerge within you.  This part of the consultation lasts approximately twenty minutes.  Take-home materials insure you can repeat this healing matrix at home.

Crystal Consultations are $85.00 for a two-hour session.  Minerals sold separately.