Lo and behold. Lo and behold.
Lo and behold. Lo and behold.

We are here supporting you.
We are here enlightening you.
We are here loving you.
We are here for you.

Lo and behold. Lo and behold.
Lo and behold. We are here for you.

Look to your left.
Look to your right.
Look before you.
And look behind.

We are here supporting you.
We are here embracing you.
We are here to honor you.
We are here and we’re loving you.

Lo and behold. Lo and behold.
Lo and behold. We are here for you.


Vocal:  Ilona Anne Hress
Soundscape:  Clive Smith


When you listen to this frequency you will be embraced by the angels and archangels supporting you on your evolutionary journey. Whether you feel the touch of feathers, the presence of peace, or a lifting of your spirit, these angels are lovingly serving you by providing an experience of grace. Grace frees you from the confines of the third dimensional and lifts you into a visceral experience of multi-dimensional unconditional loving and deep peace. You return from these moments of grace changed because you cannot ignore what you have just experienced. Life has blown open. From the guardian angels that attend to you from birth, to the angels assigned to oversee the evolution of humanity on this planet, to the Archangels of our twenty-four universal system, of whom Archangel Metatron is our representative, all angels are supporting, upholding, guiding, and celebrating life. When we collaborate with the angels assigned to assist us, and partner with them in learning our lessons and becoming aware, we can begin to truly experience heavenly relationships here on Earth. Enjoy the angels in your life and bless them with your gratitude for their enduring assistance.


If you are playing this while driving, imagine the empty seats in the car filled with angels. Sing along and imagine them singing with you. Relax and enjoy.
If you are afraid of flying, imagine the angels in front of, in back of, and on the sides of the plane. You can even imagine them sitting on the wings. Play the song as many times as you need to trust that they will get you to your destination safely. You can play this while walking and literally visualize your angelic assistance at your left, to your right, in front of you, and behind. You can even have a conversation with these angels who are accompanying you. You can ask them questions and offer to answer any questions they may have for you. Enjoy their company.


Breathe in a deep gold and feel it moving into your heart, and through your bloodstream into every cell in your body. Imagine this liquid gold melting away hurt, pain, loss, and fear. Let go and let the angels take away the debris. As they do, feel your body being infused with a brilliant white light, with flecks of silvery blue and magenta. You become lighter and lighter until you recognize that the angels are lifting you up to journey with them. They guide you up into an experience of fifth dimensional peace and grace and infuse you with unconditional love. Then they bless you with these words: Eee chaye. Oh naye. Ah taye. Oh.
As they repeat this blessing, they gently place you back into to your body.

Crystalline Assistance

Golden Danburite and Stellar Beam Calcite will deepen your angelic meditation. These two stones facilitate a connection to Archangel Metatron and the Archangels of our twenty-four universal system. This song is their gift to you.

Through this music the Heavens touch all living upon
the Earth with love, grace, strength, hope, joy, and peace. May the breath of your Soul always be upon your lips.
— Ilona Anne Hress