Why a Crystal Can Help Your Personality Shine

Clear quartz energizes you to enjoy your life.

When you speak to your crystals you are actually talking into and through the molecular bonding through which your prayers are sent and your answers received. The physical reality of the quartz that is lying in the palm of your hand appears because the silicon and oxygen atoms of which it is composed have emerged through a trigonal crystalline matrix into your quartz point. The patterns around which elements form into physical matter, becoming the rocks that you hold in your hands, all follow geometric configurations. When the atoms of elements join together they chemically bond in a specific organizational pattern known as a crystalline matrix. This geometric matrix is the pathway or highway through which the electromagnetic energies coming from the cosmos travel.

In multi-dimensional healing, the geometrical symmetry through which minerals reveal themselves on the Earth, assist us as human beings to understand the patterns of thought, feeling, behavior, memory, and beliefs through which we reveal ourselves to the world. Crystalline energies move through our physical body in the form of liquid crystals in the lipids of cellular membranes, DNA in chromosomes, and cytoskeletal, muscle, and proteins in the connective tissues. The fluid movement of electromagnetic energies through these liquid crystals keep us healthy and connected to each other, the planet from which we were born, and the solar system, galaxy, and universe in which we reside. As humanity evolves into a soul-embodied enlightened civilization of peace, our DNA is being activated to unlock higher dimensional potentials in our physiology and conscious awareness. Geometry becomes the vehicle through which we experience our physical reality and the energy through which we evolve beyond it. In this way, sacred geometry is its own discipline, and the study of the creation of physical matter.   When we utilize the sacred geometries living within rocks and minerals we crystallize our ability to grow, evolve, fulfill, and collaborate in the development of enlightened living on the Earth.

The Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids - Set of 5

The five Platonic Solids.

In sacred geometry, the Platonic Solids hail as the primary geometrical forces that create physical matter, or dimensional realities, in our universe. These five shapes, the icosahedron (water), the tetrahedron (fire), the dodecahedron (ether), the cube (earth), and the octahedron (air), transmit the electromagnetic energies of the elements through which we live our lives. These five geometries express themselves uniquely through seven crystalline systems of the mineral kingdom. Each of the Platonic Solids functions as a unit cell which repeats upon itself, like bricks building up a wall, yet integral to itself.   They have faces of equal size, edges of the same length, one size of interior angles between faces, and when placed into a sphere, all of the points of the forms will touch the sphere’s surface. The Platonic Solids are easily recognizable because they are unique and stand alone in their ability to replicate and their power to create multi-dimensional environments. Consider this: you are meditating with an azurite or selenite, seeking insight and spiritual awareness to solve a problem.   You send your request through the monoclinic crystalline lattice of your selenite or azurite out into the heavens. Your request is responded to by an Archangel or an Ascended Master and the information and intellectual support they send to you flows through the electromagnetic energy of the octahedron as inspired air or winds of awareness. The octahedron then transmits this enlightened awareness into the monoclinic lattice of your selenite or azurite, and during your meditation you suddenly understand how to fix the problem and remedy the situation. Your selenite or azurite facilitated your ability to open your mind to new ideas, and inspiration traveled through its crystalline lattice into you.

The Crystal Systems

Crystal lattices of minerals.

Crystal lattices of minerals.

Just as the Platonic Solids have faces, edges, and angles so do minerals. Molecular bonding occurs through axes, planes, and centers of symmetry, becoming the rebar of crystal formation. When you look at a quartz point you can see and feel faces at the top of the crystal. You can see the vertical axis at the top and the bottom, and you can notice any breaks or inclusions in the body of the quartz. Differences in these axes, planes, and centers of minerals were discovered and categorized into seven basic lattices or crystal systems by Auguste Bravais in 1850. These include the cubic, hexagonal, trigonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, triclinic systems.   Each system correlates with the sacred geometry of the Platonic Solids and becomes a vehicle for the specific elemental energies that each Platonic Solid transmits.

Consider this, your body is symmetrical. You have two arms and legs. As you turn around all of you rotates and you see in every direction. It is through your face, the edges of your body, and the axes, vertical and horizontal through which your body orients you on the Earth, that you experience and contribute to life. When you hold a mineral in your hand, rotate it, and move your fingers up and down its body, you experience the unique way in which that mineral’s crystalline matrix is sending energy into your body and the aspects of your auric field surrounding your body. When you understand how electromagnetic energy uniquely moves through each crystalline system in your stones, you can use your minerals to fire up, cool down, stabilize, support, or lift yourself up into a new way of living.

Personality Structure

In the same way that crystals experience life uniquely through these seven systems, so do people. Many of us struggle with similar issues, share talents and abilities, see from the same perspective, and exhibit specific communication patterns. Michael Geinger in his book, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, categorized the personality styles expressing themselves through the crystalline systems. By observing how people chose the stones they used in their lives, he was able to intuit how minerals could strengthen aspects of character and reduce the impact of character flaws. In multi-dimensional healing, the elemental energies of the Platonic Solids are utilized to influence, heal, and celebrate an individual’s personality structure. They move into and through the crystalline matrix in stones to provide guidance, support, and encouragement on the journey to soul-embodiment.

Personality structure is a gift from your Soul that descends into your body when you are born. It is the primary filter through which you experience and contribute to life. It is through the structure of your personality that your Soul is teaching you the lessons required to reach soul-embodiment. For some that is overcoming arrogance, for others it is learning to be assertive, for many it is learning how to be of service. Every parent can tell you that they met the personalities of their children when they were infants. Smart parents learn early on how to guide, support, and work with their children’s personality structure to promote success and happiness in life. Working against your personality structure generally ends in disaster. Designed uniquely for each incarnation, your personality is the perfect vehicle for your long term evolutionary development while on Earth. In each incarnation, your personality structure gets tweaked to promote your soul-embodiment and evolutionary fulfillment based on how well you lived your previous incarnation. When you allow the stones of the mineral systems to support the personality structure with which you were born, they will help you to maximize the gifts of your personality, and assist you in transcending weaknesses.


Michael Geinger has given us clearly defined personality styles that correlate with the crystalline systems. However, life is not that orderly and most individuals will recognize themselves in multiple crystalline expressions. Each individual has a primary way of relating to the world, of engaging in relationships and of behaving in social situations. This primary process of self-expression is your core personality structure, but it is affected by secondary personality traits. For example, you may have been born as a happy trigonal person, but after being caught as a hostage in a bank robbery, you now have triclinic anxieties disturbing the peace you once knew. Alternatively, you may enjoy the adventures of the amorphous minerals, but also appreciate the grounding of the hexagonal system to anchor into fulfilling relationships and a stable lifestyle. Your subpersonalities can make your life easier or more complicated depending upon how they affect each other. Utilizing the stones of the helpful subpersonalities can effect positive changes that bring your auric field and your life into coherence.

The Rays of Divinity

5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Crown down

5D Chakra Column with Golden Orange Beam from Crown down

Your goal on the evolutionary journey, ultimately is to embody the personality structure of the Creator. And yes Mother/Father/God created personalities to experience the pleasure of being alive. The divine structure of the personality of the Creator is metaphysically known as The Rays. Each Ray radiates a group of qualities that experience life similarly and complement each other. For example, Ray One radiates divine willpower and promotes faithfulness, while Ray Five promotes vision, insight, and thoughtfulness. There were seven basic Rays in our solar system which correlate with the colors of the rainbow and the chakra column of the human being, and the notes of the musical scale. Since December 21, 2012, the Earth has been ascending into her fifth dimensional consciousness and is being bathed by five more rays supporting the ascension of all life on Earth. This is a powerful time of transformation and the Rays provide the electromagnetic guidance for personal and planetary energy shifts. We experience the Rays through the colors and sounds and sensations which flow through the electromagnetic energies of the universe, into the galaxy, through our solar system, and descend into the planet.  When you meditate with an amethyst and pray for the ability to forgive someone who has hurt you, Archangel Zadkiel, an angel serving on the Seventh Ray, can send the power to forgive through the trigonal crystalline matrix of your amethyst, into your hand, up your arm, and into your heart. Suddenly you may feel the presence of compassion and your anger ceases. The seventh Ray has found its way into your body, heart, and mind through your amethyst to give you the strength to forgive.

The Rays not only transmit the qualities of Creation into us, it is through them that the Creator oversees our evolutionary development. There is a spiritual planetary hierarchy comprised of spiritually advanced beings devoted to the evolution of life on Earth. These beings include humans who have worked hard incarnation after incarnation to embody their souls and become beacon for the rest of us. Many of these individuals you know of as saints. However, they are continuing to evolve. They are fully alive in the heavenly realms and serving humanity as what is known as an Ascended Masters. Ascended Master El Morya incarnated as King Arthur to show the world, if only for a short time, that there is a generous, respectful, and peaceful way to live on Earth. Ascended Master Lord Hilarion was previously St. Paul. He learned that healing and redemption are offered to all, no matter where they come from or what they have done. Lord Lanto serving on the Second Ray was Confuscius in a previous incarnation. These soul-embodied beings of light are devoted to your well being. They learned how to merge with their Souls and are helping you to do the same. As the fifth dimension becomes a reality, these Ascended Masters are assisting you to develop fifth dimensional lifestyles of peace.

crystal58Archangels also serve on the Rays as messengers of divinity, radiating the qualities of each ray into those who call upon them. Additionally, the Elohim, or the contractors of universes, as I call them, also support the development of ray structures on the Earth. When you pray, you are always asking for some quality to flow through you or someone you love, to bring what you or they need to be successful, safe, or healthy. Patience, humility, playfulness, power, understanding, or compassion are prayed for billions of times each day. With every prayer there is a spiritual professional, serving on a particular Ray, invisible to the eyes, hearing your request and answering you. When you ask for the assistance of one particular Ray, you can request that any or all those beings, angelic, Ascended Masters, Elohim, Celestials, and even supportive extra-terrestrials to come to your aid. Asking for their help while holding your crystals amplifies your requests and it is through your crystal that you can more readily sense and feel their responses.

In Conclusion

Multi-dimensional electromagnetic frequencies are traveling through the crystal systems of your minerals and moving into hopes and dreams, thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical body. Knowing which crystal system to use, when, on your path to fulfillment makes the evolutionary journey easier, more rewarding, and potentially fun. Your personality is a gift and a responsibility. Through it you express yourself in the world, and through it you receive your experience of the world. Honoring your unique personality configuration allows you to expand your understanding of how life works, and to embrace compassion for all those who are still trying to figure this out. There is a powerhouse of support available to you through these crystal systems. They desire to help you to fulfill yourself, to grow into your Soul awareness, and to honor them as an important and useful part of your world. It is my pleasure to introduce you to their transformative power.

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