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the pathOn 5D Leadership: Begin to understand the purpose of your life and act accordingly. What is the unique gift that only you can share? Everyone has been blessed with a singular experience to offer to the world through the grace and generosity of their Souls. You are no exception. What you consider ordinary does not have to be boring or vapid. Every activity infused with love can become extraordinary every day. Are you willing to engage the miraculous in your perception? Are you willing to embrace the practical nuances of life with gracious respect? Are you willing to be extraordinarily ordinary by discovering an authentic originality that is uniquely and consistently yours? Leadership does not have to have an audience to be successful. It only requires intentional heart-centered, purposefully driven choices that have impact, be it upon one person, plant, or animal, or touching the life of an entire planet.

We focused on the development of personal responsibility throughout 2017. Now, in 2018 we encourage, support, and promote the leadership necessary for realizing a new civilization of peace. This is not external leadership where someone or something else takes control. Rather it is the effective use of the freedom available on Earth to choose your soul-embodiment and heal, nurture, restore, and protect all life on Earth. At times, the greatest leadership is setting an example through enlightened behavior in the most mundane circumstances. When you become a living reminder of the power of respectful consideration and generous loving, your life will become the guidance necessary for the evolution of your species. Humanity has reached the turning point in its evolution and is beginning the long journey out of the darkness into the clarity of illumination. It is time for 5D leaders to shine their light on the new and different itineraries being created for the future of the human race, and then guide the population onto the highways of ascension with hope, promise, and committed service. It is your time. Use every moment well.

Opening Song: Once Upon A Time received and performed by Ilona Anne Hress with Clive Smith on her recording, RISE.


Once upon a time, there was only love. There was only love.
Once upon a time, there was peace. Then the fairy tale was released.

Now the fairies rise. Now the heart is free.
Suddenly the Earth dresses herself in peace.

Once upon a time is fading away.
Clarity is lighting the day.
Loving is now rising on the Earth.
Suddenly, there’s new birth.

Now we rise.
Love is born.
Truth is alive.
It’s a new dawn.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance: This site inspires and empowers. As their mission statement says: Upworthy is on a mission to change what the world pays attention to. We believe that stories about important issues can and should be great stories – stories for everyone, stories that connect us and sometimes even change the world. This website provides you with cutting edge hopeful and technologically innovative ideas and products. It was formerly the home of The Optimist magazine which is no longer in print. As they say: We’re interested in bringing you solutions: our topes range from the personal to the planetary. Our team seeks out and shares knowledge and techniques from people changing the world for the better. We are passionate about sharing this information with YOU! Our vision is to create a movement of solution-oriented thinkers who can PUT SOLUTIONS TO WORK!

January’s Mantra:

I am willingly embracing the extraordinary impact that my soul-embodiment offers me every day. I am the leader of my life.
Listening to Love Is Everywhere from Love Is On The Move and doing the exercise and meditation accompanying this song will support you to share your unique experiences of loving with the world.

Planetary Activation:

Breathe in a deep magenta light and imagine this magenta light growing into a cloud that is surrounding you. Feel the buoyant energy sustaining you as a console rises in the center of the cloud. Very gently move the lever forward then grab the wheel. Blinking golden lights will appear before you. Gently guide yourself off this spiritual runway and travel towards the light beams in the distance. As you approach the demarcation area, three distinct light sources will be available to you. One contains a brilliant orange light, the second contains various green energies that appear to be flowing into and through each other, and the third contains an effervescent mix of luminous silver energy. Consciously attend to your inner guidance, the voice of your Soul, and choose the best option for you now. Proceed towards the light beam you have chosen.

As you enter the light vortex, stay focused upon your vehicle and learn how to steer in the unique energy environment that you have chosen. The orange, green, and silver energies function at unfamiliar vibrational rates with patterns of movement that are unique to each. Rely upon your Soul for instruction and ask questions as you encounter a new way of being, seeing, experiencing, and understanding. Be responsive but not rushed. This is your time to learn. Experiment with directing your vehicle not merely through a wheel and lever, but also through thought, image, and sound. These three are navigational tools that may make your wheel and lever inconsequential. Work with one tool at a time until you discover which of the three is most comfortable for you. When you are ready, release your hold on the lever and wheel. It will disappear from the console and controls related to your navigational choice will appear. For example, this may be a musical keyboard, an image directory, or a thought dictionary. Get comfortable with your new dashboard.

Suddenly coordinates are being placed into your dashboard and you are being instructed to navigate to this position in the energy field that you are now residing in. Again, connecting to the wisdom of your Soul, begin moving towards your destination. If the journey is a bit bumpy, relax. You are a student. You will become more proficient with practice. When you reach your destination, you will be welcomed by a group of guides who have information and opportunities to share. They will be assisting you to utilize your personality structure, and imprinted talents, to their highest expression upon your return to Earth. Since you have freely chosen this energy stream, your guides are infusing you with the support necessary to be successful in developing these particular skills and levels of conscious awareness in your human expression. As you receive this instruction, welcome its presence into your nervous system. This will make retrieval easier in your daily life. When your guides have completed their instruction, you find yourself back in your magenta cloud with your specific navigation console. As you take your leave, travel back through the energy stream to return to the magenta cloud of your own Soul. Breathe the magenta into your heart space and continue focusing your breathing until the magenta cloud is now a pulsing orb in your upper chest.

It is time to live all that you have just learned. Practice every day.

January’s Stone Grid:

Fire agate helps you to ignite your creativity and manifest your dreams.

Supporting your emerging 5D leadership skills, January’s minerals provide you with powerful, directive, insightful, adventurous energies. They promote the practical application of all the new ways of being that you are now learning. Extremely colorful they invite you to experience another level of beauty and appreciation in your lives. The orange minerals promote creativity, gender unity, personal empowerment, and collaboration in all arenas. The green minerals promote insight, vision, scientific expansion, musical exploration, healing, diplomacy, and harmony for all life on Earth. The silver minerals promote and infuse the dynamic power of the Divine Feminine in her multiple expressions. The mineral kingdom understands what it means to be nurtured into existence. Their gestation has sometimes taken millions of years and they did indeed emerge from the body of the planet. These stones will teach you to be patient, steadfast, and persevering as mothers are when raising their children and caring for their families in the face of all odds.

Diopside supports your intellectual development along with your common sense.

Because these stones facilitate your leadership skills they can be placed in the environments where your leadership is most challenging, such as work spaces or offices or school. If your job is raising a family, then your home is your work space and you can treat it so. You can create a grid using multiple stones of the same color to support your courage, strength, and ability to follow through with a goal. Additionally, you can choose one of two stones from the energy stream with which you are working and place them in pockets or wear them as jewelry. Program these stones with two specific requests regarding your leadership and wear them every day for twenty-one days or longer. Let the stones help you reprogram your thinking and behavior. To add another layer of awakening you can spray yourself with the AWARE vibrational spray when you are in the decision-making process. Lastly, you can create a gem elixir, with the exceptions of skutterudite and cerussite, and take two tablespoons a day to support your personal empowerment. Please research the individual stones you would consider for your elixir to determine the best combination for you.

As 5D leadership emerges humanity will form relationships with the kingdoms of nature that will make us colleagues with other life forms. The conscious awareness that humans are not the most informed or powerful species on the planet is part of our awakening fifth dimensional leadership. This month you can begin a significant and impactful relationship with stones that will become your colleagues in the realization of a new civilization of peace on an evolving fifth dimensional planet.

Here are the minerals for January:

Aragonite stars clear the chakras to promote energy flow.

Orange: fire agate, orange aventurine, orange selenite, boulder opal, carnelian, copper, aragonite clusters
chrome diopside, brochantite, aventurine, emerald, dioptase, epidote, chrysoprase, chlorite phantom, uvarovite garnet, variscite, lizard jasper, wavellite
sterling silver, titanium treated quartz, natrolite, mother-of-pearl, cerussite, skutterudite

Questions for Reflection:

1. How much do you rely upon others for guidance and confirmation? Do you accept responsibility for the consequences of those whose guidance you have chosen to follow?
2. Describe an ordinary experience that became extraordinary for you.
3. When have you shown the most leadership in your life? What circumstances provoked this response?
4. Who is your favorite leader in history? Why? What have you been inspired by this individual to do in your life?

In the Spotlight from

5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Crown down

The 5D Auric Field: Living a Fifth Dimensional Lifestyle

The circuitry of the fifth dimensional auric field is necessarily different from what we have known in our third dimensional experience.  Outlined below are the key differences between the way we processed energy in the past and the way that we are currently learning how to now.  Although the process is at times confusing and does cause fatigue, the increasing moments of deep joy, pure clarity, and peace are well worth it.  Besides, there is no going back.  Our Earth has ascended and is taking us with her. To learn more about the six key qualities of fifth dimensional living, what manifestation looks like in 5D, and the energetic pole shift in your own auric field, please visit this section of the website.

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations

Deborah Allderdice: Pleiadian Light Language Channel, 845-477-8449
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370. We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

Explore Life in 5D Grant Recipient

We are happy to announce that Tom Cassella, metaphysical music theorist and founder of Flower of Life Music is the recipient of the Explore Life in 5D grant for 2017. By discovering the links uniting sacred geometry with frequency, Tom is creating music that promotes healing.   He is a dedicated to researching the healing power of music with a special interest in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety disorders, and cancer. As a special education music teacher, Tom witnesses and utilizes the power of sound to promote self-esteem, concentration, and success for his students.   You can hear the music he wrote for autism awareness and pain relief at He can be reached at 201-803-9539.

Upcoming Events:

Planetary Activations for 2018

Our Milky Way

Numerologically, the master number 11 energies for 2018 will awaken intuition, expand spiritual understanding, promote metaphysics, and further facilitate the soul-embodiment of an evolving humanity.In 2017 we began the journey into transparency where the freedom to heal resides. In 2018 we are being given tremendous opportunities to discover and utilize our soul-empowered awareness to understand each other, to forgive each other, and together to transcend pain in compassionate loving for the life we all share on the Earth. The unity that fifth dimensional living requires will emerge in various and amazing ways as we put aside the insignificant and the unnecessary to discover what is priceless within each and all. It will be a productive year that seeks to turn the rudder of humanity into a positive and life-affirming direction. I welcome your presence on this blessed ascension journey and thank you for your commitment to unconditionally loving your world.

We will continue to meet at the Madison Masonic Lodge, 170 Main St., Madison, NJ 07940 on these Friday evenings at 7:30 pm:

January 19th
May 11th
September 14th

February 16th
October 12th

March 16th
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April 13th
August 17th
December 7th


Angel and Crystal Classes

Ilona is available to promote your soul-embodiment and personal empowerment in multiple formats. If you would like to sponsor an intimate Partnering with The Angelic Kingdom experience for those you love, or offer a stone healing or crystal grid making class for your friends please call Ilona at 973-822-5042.