Silver Spiral in Human Auric Field through Lavender Fountain

Silver Spiral in Human Auric Field through Lavender Fountain

Becoming Aware of Your Position in the Planetary Auric Field: Your planet is alive.  A conscious, sentient being, the Earth is a masterpiece of creativity and a courageous, persevering, and generous celestial life-form.  You have the privilege of living upon her as she rises from traumas, many perpetrated by humanity, to finally receive the  respect and honor she deserves from the most powerful species living upon her.  The time of celestial and conscious human collaboration is beginning.  The recognition that life is vast, and that human knowledge of life is tiny, paves the way for enlightened living.  Enlightened living is the ability to consciously and respectfully respond to all life forms within your environment from a place of gratitude, appreciation, and understanding.  Each has a unique role to play and a unique existence to experience while collaborating in the interdependent ecosystems which comprise life on Earth.  As Earth enters its fifth dimensional vibration, every life form is awakening to a higher calling, to a greater expression of itself.   The emerging unconditional loving, creative collaboration, graceful abundance and commitment to service that comes with this fifth dimensional awakening offers humanity the freedom to live beyond fear, to revere life as it is found, wherever its resides.  The soul-embodied human understands that the Earth is part of a vibrant and conscious solar system and galaxy that is continually bathing the Earth’s auric field in electromagnetic frequencies.  These energy washes are supporting the Earth’s ascension and infusing all life on the planet with the necessary upgrades to enjoy the blessings of fifth dimensional living.  Peace is the immediate and long-term goal of an enlightened civilization of soul-embodied humans.  It is in co-creating peace that fifth dimensional lifestyles are born and abundance flows as vastly as the waters that bathe this planet.  Let’s begin.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance:  The Biomimicry Institute looks to nature to solve the problems humanity encounters on the Earth.  They define biomimicry as “an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.”  They work to create products, processes and policies that support the Earth and can provide lasting solutions to both immediate and long-standing challenges.  For example, the Eastgate Building, an office complex in Harare, Zimbabwe, has an internal climate control system originally inspired by the structure of termite mounds.  They are exploring the relationship between mound structure and internal temperature to see how this relationship can influence future building designs. Although no longer channeling the consciousness of Gaia, Pepper Lewis has made available downloads of her twenty years of conversations with our planetary Mother through Gaia’s Voice.  Recordings of these sessions are available on her website, along with online courses and seminars, including Mastering Planet Earth. Christina Lynn Whited shares interdimensional photographs taken at the portal that she oversees in New Jersey.  She notes that this portal is home to the Fairies attending to North America.  She captures images of the Fairies at work with nature.  The portal is extremely active during solstices and equinoxes as it becomes a penetration point for higher energies to descend into and bless the Earth and all the kingdoms of nature living upon the planet. Not only fairies but pictures of the electromagnetic grid surrounding the Earth, orbs, and the Rays have been captured by cell phones at this location to awaken humanity to the existence of so much more than we can physically see.

October’s Mantra: As a soul-embodied human, I lovingly serve all life within the Earth’s auric field. gc_webart

Planetary Activation:  Breathe in a deep forest green and feel yourself sinking into the 5D Earth.  Allow yourself to get comfortable in this new resonance as Mother/Father Earth embrace you.  Within the forest green energies, become aware of a rainbow of colors swirling around you.  It is as if you are being visited by light, deep in the dark green energies of the forest.  And so you are, for the light of multi-dimensional frequencies does not depend upon your eyes for recognition, but rather your conscious soul-awareness and physical intuition.  It is these two skills that we wish to address today.

As you sink further into the body of the 5D Earth become aware of the boundaries of your auric field.  Notice that the edge of your spiritual body softly connects with the planetary auric field.  It is as if you are a bubble floating among many bubbles in the ocean of the planetary auric field.   Physically feel the lightness of your auric field as it is upheld by and yet part of this larger frequency.  Notice the fluidity of your placement in the field.  There is no rigidity.  Yet there is a distinct understanding of position and placement.  Become aware of your ability to recognize the fluid placement of the other auric fields in your vicinity.   Notice the gentle quality of this conscious awareness.  It is respectful, considerate, and attentive.  With these attributes it is highly responsive to whatever it encounters.  Relax into this gentle, respectful, considerate, and attentive power.  Notice that you feel whole and completely confident of your ability to respond.

Gently now a stream of yellow energy pours through your position in the planetary field.  You physically become aware of all of the auras of all those near you opening up to receive an influx of yellow frequencies.  Your auric field also opens up and is touched by the yellow streaming energy.  During the connection your intuition guides you to physically touch the yellow with your hands and let it stream down your fingers, into your arms and then up your neck and into your head.  As it flows up your arms move out to the sides of your body, you physically open up to the illumination and comprehension pouring into you now.  A deep sense of connection emerges as you physically intuit your participation in the planetary auric field.  You belong to a being much greater than your humanity.  You physically intuit the presence of the consciousness of the Soul of the Earth.  You are never alone on this world.

Suddenly a bright blue stream follows the yellow frequency and all the auras around you being to vibrate in what could be called a dance.  Your aura too begins to wiggle, wobble, and vibrate in the presence of the bright blue energy that swirls around the auras like a lovely giggling wave.  You become aware of excitement, vibrancy, movement.  Something is happening to you and to all of the auras around you.  It’s time to rise, to move and grow. You feel the vibrant blue lifting, supporting, and pushing you up through the deep forest green.  Mother/Father Earth release you from their embrace and you find yourself walking into the world completely confident of the gentle power of your conscious awareness.  You are respectfully and considerately responding to your 3D world as a 5D soul-embodied human.  You understand your place in the world more than ever and you treasure your connection to the consciousness of the Earth, the planetary Soul.


Polished Stone Malachite

Malachite promotes self-transformation.

October’s Stone Grid:  Supporting the conscious awareness of your Soul and the physicality of your intuition, the stones of October’s gird are hardworking, insightful, enthusiastic, and collectively radiate the gentle power of fifth dimensional unconditional loving and compassionate service.  Any combination of the following stones will help you to become aware of the Soul of the planet living in every life form residing on the Earth.  Although the reality of planetary consciousness can be overwhelming, these stones help you to remain centered in your own Soul as you connect with the Soul of the Earth.  Additionally the stones of October’s grid reflect the beauty of the Earth through the greens of the plant kingdom, the blues of bodies of water, and the yellow of the sunlight that feeds the planet.

Place this grid in an active area of your home such as a kitchen or living room.  These stones facilitate conscious awareness and encourage your physical awareness of the sacredness of planetary life.  They promote conscious care and respectful activity regarding the Earth.  This is especially so in the kitchen where you are consuming plants and animals, and drinking water.  Touch these stones to encourage your physical intuition, to literally feel the Earth.  You may even want to take a bath with them and feel their energy coursing through the water.  Lastly offer these stones gratitude for the role they are playing in your own Soul awakening.  Through such appreciation, you will discover even more respect for the power of your own soul-embodied humanity.  Recognition is the start from which understanding emerges to make collaboration, note merely a possibility, but a reality.

Here are the minerals for October:
Blues:  Iolite, Sapphire, Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Azurite, Angelic Blue Quartz
Greens:  Diopside, Chrome diopside, Moss agate, Lizard Jasper, Mottramite, Prasiolite, Vesuvianite (green), Malachite, Chlorite, Nephrite Jade
Yellows:  Yellow Calcite, Citrine, Sulfur, Yellow Danburite

Questions for Reflection:
1.  If you were to sit down with the Soul of the Earth at Starbuck’s, what would your first question be?
2.  With which kingdom of nature do you have the greatest affinity?  How do you serve that kingdom?
3.  Have you committed any act against nature for which you are seeking forgiveness from the Earth?  How can you remedy the situation?
4.  What is your most precious experience of the Earth?

Rhodocrosite helps you to gently open your heart and mind to the power of love.

Rhodocrosite helps you to gently open your heart and mind to the power of love.

In the Spotlight from
Why a Crystal Can Help Your Personality Shine
In multi-dimensional healing, the geometrical symmetry through which minerals reveal themselves on the Earth, assist us as human beings to understand the patterns of thought, feeling, behavior, memory, and beliefs through which we reveal ourselves to the world.  Crystalline energies move through our physical body in the form of liquid crystals in the lipids of cellular membranes, DNA in chromosomes, and cytoskeletal, muscle, and proteins in the connective tissues.  The fluid movement of electromagnetic energies through these liquid crystals keep us healthy and connected to each other, the planet from which we were born, and the solar system, galaxy, and universe in which we reside. As humanity evolves into a soul-embodied enlightened civilization of peace, our DNA is being activated to unlock higher dimensional potentials in our physiology and conscious awareness.  Geometry becomes the vehicle through which we experience our physical reality and the energy through which we evolve beyond it.  In this way, sacred geometry is its own discipline, and the study of the creation of physical matte.  When we utilize the sacred geometries living within rocks and minerals, we crystallize our ability to grow, evolve, fulfill and collaborate in the development of enlightened living on the Earth.  Visit this article to learn more.

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$5 for 5D Campaign
We welcome your participation in the $5 for 5D campaign!  It has been wonderful to recognize and support the recipients of the Explore Life in 5D grants over the past two-and-a-half years.  The funds raised through book and crystal sales at the activations make the grants possible and we are grateful for your support.  However, in the process of awarding the grants, we discovered that so many lightworkers go unacknowledged in a time when they are so necessary to the evolution of humanity.  We would like to do more to support our evolutionary pioneers by offering even more grants.  Your $5 contribution does more than provide funding, it offers encouragement, appreciation, and gratitude for the insightful, courageous, and life-affirming work our grant recipients bring to our lives and our world.  5D buckets are awaiting your visit at the Masonic Lodge or you are welcome to donate on the website.  We can’t wait to share with you the wonderful evolutionary work of our next recipient this December!  If you have someone you would like to nominate please call Ilona at 973-822-5042.

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations
Christina Lynn Whited – Interdimensional and multidimensional photography,
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370.  We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Stone Station
The mineral kingdom is so generous in its foundational support for our human existence and in its energetic support for our evolutionary development as multi-dimensional spiritual beings.  To that end, we are welcoming the stones and crystals that you may have hidden in drawers, lost in closets, or put aside on shelves to assist Explore Life in 5D support 5D pioneers.  Our Stone Station will offer minerals and crystals for purchase at very low prices so they can find new homes in which they can work their wonders.  At the same time, the funds will support the next grant recipients.  Please bring your minerals to the Stone Station table at the activation and we will take very good care in finding them great homes!

Upcoming Events
The Journey Of  Your Soul Weekend
Experience the totality of your existence from your birth in the stars to your appearance on the Earth.  Through fire and water ceremonies, spiritual activations, insightful activities, and fifth dimensional community, embrace the process of self-awareness and journey into the embodiment of your own Soul.  Feel the presence of your angelic guides, the kingdoms of nature, your celestial assistance, and the presence of your own Soul supporting you to hear why you are the way you are and how to appreciate yourself.
Ilona welcomes you to journey deeply into your own Soul from Friday, starting at 3pm on Oct. 21st and ending at 3pm on Sunday, Oct., 23rd, at The Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, NY.  All your meals and accommodations will be provided so that you can focus on you.  This is a weekend to joyfully celebrate yourself and insightfully plan for your future.  The benefits will last a lifetime!
Fee:  $550.00 per person which includes meals and shared accommodations. A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space for this life changing event.
*There is an additional $15.00 fee per person, per day for specific dietary requirements.   **Rooms are reserved on a first come/first serve basis.  There are double and triple rooms available.
Register with Julie Connor at 845-222-6923 or

Partnering with the Angelic Kingdom
Join Ilona to develop your multi-dimensional relationship with the angelic kingdom.  As a soul-embodied human being capable of interacting with the angels you are now needed as part of the ascension team of the planet.  In this class meet your own inner angel and discover your angelic purpose on the Earth.  This is your opportunity to consciously collaborate with the angelic kingdom to create peace on Earth for all of the kingdoms of nature.  The angels have waited for you to become their multi-dimensional colleagues and invite you to experience the wonders that can be accomplished together.

This is a very intimate experience with the angelic kingdom.  Classes are limited to 7 attendees.  Please bring a recorder to capture your angelic frequency in music.  You are also welcome to take videos of your personal readings.

This intimate angelic experience is being held in monthly sessions, mostly on Friday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.  If you would like to participate please call Julie Connor at 845-222-6923.  The angels and I are happy to be of service.

Christmas Crystals
Sunday, Dec. 4th from 1pm – 6pm
Join Ilona for this holiday open house and visit with hundreds of stones happy to share their radiance with you.  She will be offering fifteen minute crystal readings to help you identify which stones would be most beneficial to you, and how to most effectively utilize them.  Additionally, enjoy fifth dimensional company while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the peace and harmony of a fifth dimensional environment.
Crystal Readings are $25.00 and require an appointment.  Please call Ilona at 973-822-5042 to schedule a reading.