Being Useful

Being UsefulOn Being Useful: Join us in understanding that life is precious! No moment is to be wasted on incessant preoccupations with useless thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. To determine what is useful in your life ask these questions:
• Am I stronger because of this feeling, thought, or belief?
• Am I more conscious of my presence and impact upon the world because of this behavior?
• If I were standing before the Creator, would this thought, feeling, belief, or activity give meaning to my life?
• Is what I am doing, thinking, feeling, and believing based in love or fear?
In these questions you have the tools to choose fulfillment over oblivious ignorance. When you allow your soul-embodiment to guide your soul-empowerment, insightful decisions become common place and fulfillment takes the place of accomplishment. Your Soul is passionately focused on your evolution and has no other agenda. It is devoted to guiding you into evolutionary excellence and does whatever is necessary to awaken your conscious connection with the divine essence from which you emerged. In the next few months a deepening awareness within you will permeate the ways in which you choose to live your life. Many changes will appear before you and the courage with which you greet these opportunities emerges from the strength that you have developed in your soul-empowerment. Although you see through human eyes, recognize just how limited your vision is. Focus on seeing multi-dimensionally through the eyes of your Soul to determine what is truly useful and required. Release all temptations regarding the foolish and unnecessary by understanding what that encompasses. It is time for you to reside in the preciousness of your own Soul and discover the true meaning and value of your soul-embodied humanity. We assure you that you are worth the effort that you now must put forth. Your Souls are very excited about having your conscious participation in your own fulfillment. It is time.

Opening Song: Surely In This Moment received and performed by Ilona Anne Hress with Clive Smith on her recording, Love Is On The Move.
Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu.
Surely in this moment.
Surely in this moment.
Surely in this moment, I am home.
Surely in this moment, I am growing into my Soul.
Surely in this moment, I am becoming.
I am growing into all that I am.
Surely in this moment, life if growing brighter.
I am not alone. I have never been.
Surely in this moment, I am feeling life exploding from my Soul.
Surely in this moment, I am growing, growing whole.
Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah.
Surely in this moment, I am holy.
Surely in this moment, I can hear.
Surely in this moment, light is all around me.
And I am here, am here, to share.
Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu.
Surely in this moment.

Of Humanitarian or Scientific Significance: Founded by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, authors of It Starts With Food, this site guides you through a thirty day nutritional program to resent your body after years of poor eating habits and the consummation of poor quality and even life-inhibiting foods. In line with the paleo diet, their program is designed to restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestions, balance your immune system, and end cravings for sugar. To learn more about how thirty days can change your and to hear the stories of those whom it has visit this site. Founded by Ron Amitron, The Creation Lightship is a center for the creative manifestation of ascension on the Earth plane. Through a series of cleansings, clearings, and reconfigurations, individuals are reunited with their true Soul’s presence and purpose so that they can fully embrace their evolutionary journey under their own power. Presenting an expansive understanding of why humanity has lived in fear and the destructive consequences of that fearful foundation, Ron seeks to free humanity to embrace the light within by being able to recognize the power of the ego’s darkness in daily life and human culture. The celestial beings of the Creation Lightship with whom Ron works, seek to return you to your original spiritual blueprint utilizing the Language of Light through which all Creation emerged. This site is filled with emerging information regarding the awakening of consciousness around the Earth. It covers environmental, governmental, financial, and futuristic issues along with emerging information about consciousness and health.

April’s Mantra:

I am consciously awakening to and utilizing the guidance of my Soul.  Through my insightful decisions my life is expanding with meaning, excellence, and love.

Listening to Eee Aah Taye from Breath of the Soul and doing the exercise and meditation accompanying this song will facilitate a deeper awareness of the guidance your Soul is offering you.  

Planetary Activation:

Breathe in a deep luminous orange and allow the Sun to rise within you now. Feel the power of the light awakening you from an unconscious slumber into a profound visionary flow. As you continue to breathe in the luminous orange, become aware of the pinks, purples, golds, yellows, and blues emerging through this magical return of the light. Allow these colors to permeate your auric field in the precise order that you require for your auric awakening. Multiple sensations, images, and sounds may make themselves known to you in the process. Relax into them as they release ignorance, resistance, and fear from your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical body. Continue to breathe the Light through you.

Now welcome the clear blue sky into your upper chest and visualize breathing the most profoundly clean air you have never experienced into your lungs. With each breath, feel your chest cavity expanding to joyfully welcome the rarified air. As the purity, innocence, and wisdom of this air works its way through your lungs, into your heart, and through your bloodstream, feel the cells of your body clamoring to receive this vibrant gift of life force. Allow your cells to fill up as the clear blue sky resonates within you now.

Energized and purified, become aware of the coherence growing from your beliefs, into your thoughts, through your feelings, and into your memories. Notice how your physical body is being prepared to participate in this auric coherence with a new level of freedom and invigoration. Understanding its importance in your evolution journey, your body is now calling forth support from the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The colors that took up residence in these subtle bodies at sunrise now flow into the corresponding organs and glands that require these frequencies to heal and transform. You may experience various sensations as your physical cells enter a new level of coherence with your evolving auric field. Relax and breathe.

Gently now feel an awakening of your multi-dimensional third-eye chakra and become aware of a beam of light directing you forward. Consciously attend to the direction in which you are energetically moving and welcome the images, thoughts, sensations, and impulses revealing themselves to you. Stay with each as long as is necessary to understand how these possibilities will emerge in your physical existence after the activation. You are being prepared for what is to come so that you can easily recognize opportunities and activate your highest choices. Through your soul-empowerment light is always shining the way to enlightened living. And, so you shall.

April’s Stone Grid:

azurite malachite

Azurite supports your intuition to act upon divine guidance.

The minerals for this month promote your conscious awakening such that you are ready to change your behaviors to be in alignment with your soul-embodiment. They are changemakers who appreciate and delight in your adaptability, flexibility, and capacity for transformation. Colorful and brilliant, these semi-precious gems remind you to honor your divine beauty by working at becoming the most beautiful soul-embodied human you can be. Some facilitate a softening of your character weaknesses while others toughen you up, building strength in your positive character traits. Collectively they promote your awareness of the collaboration between your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, memories, and behaviors that is fuels your evolutionary development. In becoming conscious of how your auric field is functioning, your ability to sabotage yourself by making ignorant choices is nullified. The minerals for April create a new vibrant internal environment that sets the stage for an expansive, abundant, and joyful reconfiguration of your externalized physical environment. In essence, these are the stones that radiate, “Life is beautiful in you!”

Scheelite promotes the integration of the subtle bodies of the auric field.

Because these stones address your internal and external environments, wearing them on the body and placing them in environmental grids simultaneously gives you the most impact. These grids promote change so they are best placed in active areas such as kitchens, family rooms, classrooms, gyms, and offices. Additionally, the bigger the stones, the greater the radiation. Do pay attention to the size of your grid in relationship to the square footage they are to address. Your stones desire to be successful in helping you embrace your brilliance and they need your cooperation to help them succeed. When wearing these stones, match the stone to the part of the body needing assistance. Bracelets, rings, pendants, belt buckles, ankle bracelets, and pins are all options that can be specifically positioned for success. However, you may need to wear a particular piece of jewelry for weeks to achieve results. Give your stone jewelry the time it needs to work for you. You can always place stones in both pockets to fill your body with a needed mineral boost. When choosing your specimens for this month be aware of how their presence affects you. Are you struck by the beauty of the stone? If so, then that stone will help you to be struck by the beauty of your own Soul in your humanity.

Here are the minerals for April:

Chalcopyrite encourages you to find joy in your life.

Orange and Gold: Fire Agate, Mexican Fire Opal, Carnelian, Orange Aventurine, Orange Selenite, Amber, Gold Calcity, Citrine, Scheelite, Creedite, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Opal, Sulphur, Golden Barite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Mookaite Jasper
Blue: Azurite, Angelite, Aqua Aura, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, Lapiz Lazuli, Cavansite, Lazulite, Chrysocolla, Benitoite, Turquoise, Indicolite, Larimar, Blue Halite
Multi-colored: Chalcopyrite, Australian Opal, Golden Labradorite

Questions for Reflection:

1. What motivates you? What does this say about your priorities?
2. Describe the three most necessary objects in your life? Could you live without them?
3. How spiritually connected are you to your body? What does this look and feel like?
4. If you could retrieve the energy you wasted on something irrelevant, what would you do with it now?

In the Spotlight from

The flow of unconditional loving in enlightened relationships.

Becoming Soul-empowered through your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies
During this energy activation, you are guided to consciously engage the powerful harmony through which your masculine and feminine energies collaboratively create. Through the sacred geometry of the octahedron, your masculine and feminine energies offer you the opportunity to make wise choices, compassionately driven, to promote your own fulfillment. In experiencing the wisdom of your Divine Masculine energies matched by compassion of your Divine Feminine energies, you are being presented with the freedom to create opportunities that lift you out of conflict and into the creativity of peace. During this activation you will be experiencing the expansive power of your fifth dimensional heart, the radiant golden energies that support masculine empowerment, and the radiant silver energies that support feminine empowerment. It is best to do this activation standing up as you will be utilizing movement, as well as meditative focus, to complete the process. You can repeat this activation whenever you feel out of balance, or blocked in your ability to manifest resources, relationships, situations, and environments that support your fulfillment.

Adventures in Service and 5D Creations

Ed Coster:  Tour of the Masonic Lodge’s Sanctuary and a presentation on the mission of the Masons.
John Logan:  American Eagle Crystals, 973-449-9839,
If you are interested in offering your evolutionary product or service at an activation, please call Heather at 973-452-8370.  We look forward to hearing about what you are sharing with the world.

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Partnering with the Angelic Kingdom

The Angels of the Violet Flame are supporting you.

Ilona is available to promote your soul-embodiment and personal empowerment in multiple formats.  If you would like to sponsor an intimate Partnering with The Angelic Kingdom experience for those you love, please call her at 973-922-5042.