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The angels are supporting you.

On Grace in Action: Honor the gift of your life and trust in your wellbeing.  Do you choose to value the days and nights of experience that are informing your Soul of what life on Earth can be?  Focus no longer on what was, but rather on what are you willing to collaboratively create today.  Fear pulls you to the past.  Love opens you to the future.  In which direction do you spend most of your waking hours?  The Earth in her ascension has chosen the limitless possibilities of an enlightened future for all who live upon her.  She is restoring her body, honoring her needs, and healing her auric field.  She is transcending the traumas inflicted upon her by human and nonhuman interference.  She has chosen to offer humanity redemption and to forgive the ignorance of a young and fearful human race.  You, as humans, have free will to resist or to collaborate in her healing.

In her fifth dimensional resonance, your planet offers you freedom from the past and an abundant experience of grace in action.  It is your conscious and committed choice that she awaits. You have a window of opportunity right now to permanently change your perspective and live from and through your Soul.  Everything that was dark, oppressive, lonely, and frightening can change in an instant.  Once you’ve seen the Sun, you cannot go back to believing that the light does not exist.  Ignorance has been revealed and enlightenment has begun.  Where and upon whom are you shining the radiance of enlightenment?  How do you wish your planet to experience you in your conscious and committed state?  What kind of role model do you choose to be to the children of today and tomorrow, knowing that your choice does indeed impact the world into which they will grow?  Grace in action.  This is what you must begin to embody and through your Soul you can.  A world where grace is in constant movement is a beautiful and safe world, in which all life thrives.  Grace is a gift that bypasses your mind and your emotions.  It flows through, once it is welcomed, and brings miracles with it.  Your Earth has chosen grace for you.  Will you choose this for yourself, all those you love, and your planet?

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance: is a newly forming Social Network for Wellness dedicated to helping individuals find healing and wellness practitioners.  Scrolling through the offerings on this website, DaoCloud links you to the social media presence of the practitioner so you can learn about the skills and philosophy of that individual.  The goal of DaoCloud is to help wellness practitioners to amplify word of mouth, build trust in their communities, and assist them to organically grow their businesses so that those who need them can easily find them. Raymon Grace uses dowsing to support the health and wellbeing of people, the land, and our water.  This site is devoted to projects in which you can participate that support a healthy population and environment.  There is an exercise to clear the energy in schools to support children and teachers.  And he offers instruction on how to clear water on your property as well.  Mr. Grace is the author of, “The Future is Yours – Do Something About It,” which combines mind development, shamanism, dowsing, healing, and self-empowerment. He lives in Colorado.

God’s on the Phone: Stories of Grace in Action written by Regis J. Flaherty available from Regis Flaherty is Director of the Gilmary Retreat Center, a best-selling author and host of the radio program “To Know, Love, and Serve Our Lord.”  He has 40 years of experience in Catholic outreach programs, including leading retreats and days of recollection, campus ministry, men’s fellowship programs, pro-life efforts, teaching the Faith, evangelism work, and social ministry.  This is one of many books and articles that he has written through the years.

November’s Mantra: I am grace in action, filling my world with the courage to unconditionally love.

5D Manifestation Infinity Wave

5D Manifestation Infinity Wave

Planetary Activation:  Breathe in a deep magenta light and relax into the vast space of loving that exists in your chest cavity.  Settle into the space directly beneath the base of your sternum or breast bone.  Imagine a worm hole starting there and step in.  Let the power of multi-dimensional loving draw you into the worm hole and become conscious of the energies supporting you on this journey.  You will notice the presence of angelic assistance as you travel.  Become aware of how they are responding to your experience by providing stability, or encouraging movement, or facilitating awareness.  Let them work with and for you now.  Continue moving through the magenta worm hole.

Now become aware of another presence, this being one of the extra-terrestrial civilizations in which you once resided.  Your worm hole will drop you off at this destination and those to whom you are still family, will greet you.  You gently exit the magenta worm hole and are met by a guide who takes you to a familiar residence.  Here you will be consciously reacquainted with this expression of your own being to understand its purpose in your current Earth human incarnation.  You will also be able to share your current understanding of humanity and ask for assistance related to your experience.  Relax into this process.  There is much to be learned and much to be celebrated.  Your extra-terrestrial family is happy to see you.  Your time here now comes to a close and your guide returns you to the magenta worm hole.  After saying your goodbye’s, you step in.

The magenta wormhole takes you to another destination.  This time you will safely be shown the energy of a powerful star with whom you have had a relationship.  The energy of this star supports multiple life forms in its own planetary system.  You were an emissary for the sentience of this Sun.  Your magenta worm hole takes you to the edge of this star’s radiance.  Listen now.  Remember.  Learn.  As you begin to understand your collaboration with this star, it speaks to you of the Sun of your current solar system.  What does it say?  Does it ask something of you?  Gently this star blesses you with a special gift of its frequency and sends you back into the magenta worm hole.

Your ride is gentle and easy as you glide back to Earth and into the heart space beneath your breast bone.  You find yourself surrounded by the magenta energy and the graceful presence of angels as you consciously settle into your human form, remembering what you have just experienced.  The power of grace has moved you and indeed invited you to participate in the transcendence of this world.  You have returned filled with the understanding and enlightenment of the other worlds in which you have successfully radiated love.  You can do that here and now, and greater than ever before.


Blue lace agate provides graceful insight and enlightened expression.

Blue lace agate provides graceful insight and enlightened expression.

November’s Stone Grid:  This month’s minerals are gracious, fluid, and loving.  They support the awareness of grace in your life and facilitate the positive changes that are necessary to your evolutionary development.  They secure your link to your 5D Soul Star and support your connection to your pink Monadic Sun.  By linking your five subtle bodies to your solar, galactic, and universal subtle bodies, they encourage the coherence of your auric field.  Your capacity to consciously connect to the multiple expressions of your Soul and Monad greatly increase, offering you guidance and understanding so that the choices you make are in alignment with all that you truly are.  Although these are hardworking stones, they are nevertheless joyous.  Grace is constantly flowing through them so they are bathed in celestial frequencies of movement and expansion.  They help you to reclaim the joy of graceful living, where abundance is everywhere, and possibilities continually unfold in the most beautiful of ways.  Carrying them with you offer encouragement and comfort simultaneously.  Placing these stones in spirals will support the descent of grace into your life.  Positioning them circles promotes the conscious flow of creative collaboration.
Because this grid activates change, you may want to place it in an active area of your home such as a family room or kitchen.  It supports graceful transitions by facilitating collaboration, conversation, and consideration.  On the other hand, if you are fraught with resistance, placing this grid in the bedroom gives it time to work on your auric field while you are unconscious.  If it causes insomnia, you can always move it into an active area of your home.  For businesses, it will promote growth, collaboration, and welcome positive and appreciative customers.  Place it where customers can see it and where it can extend its energy to those around it.  Remember to regularly cleanse the grid if you are using it in this fashion.

Here are the minerals for November:
Blue Wing Anhydrite, Blue Lace Agate, Aqua Aura, Turquoise:  These lovely blue stones support your connection to the angelic kingdom and facilitate multi-dimensional communication.  The angels send graceful emanations through them to bathe the auric field of those who utilize their assistance.  In particular they encourage honest, loving, and powerful self-expression to promote positive and effective decision-making.

Chrysophrase, Peridot: Linking you to the Green Healing Ray, these stones support your optimal health to allow you to move into change with physical strength and lightness of heart.

Kunzite keeps you rooted in your Soul's love for you regardless of the circumstances in which you may find yourself.

Kunzite keeps you rooted in your Soul’s love for you regardless of the circumstances in which you may find yourself.

Cobaltoan Calcite, Pink Mangano Calcite, Pink Kunzite, Sugilite:  Filled with feminine creativity and divine flow, these stones offer the tenderness of total trust in which to vulnerably receive grace in any situation, environment, resource, and/or relationship.

Questions for Reflection:
1.  Do you recognize your ignorance?  When you do, what do you do about it?
2.  What is your favorite fear-busting activity?  How regularly do you engage it?
3.  What is your most powerful image of grace?  How can you use that image to help yourself remain fluid when in challenging situations or relationships?
4.  When was your last transcendent experience?  What did you rise above?

In the Spotlight from
How To Build Stone Grids to Manifest New Realities
Minerals have voices. Their unique electromagnetic signatures can be likened to a stone language that radiates from them and reaches out into the environments in which they live.  Once you learn how to feel and hear their frequencies you can develop an active relationship with the mineral kingdom to help you achieve your goals.  When building a stone grid you are engaging the assistance of specific minerals who are experts at drawing to you that which you are requesting.  Discussions between you and the mineral kingdom are necessary to determine the best stones for the job.  Your personality structure and the environment in which your home or office is located are just two of the aspects for consideration when building a mineral grid. The stones in your grid will radiate a collective energy that generates a frequency field uniquely designed to help you achieve your goal.  The frequency signature of the whole collective is as important as the electromagnetic voices being radiated by each specimen.  As a group, your stones are creatively collaborating to manifest a new reality for you and are now in a unique relationship with you. They desire to make sure that what you are requesting is what you truly need to fulfill yourself, and also bring peace to the planet from which they have emerged.  To learn more about the mechanics of mineral manifestation, please visit this page on the website.

In the Spotlight from
Next Grant being awarded on Dec. 2nd!
We are looking forward to sharing the work of another evolutionary pioneer with you at the December activation.  If you would like to nominate a wellness practitioner or product innovator for consideration please call Ilona at 973-822-5042 by November 10th.  Thank you for your support in donating and purchasing books and stones.  We appreciate your collaboration in ExploreLifein5D!

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations
John Logan – American Eagle Crystals, gems and minerals, 973-449-9839
Gabriela Vargas – Nature photography, Simple Beauty Greeting Cards on Facebook
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370.  We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Peridot radiates compassion and comforts an overwhelmed heart.

Peridot radiates compassion and comforts an overwhelmed heart.

Stone Station
The mineral kingdom is so generous in its foundational support for our human existence and in its energetic support for our evolutionary development as multi-dimensional spiritual beings.  To that end, we are welcoming the stones and crystals that you may have hidden in drawers, lost in closets, or put aside on shelves to assist Explore Life in 5D support 5D pioneers.  Our Stone Station will offer minerals and crystals for purchase at very low prices so they can find new homes in which they can work their wonders.  At the same time, the funds will support the next grant recipients.  Please bring your minerals to the Stone Station table at the activation and we will take very good care in finding them great homes!

Upcoming Events
Christmas Crystals
Sunday, Dec. 4th from 1pm – 6pm
Join Ilona for this holiday open house and visit with hundreds of stones happy to share their radiance with you.  She will be offering fifteen minute crystal readings to help you identify which stones would be most beneficial to you, and how to most effectively utilize them.  Additionally, enjoy fifth dimensional company while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the peace and harmony of a fifth dimensional environment.
Crystal Readings are $25.00 and require an appointment.  Please call Ilona at 973-822-5042 to schedule a reading.
Association for Higher Awareness, Winter Fair
Tuesday, Dec. 6th at 7pm
Ilona will be one of many vendors sharing their offerings at AHA’s December meeting.  Music and refreshments will make the evening a celebration of the creativity emerging on our planet to support the health and wellbeing of all.  Please stop by and give the minerals an energetic hug and they’ll twinkle their energies for you.  You may even desire to take some home!
Location: Madison Masonic Lodge, 170 Main St., Madison, NJ 07940.  Parking is in the back of the lodge.

Partnering with the Angelic Kingdom
Join Ilona to develop your multi-dimensional relationship with the angelic kingdom.  As a soul-embodied human being capable of Angels Starry Night Backgroundinteracting with the angels you are now needed as part of the ascension team of the planet.  In this class meet your own inner angel and discover your angelic purpose on the Earth.  This is your opportunity to consciously collaborate with the angelic kingdom to create peace on Earth for all of the kingdoms of nature.  The angels have waited for you to become their multi-dimensional colleagues and invite you to experience the wonders that can be accomplished together.

This is a very intimate experience with the angelic kingdom.  Classes are limited to 7 attendees.  Please bring a recorder to capture your angelic frequency in music.  You are also welcome to take videos of your personal readings.

This intimate angelic experience is being held in monthly sessions, mostly on Friday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.  If you would like to participate please call Julie Connor at 845-222-6923.  The angels and I are happy to be of service.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I am grateful for your commitment to your ascension and the ascension of our beautiful planet!