Once the hurt of the third dimensional heart was given the opportunity to heal, the judgments and frustrations of the ego were exposed for healing and evolution.  Because the human heart was no longer colluding with the third dimensional ego in feeling separate, fearful, and lost, the irrational thought processes of the ego becamerecognizable.  Built to protect, defend, attack, and execute within a third dimensional framework, the ego has no context in which to serve in a fifth dimensional experience of unconditionally loving peace.  It can, however, mature and evolve into the fifth dimensional mind, serving the Soul, and becoming effective in helping you build an abundantly joyous and successful fifth dimensional life on our Earth.  To begin, engage step one.

Step 1: Becoming Aware of the 3D Ego
Focus your attention at the back of your two physical human eyes.  Allow the energy of your third dimensional ego to come to your conscious attention.  Settle into the experience of your ego.  You may feel a heaviness or density at the back of your eyes as this occurs.

Step 2: Seeing Through Ego Eyes
Once in contact with the energy of your ego, slowly open your two physical human eyes and see through the eyes of your ego.  Allow yourself to become conscious of the way your ego functions.  How does it defend and protect you?  How does it assert or attack an identified enemy?  How injured is it?  How tired is it?  How arrogant is it?  How does it scan your environment, relationships, and situations for danger?  Your ego was built for your third dimensional life and it has served you throughout your human existence.  Be willing to honor its service and understand the heavy burden of its role.  It has done the best it can for you.  If an animal image appears to you when contacting your ego, pay attention to the symbolism of the animal and what it represents in your life.

Now that the planet has become fifth dimensional and the human being is growing into a Soul being, the ego’s function is no longer required in this form.  You can give your ego the promotion that it deserves so that it can be effective in your Soul life much more so than it was in your human experience.  Any areas left unfulfilled in your life have been the demise of your ego because it was incapable of helping you to grow beyond its scope of vision.  Although your ego wants to help you succeed, it doesn’t understand success beyond its experience of fear, danger, threat, and competition.  For fulfillment beyond fear and communion beyond separation, your Soul awareness has to be engaged. This is the time to let your ego grow into your third eye chakra and become part of your fifth dimensional divine mind.  It has earned its evolution as you have.  Let your ego physically hear that it can be healed of any injury and evolve into its next highest expression now.

Step 3: Becoming Aware of the Fifth Dimensional Mind through the Third Eye Chakra
Focus now on the center of your brain at the pineal and pituitary glands deeply set behind your eyes.  The pineal gland is the source of your third eye and looks up to the heavens to receive divine information, awareness, and assistance.  The pineal gland is in charge of your circadian rhythms and manages your ability to process light through your auric field.  As the female counterpart to the pineal gland, the pituitary gland supports and assists in the transformation of the human physical body into the physical light body of the Soul.  They work in harmonic resonance to facilitate your evolution of your heart, mind, and body.  Build an infinity channel linking them together now.  As this occurs you will feel your third eye chakra opening at the center of your forehead, allowing you to see your life through the eye of your Soul and connecting you to your fifth dimensional mind.

Step 4: Seeing Through Which Eyes
Very gently now open your two physical human eyes connected to your ego, while simultaneously opening your third eye located in the forehead.  As you look out upon your world, which eye is the most prevalent?  Is your divine vision scrambled with ego interference?  Is your third eye able to open?  Are you confused about what you are seeing and how you are seeing it?

Trying to see through the eyes of your Soul is almost impossible when your ego eyes are functioning.  The ego is protecting you from the alien energy of the Soul because it is defending itself and your human consciousness.  In other words, your ego sees your Soul as the enemy and therefore defends or attacks as is necessary to protect your experience of fear, separation, and danger in this third dimensional world.  However, in protecting you from your Soul’s vision, you are entrapped in a fearful third dimensional world that does not encourage you to embody your Soul and live in freedom and happiness.  This can change now with the choice to help your ego to evolve into the third eye chakra.

Step 5: The Evolution of the 3D Ego
Close your eyes and focus your attention at the back of your physical human eyes fully connected to your 3D ego.  Let your ego know that you are giving it the chance to evolve into your fifth dimensional mind by merging into the third eye chakra.  Stress that you are not destroying or killing it.  You are honoring the service of your ego and promoting it into the service of the Soul.  In the third eye it can be successful in ways it could not in the third dimension.  It is not losing its purpose.  It is gaining a greater one.  If the image of an animal appeared to you earlier, you can instruct the animal to flow into the infinity channel whether flying as a bird, leaping as a cat, crawling as a spider, or slithering as a snake.

When your ego agrees to evolve, have it focus its attention away from your two physical human eyes and put its gaze on the infinity channel between the pineal and pituitary glands deep inside the brain.  Allow it to feel the calm, clear presence of the Soul and hear your Soul lovingly inviting it to evolve within the third eye.  Provide your ego with conscious support and encouragement it needs from you for its commencement.  It has earned its freedom.  When ready, feel your ego literally merge into the infinity channel between the pineal and pituitary glands and become part of your third eye chakra.  As this occurs your mind will become quiet and a new experience of freedom will begin to emerge in your mind. 

Step 6: Seeing Through Soul Eyes
Very gently now open your eyes.  Feel your Soul looking out through your physical human eyes without any interference.  You are consciously engaging your fifth dimensional mind and perceiving your relationships, environment, and situations from the unconditional loving, creative collaboration, freedom, and commitment to service of your Soul.  Congratulations and welcome to your fifth dimensional life on Earth!

Post Exercise Integration: While you are integrating the evolution of your ego into your fifth dimensional mind, you can feel a bit like a fish out of water.  Although you will enjoy the quiet in your mind, it may be a bit uncomfortable until you relax into hearing or becoming aware of your divine guidance.  Likewise, with the freedom to think from a fifth dimensional perspective what you have dreamed of, imagined, or expected from your third dimensional world will be much different in your fifth dimensional experience of Earth.  This will, I am sure, surprise you in wonderful ways.  However, you must remain open to new experiences that you cannot have comprehended through your ego.  Simply flow into the gratitude, providence, and wonder of your fifth dimensional life in your third dimensional world.  You have earned these blessings!  Enjoy them.

Additionally, the cells of your body are now more capable of feeling the unconditionally loving energy of the fifth dimension because they are not being infused with fearful, painful, and hurt energies of third dimensional struggle and suffering.  Your heart is free to unconditionally love through your body and you will feel this loving coming through a new experience of touch.  Enjoy this as well!

This process takes practice.  It may feel like a waking and walking meditation at first.  However, it is the beginning of a new way of functioning in your life.  You are worth the effort!