Silver Spiral in Human Auric Field through Lavender Fountain

Silver Spiral in Human Auric Field through Lavender Fountain

We begin by connecting deep into the heart of our fifth dimensional Earth.  Allow your awareness to be drawn down into the unconditionally loving aqua heart of our planet.  As you make contact with the aqua heart, gently feel the aqua energy of the Earth’s 5D heart spiraling up from her core and surrounding your body, starting from the feet all the way up past your head and roughly two miles into the atmosphere.  It may feel like you are in the center of an aqua slinky.  Focus on the spirals now and notice that a consistent electromagnetic pulse of energy travels through each spiral supporting your energetic acceleration.  Relax into this unconditionally loving support that you are receiving from our ascended Mother Earth.  You can even choose to breathe the aqua energy from the slinky into your lungs.  Feel it traveling down into your heart and then being pumped into your bloodstream where it infuses every cell with this unconditionally loving aqua frequency.

Next begin to call forth the lavender fountain of energy from deep within the Earth’s mantle.  This lavender energy is the upgraded fifth dimensional version of the Violet Flame.  It assists in transmuting all limitations, inhibitions, and blocks to your evolutionary development allowing your circuitry to be upgraded in the most graceful, least painful way possible.  Feel it now rising from the Earth and gushing up through your aqua slinky like a geiser.  It too rises two miles up into the atmosphere. Begin to release any fears related to the changes that your evolutionary development will create in your life.  Let go of the fear, anger, loss, frustration, suffering, and struggle that have been the hallmarks of your third dimensional experience.  Where there are significant blocks you may feel the lavender fountain creating pressure until it breaks through and washes away the negativity that created the obstacle.  Feel and see the lavender fountain transmuting these obstacles as they are wisked up and away from your auric field.

With your grounding into the fifth dimensional Earth in place and your lavender fountain clearing life debris, you are ready to begin the crystallization of your third dimensional auric field into your fifth dimensional auric field.  Become aware of a golden beam of light descending from the Heavens, surrounded by a silver spiral making its way down into your head, through your neck and settling into your chest at your fifth dimensional heart in your sternum.  See the golden beam and silver spiral splitting in two and traveling across your shoulders, down your arms and out through your fingertips.  Relax into the expansion that is occurring in your upper body as the gold of the Divine Masculine and the silver of the Divine Feminine move into perfect balance and harmony within your body.  Gently now, the golden beam and silver spiral move down into your solar plexus and split in two as they reach your sacral chakra.  They travel down your legs and out through your feet and into the planet.  Relax into the expansion of your lower body as the Divine Masculine and Feminine move into balance and harmony within you.

Focus upon your solar plexus now for that is where the golden beam and silver spiral will unite creating a generator of sacred geometric proportions to assist in the crystallization of your auric field.  It is in the union of the divine masculine and feminine energies that your third dimensional auric field transmutes into the crystalline nature of it fifth dimensional signature.  In this unification a crystalline matrix forms to facilitate your access to the multi-dimensional relationships accessible to you in the fifth dimension.  This crystalline matrix is the heart of the communication system through which your higher sense perception will consciously recognize and converse with the angels, ascended masters, elohim, elementals, devas, extra-terrestrials, and celestial light beings supporting your and the Earth’s evolutionary development.

Your crystalline matrix is literally the sacred geometrical gridwork within which your dimensional experience is held and through which it evolves.  It is connected to the crystalline gridwork that supports the planet from our solar system, galaxy, and universe.  As in any crystal, a specific pattern through which energy moves will be built within your auric field.  It may look like triangles, circles, spirals, rectangles, squares, rhomboids, or any combination of these.  If you are aware of the platonic solids, you will see these as well.  The crystalline grid of your 5D auric field is utilized like rebar in constructing buildings.  It is the infrastructure upon which and within which you live.  It supports the distribution of life-force and promotes healing and regeneration.  It utilizes the power of sacred geometry to transmit the necessary frequencies for your physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation.

When you are ready give the command, “Reconfigure and crystallize the 5D Auric Field.” Say this aloud with intention and commitment.  If you do not feel the activation after you say it once, say it again.  You will notice a quickening of energy in your solar plexus as the masculine and feminine energies unite creating the generator of sacred geometry in your belly.  Feel the generator growing up and down the spinal chord as the crystalline matrix is being prepared.  Next, give the command, “Expand and sustain.” Say this aloud within intention and commitment.  If you do not feel the activation after you say it once, say it again.  You will feel a radiant pulse emerge from the generator in your solar plexus as your crystalline matrix permeates your physical cells, memories, emotions, thoughts, and hopes and dreams.  Your transmuting field is being brought into cohesion as every level of your field is creatively collaborating to help you embody your soul.  Relax into the peace and calm of the gender unity alive within you now.  Your Soul is now powerfully living within and moving through you.  It will communicate through this crystallized field to access all the heavenly assistance you require to continue embodying your Soul in every aspect of your life.

Very gently place your hands palm side facing away from you, in front of your shoulders.  Slowly move your hands through the multiple layers of your crystallized auric field, noting the viscosity of each layer and the strength of their collective presence within and around you.  You are moving through the etheric layer first, followed by the emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and then the boundary of your auric field.  Become aware of the geometries present in your crystallized field and note their correlations to any issues you may be facing in your life presently.  The geometry provides clues as to how you can change your behaviors and thought patterns to bring lasting peace into your everyday experiences.  Now send some energy through this field to a loved one.  Imagine the person with whom you are choosing to connect and watch how the energy flows out from you.

Lastly, note how gentle this field is.  Relax into the tenderness created by the peace living within you now.  Your hopes and dreams, thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical experiences are in alignment with each other.  They are supporting the goals and purposes for which each layer was created.  Enjoy the feeling of success permeating your field as they collectively collaborate in the development of your new fifth dimensional lifestyle.

This activation is a permanent upgrade to your auric field.  However, if you engage in third dimensional drama you will throw yourself out of it.  The 5D field will remain in place but your consciousness will have downgraded itself to a third dimensional frequency by engaging in third dimensional negativity.  Just do the activation again and take your 5D seat in your crystallized auric field.  Additionally, this is just our introduction into our 5D auric fields.  Your sacred geometry generators will continue to fine tune your crystallization as you progress in your soul-embodiment.  Enjoy the journey and congratulations on taking this important step in your evolution.