On January 15th, 2010 humanity became capable of running an angelic current through our third-dimensional bodies to provide energetic guidance, comfort, encouragement, and healing. It is the linkage with our fifth-dimensional vehicles that allows us to access our own higher-dimensional angelic nature, while still residing in our human bodies.

The following techniques introduce some basic information regarding angelic biology to help us understand the interface between our own angelic and human resonance.

Emotions = Energy in Motion
Please keep in mind that when discussing emotion, we are addressing energy patterns directed towards specific destinations. What we call anger, joy, peace, frustration, and harmony are the descriptions of how we feel after receiving an energy transfer.

Emotion is the actual delivery of particular electromagnetic energy to an identified recipient.
Recipients can be people, animals, plants, stones, environments, circumstances, and relationships.

Important Points To Be Aware Of
-Be conscious about running an angelic current through your physical body as it requires energy and focus.

Do not try to do this while taking a test, driving your car, making dinner, or at times where you are third-dimensionally preoccupied.

-Also, once you define the energy current to be delivered to a specific destination, the process must complete itself. You cannot stop it. Therefore,

-Choose simple, little tasks to practice on that can be completed in minutes.

This is angelic kindergarten. Learn these lessons well as more instruction will follow.

We have been given this gift to assist in the transformation of our world. Now is the time to learn how to use our angelic natures as human beings so that we can be the human angels the world so greatly needs.

To begin, meditate into your fifth-dimensional vehicle. You cannot access your angelic nature any other way.

The Angelic Spinal Cord
In your fifth-dimensional awareness, become conscious of your spinal cord. You can imagine your third-dimensional spinal cord in the center of this much larger channel that is your angelic spinal cord. On either side of the human spinal cord are chambers in which the wings fold for storage. Each of the human vertebrae are energetically linked to points of connection with the angelic skeletal system that is much more flexible yet immensely stronger than the human back. The points of connection start at the cervical vertebrae and end at the base of the spine. You may feel some pulling as the wings unfold.

The Angelic Mind
The angelic mind is an energy transfer station. It does not process thoughts. It moves energy — specific forms of electromagnetic resonance, which humans recognize as emotion. Therefore, your angelic nature does not think or analyze situations, it responds to them. It is critical for you to understand that this is your experience of your own angelic being. This part of you is not human and does not think. You must be in emotion to communicate and work with this part of your being. You will immediately disconnect if you think about what you are doing. Trust your angelic nature to show you a new way to experience life. A link is now being built between your angelic mind and your human brain to allow the energy transfers to become conscious to you.

The Ocean of Emotion
For every life form, situation, and environment, there is a perfect energetic resonance that will promote harmonic balance within evolutionary development. This energy source can be described as an ocean of coherent creative unconditional loving which is capable of addressing itself to any need at any time with the utmost accuracy. Angels deliver this perfect energy to those who require it when it is needed the most. Sometimes the delivery is a challenge, but they always deliver the package. They are not however, responsible for the reception of the frequency as they cannot make any being accept the gift.

The Orders
Angels as delivery agents await their assignments. Many are dispatched as answers to prayers all over the universe. They are efficient travelers and known as expert navigators. There are distinct units for specific frequencies and the heads of departments you recognize as the Archangels who are responsible for the training and deployment of the angels under their care.

More information will be provided in additional instruction regarding your angelic lineage later. For now, your fifth-dimensional vehicle will provide the order for your angelic nature to deliver through your human awareness. We ask that you pay attention to the color of your wings as that will help you identify your lineage in the future.

The Mission
For your first angelic mission:
– choose a life form in need of some simple assistance, like support for an upcoming meeting or test, comfort from a cold or sprained ankle, or deliver joy just as a present.
-Access your fifth-dimensional vehicle and ask if this is an appropriate energy for this person, pet, stone, or relationship. If not, listen to what would better address the situation and change your order.
-Remember, you cannot think after the order is placed. Everything from that point on involves transferring energy.
-Send your order through your human mind through the link to your angelic mind.
-When the order is received, you may feel your angelic presence at the ocean of emotion, picking up the frequency requried. You may experience lots of color and music at this moment, as each frequency is noted by color and sound.
-Your angelic being draws in its energy package and travels to its destination in its either fifth-, sixth-, or seventh-dimensional resonance. When it has arrived at its destination, your angelic nature responds to the situation, placing itself in the best possible position for electromagnetic delivery.
-With great love and attention, you angelic being now unfurls its wings at the speed most gentle to the situation.
-When fully extended, what appears to be feathers at the edges of the wings, begin to radiate the energy picked up from the ocean of emotion into the auric field of the recipient. Your angelic nature may also sing the resonance into the field of the recipient.
-The radiation continues until the energy is infused at the level required for transformation. This information was given to your angelic nature when it picked up the package at the ocean of emotion. Again, during the transfer, you may become consciously aware of the color and sound of the energy moving towards the recipient.
-When the infusion is complete your wings will return to their chambers and your angelic nature is available for its next mission.

The Angelic Nervous System
During the transfer, the electromagnetic frequency travels through a mechanism that functions similarly to our own nervous system in your angelic being. The structural components of the wings carry within them the energy strands that radiate frequency, just like our spinal cord carries the nerves which receive directives from our brain to induce every kind of movement for us — from walking, to speaking, to opening and closing our eyes. Your angelic nervous system is responsive to emotion and reads the energy fields of those with whom they are in contact so that they can best respond to their condition.

It is a pleasure not only to introduce you to your own angelic nature but to instruct you in how to utilize this part of your own being. You are more than you know and we are happy to share in the bounty of your own discovery. Share the blessings, for you can.