Eeh yah. Eeh yah.
Eeh yah. Eeh yah.
Eeh yah. Eeh yah.

I hold you up to the sky above.
I lay you down on the Earth below.
The winds they blow, circling round you now.
Where the Sun shines down to warm you up.
And the waters flow, to cool you down.

I hold you up to the sky above.
Filled with Light. Your Soul takes flight.
And the winds they blow.
Sending you to where you need to go.

I lay you down on the Earth below.
The Earth it holds you in its grip,
Supporting you, upholding you.
Now stand tall. Now stand tall.
And walk on her. Walk on her with gentle feet.
She gave to you the path before you.
Walk on her. Gently step forward.

Winds they blow, surrounding you.
Comforting you. And guiding you.
Let the winds move you now.
Listen to the direction and follow.
And follow.

I am beside you.
I am above you.
I am below you.
I walk before you.

I am with you.
I am in you.
I am for you.
Here I am.

Here I am.


This musical meditation connects you to the benevolence, support, nurturing, encouragement, and protection of Mother Father Earth. These frequencies will introduce you to the shamanic tradition and easily take you on a shamanic journey whether it be your first, or your one thousandth journey. All aboriginal peoples honor planetary medicine and live in conscious relationship with the kingdoms of nature, the elements, and the directions. The shaman is the connector between worlds, the translator of Earth and Sky medicine, the keeper of sacred relationships with the kingdoms of nature and the elements, and the healer of the Soul. You can invite a shaman of any tradition to assist you on this journey. Welcome this ancient wisdom to help you to not only perceive, but understand, and walk the path of your own awakening on and with the Earth. Become aware of the power animals, specific plants or flowers, shamans, stones, and landscapes in which you find yourself. Each of these are part of your ascension medicine in the medicine wheel of the evolution of life on Earth. Listen, respect, honor, appreciate, and utilize. Aho!


Vocal:  Ilona Anne Hress
Drum:  Mary Elizabeth
Rattle:  Deborah Allderdice
Triangle:  Debbie Carcuffe
Tambourine:  Lynn Pridmore  
Soundscape:  Clive Smith


This is an excellent meditation to do outside in direct contact with the Earth. Simply follow the directions in the meditation and you will discover a path, one that might have already been there, but was invisible to you. To further the experience, play a rattle, a drum, or some bells in time with the music. As the meditation proceeds you may experience pressure and release as toxic debris is carried away by the wind and water. Specific chakras will respond to the movement and provide an opportunity for coherence and direction. Make sure the space in which you meditate is quiet, safe, and comfortable so you can immerse yourself in this shamanic experience. Enjoy the blessings and healing Mother Father Earth is offering you.

Crystalline Assistance

Whether you are doing this mediation inside or outside, you can place the following crystals around you in a circle, or in a rectangular configuration if you are going to lay down. Place your stones ahead of time so you can simply slip into the crystalline grid. The more stones you use to complete a circle or rectangle, the better.
Diopside will help you to consciously connect to the kingdoms of nature.
Moss agate will encourage your ability to communicate with the plant kingdom. It infuses strength and ease in collaboration with those who utilize its assistance. This is extremely helpful when learning to walk the path of ascension not just with humans but also with stones, plants, animals, and angels.
Mottramite will infuse with the steadfast motivation to walk your path knowing that every challenge is an essential part of the journey. It will support graceful changes that create harmony throughout your life.

Through this music the Heavens touch all living upon
the Earth with love, grace, strength, hope, joy, and peace. May the breath of your Soul always be upon your lips.
— Ilona Anne Hress