Native American medicine woman
Native American medicine woman

Native American medicine woman

On Becoming Honorable:  It is up to you to honor yourself and make peace with your life. No one can do this for you. Until you do, the best of you is lost to anxiety and the rest of you is struggling to make up for the loss. Multiple public figures are prime examples of leaders filled with holes in their character and practice. Many of the role models of old are gone, making room for you to become your own role model by owning the power of your life force. The true danger that lurks within humanity is irresponsibility. There are no longer excuses for poor behavior. There will always be a reason “why.” But, the reason is not a pardon. It is a call to action that requires a personal, and many times, a collective response. The Heavens will no longer allow you to turn away from what must be addressed. You do not have that luxury any longer. The entirety of your galaxy and universe is growing into another expression of its being. Humanity is being swept along in this journey and benchmarks of evolutionary development are to be met. What you see with your eyes must be and can be tended to by your hands, heart, and mind. Humanity has proven its courage, bravery, inventiveness, and compassion time and time again. Yet, it has not chosen these attributes as a way of life. Now is the time to behaviorally reinvent humanity. As a primarily third dimensional race, you need to become the proof you require to validate the expansion of consciousness that chooses love over fear. Ascension is an active process, not merely a meditation. Through each activation, another aspect of yourself returns.   As you continue to embody the power of your Soul, by nature you begin to act in integrity with your essence. As a living example of fifth dimensional living, you honor the planet on which you reside and become honorable in your self-

expression. Only good can come from this.

Opening Song: BE the Truth received and performed by Ilona Anne Hress with Clive Smith on her recording, RISE.

Lotus Flower color pencil

The blooming White Lotus Crown Chakra

Hear the truth. Speak the truth. Know the truth. And stand by it.
Speak the truth. Hear the truth. Know the truth. And stand by it.

You can be the bringer of change.
You can be the bearer of the new.
You can see that all can be safe, at peace, and in harmony.

Speak the truth. Hear the truth. Know the truth. And be the truth.
Hear the truth. Know the truth. Speak the truth. And be the truth.

We are. We are. We are the truth that our Souls are alive.
We are the truth that the change starts within us.
We are the truth that love can be.
We are the truth of a soul-embodied humanity.
We are the truth of a soul-embodied humanity.

Hear the truth. See the truth. Be the truth. We are living the truth.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance:  To find out which Native American tribes lived on the land you now know as home, put in your address at this site. You can also learn about the languages and treaties that affected where you live. Founded and funded by Victor G. Temprano, the creator of Mapster, This map is in honor of all the Indigenous Nations [of colonial states]. It seeks to encourage people — Native and non-Native — to remember that these were once a vast land of autonomous Native peoples, who called the land by many different names according to their languages and geography. The hope is that it instills pride in the descendants of these People, brings an awareness of Indigenous history and remembers the Nations that fought and continue to fight valiantly to preserve their way of life. Gary van Warmerdam teaches people how to live the Four Agreement that don Miguel Ruiz presented to the world. His program on self-mastery expands the teachings of the Four Agreements into personal practice.

March’s Mantra:

I am an honorable soul-embodied human being. I take responsibility for myself in my world.
Listening to I Hear the Voice of God from Breath of the Soul and doing the exercise and meditation accompanying this song will facilitate a deeper awareness of the guidance your Soul is offering you.

Planetary Activation:

Breathe in a deep gold and feel it gliding like liquid into your solar plexus chakra. As it settles in feel a golden cord of connection emerging from your solar plexus chakra, reaching out towards your solar Sun. Allow this energetic cord to link with the outer reaches of the star that fuels life in your solar system. Gently receive an infusion of solar life force through the golden cord into your auric field. Your Sun is generous and kind. Receive these qualities now into your solar subtle body and throughout your Soul’s auric field. Relax. When your infusion is complete, the Sun will detach your energetic cord and it will retract into your solar plexus chakra. Become aware of a deeper level of life force moving through you now.

Become aware of your feet and place them firmly on the ground. Notice the waves of infused life force beginning to swell within you and flow down your legs, through the soles of your feet, and into the Earth. Allow this planetary link to establish itself and relax. You are made of the same substances upon which you stand. As you have been infused, so you now infuse your planetary body. Become aware of this swelling life force traveling down into the molten and hard iron core of the Earth. As the heart of the Earth absorbs the incoming life force, it is strengthened and nurtured by generosity and kindness. Imagine the Earth receiving this solar support from thousands of others choosing to honor this beautiful planetary home.

Aqua Spiral from Mother Earth’s 5D heart

Visualize now the aqua spirals of Mother Earth and the golden spirals of Father Earth rising in harmony and balance up from the core of the planet and surrounding you. As they enter your auric field from the left and right sides, become aware of their embrace within you, bringing harmony and balance to your own masculine and feminine energies now rising in appreciation, commitment, and honor. As their union reaches into your light channel, become aware of safety growing in the root chakra, harmony growing in the sacral chakra, collaboration growing in the solar plexus chakra, unconditional loving growing in the heart chakra, self-expression growing in the throat chakra, listening growing in the mouth-of-god chakra, attention growing in the third eye chakra, and transcendence growing in the crown chakra. Feel the helix of their union linking you with your pink Monadic Sun above your head. Now welcome the showering of tender awareness from the vastness of creation in your own Milky Way galaxy.

Become aware of a circle of energy extending from your fifth dimensional aqua higher heart chakra out, into your auric field, and returning into your orange-pink fifth dimensional solar plexus chakra, then rising into your fifth dimensional aqua heart and continuing the circular flow in front of you. You may feel your body moving back and forth as the flow establishes itself within you. Relax as your Soul’s awareness is linked with your capacity to physically act from, and in, love. The back of your heart and solar plexus chakras will release and open during this process. The circular flow in front of you will now commence behind you. As the energy extends out from the back of your heart chakra, it moves down and returns into the back of your solar plexus chakra and rises into the higher heart in circular flow. Relax into this visceral experience of soul-empowered unconditional loving.

Gently now, the front circular flow unites with the circular flow behind you at your aqua higher heart chakra. This union creates an infinity channel of energy moving through your auric field and linking your feminine creativity from behind with your masculine expression out in front. This creates a continuity of loving that is ever aware, and always available. It is from this experience of unified awareness that your actions will emerge, in harmony, generosity, and kindness. So be it.

March’s Stone Grid:

Golden Beryl supports personal fulfillment and provides guidance from the soul

The minerals for March are gently powerful, choosing to uplift and transform in kindness and with generosity. They are extremely attentive and support your transformation moment-by-moment and situation-by-situation. Expanding your awareness, they encourage new behavioral responses to old triggers, allowing you to transcend what used to be. The variety of colors through which these minerals express themselves serves to remind you that there are many ways to handle difficulties, and multiple beautiful options to solve intriguing problems. They see potential and choose to support the manifestation of the best in you in every circumstance. Although gentle, they are none the less capable of facilitating fluid and profound change. They specialize in promoting graceful transformation by reducing or eliminating resistance. These minerals harmonize with each other to serve you in the unique way that you require. They take delight in your progress and encourage you to do the same.

Because these stones have multiple purposes they can be placed in grids in specific locations and can also be worn on the body to support behavioral shifts. For those seeking gender harmony and balance, choose an aqua stone for the feminine and a gold stone for the masculine. You can place these in a grid with the stones touching each other in the relationship corner in your house or in your bedroom. You can place the aqua stone in your left pocket and the gold stone in your right pocket and wear them to balance your gender energies. Meditating with any of the aqua stones will support the flow of unconditional loving from your fifth dimensional higher heart chakra. Wearing a pendant of any of these stones at your upper chest can be very soothing while expanding your heart chakra. For gracious empowerment, try placing any of the orange pink stones on your desk or in your office in plain sight. When you need to make a business decision, pick up the stone and play with it in your hand. Allow the stone to help you intuit your best and highest choice. Do enjoy these minerals as much as they will enjoy assisting you.

Turquoise facilitates peace of mind and offer spiritual protection.

Here are the minerals for March:

Gold: Stellar Beam Calcite, Yellow Aventurine, Gold Danburite, Yellow Fluorite, Heliodor, Golden Opal, Lemon Chrysoprase, Golden Labradorite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Yellow Sapphire, Citrine
Blue Aragonite, Aqua Aura, Larimar, Blue Smithsonite, Shattuckite, Holley Blue Agate, Cavansite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Ajoite
Mookaite, Mexican Fire Opal, Fire Agate, Carnelian, Peach Aventurine, Orange Selenite, Tangerine Quartz

Questions for Reflection:

1. Whom do you most admire for the accountability that he or she has taken in life? How did this change you?
2. When was the last time you were honored? What for? How did it feel?
3. What have you lost of yourself that you now choose to regain? How will you begin?
4. What do you believe would happen if there were no excuses?

In the Spotlight from

The flow of unconditional loving in enlightened relationships.

Civilized Power: Masculine and Feminine Communion
This article describes gender equality as the means to a peaceful civilization. It outlines the importance of reclaiming the feminine energies within a civilization whose masculine focus has left much of the population suffering under violent devastation. Integration, compassion, tenderness and unconditional loving are offered as a four-part strategy to heal the wounds of humanity. Men and women, as equal complements to each other, can save humanity from self-destruction.

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations
Carin Williams: Standard Process Nutritional Counseling, 201-368-9534,
Explore Life in 5D Crystal Kits and Book Sale: Please support us in raising $500.00 for our grant!
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370. We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Welcome to the activation that assisted in the descent of the Golden Energy Grid into the Earth’s auric field. This golden grid anchors the powerful energies of recognition, worthiness, appreciation, connection, support, and respect into the experience of life on Earth for every species on the planet.

During the activation you will become aware of powerful currents of golden light connecting you with multiple forms of life, those living in the oceans, those traveling the sky, and those making land their home. Enjoy this connection and the awareness it brings. You will notice that your vision and your clairvoyance will become sharper. Your understanding of in-sight will viscerally change. Your experience of family will grow to include rocks, plants, animals, and angels.

As part of the activation you will hear me singing the frequencies that support the activation of these golden currents into your auric field. Relax into this music, literally from the Heavens, as you take your place in the Golden Grid of respectful, appreciative, and attentive unconditional loving.

I am grateful for your participation in this activation and your willingness to contribute to the upholding of all life on Earth. Travel these golden currents all over the Earth and shine your light in the darkest of places. See with the sharpest vision you have ever known, loving well in the light of day.

Upcoming Events:

Labradorite helps you to see multiple perspectives in making decisions.

What’s Your Crystal Personality?

Crystals are effective and beautiful tools for enhancing relationships as they foster the personality development necessary to create peaceful environments. Let the mineral kingdom help you to create harmony in your environment by reducing conflict, increasing understanding, facilitating communication and embracing forgiveness. With stone assistance, clear your space of negativity and conflict. Energize your environments to facilitate transformation and support the highest expression of all those you love!
Date: Sunday, March 25th from 10am to 6pm
Location: 95 Madison Ave., #1, Madison, NJ 07940
Fee: $150.00. Minerals sold separately.
Please bring a glass or ceramic bowl with sand to make your personalized grid.

Partnering with the Angelic Kingdom

Ilona is available to promote your soul-embodiment and personal empowerment in multiple formats. If you would like to sponsor an intimate Partnering with The Angelic Kingdom experience for those you love, please call her at 973-922-5042.

The NJ/NY Gem Show is April 4th-8th at the NJ Exposition Center in Edison, NJ.
This show has been expanded to 5 days this year and is filled with interesting specimens from a wide variety of vendors. They always have an impressive fossil collection and lots of activities for children. There is also a small wholesale section.

May the Luck of the Irish be yours!!!