On Building New Realities: There is no time like the present to honor the contributions that you are making to the world. Everything that you do, or don’t do, is registered by the consciousness of the planet and either coheres to the fifth-dimensional ascension of the Earth or disrupts it. You only have two choices, build or destroy. This awareness is more important than ever, because through your soul-embodiment you are accessing the empowerment to positively impact your world with one decision, one action, at a time.

You will notice shortly what will feel like a blast of energy coming from behind and lifting you up like on the currents of the wind. However, these currents are ascension currents and they come from beyond the atmosphere of your planet. These currents contain strong directional forces that are guiding you to your highest and best choices, many of which you still are struggling to recognize. Recognition will get easier over the next three months as these currents wash away the ignorance and resistance of the past. It is not that you have been unwilling. Rather, you did not know how to utilize these rays of enlightenment as practical instruction, not conceptual guidance. Spirit will now make common sense. New operating procedures will activate within your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and memories that will instill your physical behaviors with a level of truth and accountability yet to be experienced. Such accountability will free you of anxiety and empower the truth so that you are free to create. Your creativity of is paramount importance now, for through it the solutions that have so long been veiled from your reality will become commonplace. We look forward to this.

Opening Song: Surely In This Moment received and performed by Ilona Anne Hress with Clive Smith on her recording, Love Is On The Move.

Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu.
Surely in this moment.
Surely in this moment.
Surely in this moment, I am home.

Surely in this moment, I am growing into my Soul.
Surely in this moment, I am becoming.
I am growing into all that I am.
Surely in this moment, life if growing brighter.
I am not alone.  I have never been.

Surely in this moment, I am feeling life exploding from my Soul.
Surely in this moment, I am growing, growing whole.
Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.

Surely in this moment, I am holy.
Surely in this moment, I can hear.
Surely in this moment, light is all around me.
And I am here, am here, to share.

Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu.
Surely in this moment.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance:

www.inhabitat.com This site contains the latest in architecture, design, environment, and news related to sustainable and green building. It is an inspiring and wonderful site to visit and from which to learn what is possible now and for the future.

www.earthshipglobal.com Developed by Michael Reynolds, earthships are autonomous houses that are literally alive by being intimately connected to the elements and kingdoms of nature that support human existence. Described as the number one eco-construction and self-sufficient living company, Earthship Biotecture teaches people to build autonomous houses at their Earthship Academy and organizes sustainable development and poverty relief projects all over the world. You can book an overnight rental in an Earthship in Taos, NM to try it out.

https://www.allianz.com/en/about_us/open-knowledge/topics/environment/articles/090717-ten-great-examples-of-green-building-worldwide.html/#!undefined This link shows you what is possible in green and sustainable building practices already in use around the world. They note that buildings are responsible for the largest amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

February’s Mantra:

I am creatively and insightfully contributing to the ascension of my world. My soul-empowered life makes an impact.

Listening to Rise from RISE and doing the exercise and meditation accompanying this song will support you to fulfill yourself while you contribute to the ascension of the world.

Planetary Activation:

Notice a beam of bright yellow light making its way to your third eye chakra, almost like a shooting star is heading straight for your forehead.   As the yellow energy gently enters your third eye chakra, feel an explosion of light occurring in your brain and activating your pituitary and pineal glands. You can feel the rhythmic pulsing as they vibrate in harmony with each other.   Very gently now, your pineal gland turns upward and welcomes a ribbon of magenta energy through your crown chakra, into the neurons of the brain, and down into the body through the neurons of the nervous system. Allow this magenta flow to prepare your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems for the upcoming energy infusions. Breathe deeply and relax.

As the magenta light turns into coils, feel your physical body relaxing into a calm vulnerable receptivity. Continue to breathe deeply. Gently now your Universal Healing Team emerges around you. You may feel a slight pressure as they clear away resistance, debris, and ignorance to make way for your electromagnetic upgrade. As they start to reconfigure the subtle bodies of your auric field, you will be receiving energy infusions from our galactic neighbors.

They begin with an infusion of luminous gold energies pouring into your spiritual body. A gift from the Lyrans, this luminous gold energy restores hope and re-activates the practical utilization of spirituality as a means of fulfillment. Tiny particles of this luminous gold energy enter the neurons in your body and begin to melt the experience of despair, hopelessness, and depression, not only from your brain but also from your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Your ability to believe in yourself, engage dreams and have visions for the future is upshifting. As your nervous system experiences hope, it relaxes the grip of pessimism and ignorance creating the flexibility necessary for the next infusion.

A shimmering vibrating platinum energy now makes it way into your mental body. This platinum energy fills the synaptic spaces of the neurons and creates infusions of neuropeptides to combat the negativistic downward pull of third dimensional fear from your cognition. As this occurs, your capacity to comprehend the power of faith is expanded and your understanding of spirituality as evolutionary instruction is activated. A gift from your neighbors in Alpha Centauri, this infusion of intellectual enlightenment, seeks to upgrade human thought processes by linking science and spirituality in evolutionary collaboration. Freed of this internal conflict, your auric field is now receptive to the next infusion.

Become aware of the magenta coils within you and visualize them turning into spiral engines of electromagnetic flow. As they travel into and through your neurons, they are dissolving areas of stagnation, blockage, and overwhelm in your emotional body. Committed to creating healthy pathways of electromagnetic transmission, the magenta spirals now build and reinforce new systems for self-awareness and energy regulation. Restoring trust in your ability to navigate your relationship with your Soul, your human consciousness, and all others, this is the means through which you are capable of collaboratively succeeding in your ascension. Essentially, you begin to physically experience the presence of the celestial beings supporting your evolution through this electromagnetic flow. As you literally begin to feel the electromagnetic energies surrounding and flowing through you, the flow becomes electromagnetic communication. You know you are not alone, and indeed, are moving into multi-dimensional relationship. Through this infusion your Sirian brothers and sisters offer you not only their support but also their expertise as healers of the human condition.

Primed with spiritual awareness, instruction, and multi-dimensional support, you are now ready to engage the lavender and green energy infusion into your etheric or memory body. As the lavender energy pours through your clean and open nervous system, it begins to filter out restriction, destruction, failure, disaster, disease, hurt, and pain that are stored in your cellular memory through the other systems of the physical form. The destruction caused by these negative forces of degenerative energy in your circulatory, digestive, cardiac, pulmonary, excretory, and reproductive systems are now being flooded with healing through the incoming waves of green restorative power.   The etheric blueprint of your physical body and the purpose your body is to fulfill in your life plan is being prepared for a new level of creative manifestation, freed from the weighty energies of past failures and fears. An upgraded operating system is being installed into your etheric body promoting the utilization of a healthy understanding of evolutionary development within the context of your life plan. This is knowing why, how, when, where to act, and with whom, to support the most benevolent outcome for all. Your neighbors from Andromeda are assisting you with their expertise in physical development.

The last of the infusions which some life forms would consider to be the easiest, is probably the most difficult for humans. It requires that you completely relax to allow the emergence of new realities to take form in your physical existence. The hope, faith, and trust that was infused into you early on must be embraced so that you can allow the new operating system created by the lavender and green energies to function. Breathe deeply as the magenta spirals dissolve into a pink mist spreading through your entire physical form. You are being placed into a mellow state of total relaxation during which your upgraded etheric body is downloading the revised blueprints for your life into the consciousness of your physical cells.   You may experience a mild sense of euphoria as the hope, faith, and trust exude a profound joy within your upgraded auric field. The Pleiadians are honored and happy to provide this evolutionary technology to you. They believe in your soul-empowerment and have been presiding over humanity for eons, supporting and awaiting your soul-embodiment.

Gently now, amid waves of pink tender energy, open your eyes and become aware of your own Soul’s presence. Awaken to the expansion of your spirituality, intellect, electromagnetic fluidity, your creative power to manifest new physical realities. Affirm your soul-embodiment and contribute to the ascension of your world.

February’s Stone Grid:

Star mica radiates happiness and infuses hope.

The minerals for February are powerhouses of collaborative change. They are team players that facilitate coherence in your auric field. A combination of textures, strength, presence, and power, these stones support the aspects of you that need to soften or toughen up, speak loudly or know when to keep silent, to act in power or to step back in restraint. They offer you flexibility with insight, and stamina with enthusiasm to run the course to the finish line. They reflect the beauty of a journey long in the making and encourage you to accept your challenges and lessons as refinement and personality polishing. These minerals honor the journey of human ascension and are supporting your evolutionary development one day at a time.


Rhodocrosite helps you to gently open your heart and mind to the power of love.

One way to utilize these stones is to pick one for each of your subtle bodies and then place them on a diagram of your auric field. Place each on the subtle body you are asking it to support. You can then write, on the diagram, one goal that you are planning to achieve for that aspect of yourself in the next thirty days.  The minerals will support you to achieve these goals. Do this for each of the five subtle bodies. For each of the thirty days, pick up the stone connected to the subtle body, affirm the goal that you are going to reach and spend at least thirty seconds receiving energetic support into that subtle body. To support your family’s evolutionary development make a grid out of these stones including at least one for each subtle body and place this grid in the room that your family spends the most time in.

Here are the minerals for February:

Awakens you to the presence of celestial assistance and allows you to utilize the guidance provided.

Luminous Gold: Gold Calcite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Gold Topaz, Yellow Carnelian, Bumble Bee Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Star Mica,  Golden Rutilated Quartz, Gold
Platinum: Herkimer Diamond, Sterling Silver, White Amethyst, Barite
Magenta: Cobaltoan Calcite, Nirvana Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite,
Lavender and Green: Lavender Fluorite, Bolivian Amethyst, Ametrine, Auralite 23, Jade, Emerald, Brochantite, Epidote, Green Aventurine, Green Phantom Quartz, Green Garnet, Fushcite, Peridot
Pink: Pink Lemurian Quartz Points, Pink Mangano Calcite, Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Pink Smithsonite

Questions for Reflection:

1. Do you enjoy your power or are you afraid of it?
2. Of what are you most hopeful? How are you participating in this hope?
3. What have you most successfully changed in your life? How have you celebrated this accomplishment?
4. On what have you recently collaborated with your spiritual guides and angels? How did it go?

In the Spotlight from www.livingenlightenedrelationships.com

Upgrading the Subtle Bodies of the Auric Field into 5D Resonance
The resonance within your subtle bodies is shifting in accordance with the acceleration of your planet’s experience of her own multi-dimensional awakening. Your planet has its own auric field which sustains all life forms upon and within it. As the resonance of the planetary auric field is modulated by incoming solar, galactic, and universal frequencies, the auric fields of all life forms upon the planet are likewise affected. Within the context of solar, galactic, and universal evolution, multiple evolutionary timelines are impacting your current experience of being human. As your planet evolves into her fifth dimensional expression, the opportunity to consciously embody your Soul’s presence becomes a reality out of necessity.   Evolving into higher dimensional resonance requires the upgrading of the aspects of your being that allow you to experience life on Earth. Your hopes and dreams, thoughts, feelings, memories, and behavior must upshift to access and utilize the current electromagnetic streams bathing the planet in evolutionary opportunity. This experience requires the stretching of your humanity into your divinity, with the willingness to transmute the past, and transcend into the collaborative creation of a new reality. We are providing some simple steps to assist you in engaging these benevolent higher dimensional frequencies for your soul-embodiment.

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations

Linda Beg: Starseed Bakery, www.starseedbakery.com, 603-769-9506
Michele Gratz: With Wings Jewelry, celestialrampage@yahoo.com, 845-562-4129
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370. We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Upcoming Events:

The Stone Healer’s Medicine Kit – Association for Higher Awareness Presentation

A Stone Just for You

Minerals are medicines without expiration dates. Through their colors, chemistry and crystalline matrixes they serve to heal whatever is distressing your entire being. As healing company, they balance, restore and revive the physical body, calm and soothe the emotional body, clear and relieve the mental body, and open and rejoice with the spiritual body. Join Ilona to discover the mineral medicines that can work for you, your friends and family.
Date: March 6th, Tuesday, at 7:30pm
Location: 95 Madison Ave., #1, Madison, NJ 07940
Fee: $10.00. Minerals sold separately.

What’s Your Crystal Personality?

Crystal lattices of minerals.

Crystal lattices of minerals.

Crystals are effective and beautiful tools for enhancing relationships as they foster the personality development necessary to create peaceful environments. Let the mineral kingdom help you to create harmony in your environment by reducing conflict, increasing understanding, facilitating communication and embracing forgiveness. With stone assistance, clear your space of negativity and conflict. Energize your environments to facilitate transformation and support the highest expression of all those you love!
Date: Sunday, March 25th from 10am to 6pm
Location: 95 Madison Ave., #1, Madison, NJ 07940
Fee: $150.00. Minerals sold separately.
Please bring a glass or ceramic bowl with sand to make your personalized grid.

Partnering with the Angelic Kingdom

Ilona is available to promote your soul-embodiment and personal empowerment in multiple formats. If you would like to sponsor an intimate Partnering with The Angelic Kingdom experience for those you love, please call her at 973-922-5042.