Crystal Companions for Children

Do your children love to collect rocks? Are they picking them up off the ground and filling up their pockets?  At street fairs or carnivals are they asking you for money to bring home more stone friends?  Do you find stones all over the house?  Do your children carry them in their pockets to school, […]

Stones to Energize and Transform Your Life

When you need to complete a project or get a job done, you need a stone that has the power to move you.  Minerals that contain oxygen energize you just as the air you breathe energies your body.

How To Build Stone Grids to Manifest New Realities

Minerals have voices. Their unique electromagnetic signatures can be likened to a stone language that radiates from them and reaches out into the environments in which they live.

Crystals for the Traumatized and Suffering

Have you felt the brutality of life? Are you constantly fearing the next barrage of hurt, pain, and loss? Does your search for happiness often end in despair? Have you lost faith? These are the questions of those who are suffering from traumas of any kind, emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.

Crystals for the Adventurous Explorer

The Amorphous Minerals – Do you love to travel? Are you constantly inspired? Is play as essential to you as food? Have you tried a variety of career paths? Variety truly is the spice of life for those with amorphous personalities. They are the adventurous explorers of humanity and no environment is out of reach for them.

Crystals for Stability and Self-Awareness

Do people get easily aggravated with you? Is spontaneity your way of life? Have you been called moody? Are you racked by self-doubt? Do you look to psychics for guidance? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a roller coaster of a life.

Crystals for Caregiving and Self-Love

Do you find it easy to go along with the choices others’ make? Are you the happiest when you are taking care of those you love? Is commitment one of your favorite words? Do you feel secure in the rhythm of your life? If so, then the minerals of the orthorhombic system are good friends of yours.

Stones of Purpose, Presence, and Purity

Did you ever wonder why royalty wear gold crowns? Have you been seduced by the glitter of gold and the financial power it wields for humanity?  If so, you are experiencing the power of the natural elements on the planet.  This family of minerals is small because these stones are composed or the same atoms […]

Stones of Strength, Integrity, and Healing

Sometimes we need an explosion to break through our defenses so that we can finally heal.  At other times we need the courage to build strong foundations of personal integrity that will not crumble in the face of challenge or conflict.  In both cases the silicate minerals come to our aid.  Comprised of a combination […]

Stones to Encourage, Protect, and Rest

If you have ever wore a cast, you have had the pleasure of wearing a sulphate. The gypsum in your cast helped to protect your bone or bones while they healed. The sulphate family of minerals encourage persistence and solidify progress that you have worked hard to achieve.