Did you ever wonder why royalty wear gold crowns? Have you been seduced by the glitter of gold and the financial power it wields for humanity?  If so, you are experiencing the power of the natural elements on the planet.  This family of minerals is small because these stones are composed or the same atoms and not combined with other elements.  When you encounter purity, it can take your breath away or astonish you with the beauty of its presence.  Such is the case when a diamond wedding ring is slipped on the finger of a woman who is becoming a wife, or a golden wedding band is placed on the finger of a man who is becoming a husband.  The natural elements are rare on our world and therefore seen as precious.  These stones remind us to honor the precious spiritual core of our being and treat ourselves with the respect due a pure spiritual being radiating light.  They encourage us to live with insight and purpose so that we fulfill our evolutionary goals personally and globally.

Yet, graphite and sulfur are also common natural elements.  Although common they have major applications in industry and manufacturing.  The pure in us is as ordinary as it is sublime and these stones remind us to value every part of our existence without judgment.  They help us to utilize everything in our lives to its highest, purest, potential.  Those who looked upon the kings and queens of old hoped for just, generous, and thoughtful governing.  Royalty was charged with public service and the power to rule.  They literally conducted the way of life for the people under their charge, from the least in poverty to those of great privilege.  They wore gold crowns and carried gold jewel encrusted staffs to radiate their power and control their populations.  The conductive power of the metallic bonds of which metals are formed create networks of connection.  Not just for royalty, gold is utilized in your computers and in the cords which connect your components.  The networks of connection these metals facilitate have far exceeded the reaches of kings and queens.  Gold offers you connection to the divine masculine energies on the planet and platinum offers you connection to the divine feminine energies on the planet.  As you embrace them, the gender unity of enlightened relationships flows through you.   When you wear the spiritual crown of your own Soul, you become empowered by love and prosperous in grace and fulfillment.  Gold, silver, platinum, and copper are natural elements that shine.  They light up our worlds literally with conductivity and metaphorically ask us to shine in our lives, contributing to an emerging enlightened civilization of peace on Earth.

The Natural Elements include:

  • Copper
  • Diamond
  • Graphite
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Sulfur

How to Use Natural Elements

The easiest way to enjoy gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds are to wear them.  That can be expensive but on the other hand pencils made with graphite cores are inexpensive and at times invaluable.  Copper surrounds us in the wiring in our homes and in some kitchens helps to cook our foods.  Wearing copper bracelets can reduce arthritic pain.  Sulfur is used in our gardens to tend the soil and in some ointments to treat skin conditions.

** How Stone Medicine Works

Our bodies are composed of the minerals of the Earth such as carbon, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen.  By utilizing stones containing these elements living within us, we are accessing  a form of natural chemical healing.  You don’t ingest stone medicine like prescription drugs.  Instead, minerals work around the body and in your environment providing chemical assistance through electromagnetic energy.  Minerals radiate a consistent pulse of their unique chemical frequencies.  When placed on or around the physical body, they will infuse energies that are missing, absorb energies that are overabundant, and seek to balance out the electromagnetic energies of the entire system.  Stone medicine complements traditional medical treatment and is not to be used in place of it.  Often stone healing will increase the efficacy of medical procedures accelerating healing by removing spiritual, emotional, mental, and etheric debris from the physical areas under distress.  As with any form of healing, learn as much about the stones you choose as possible because the more you know, the greater you benefit.  Additionally, just as the wrong herbal supplement can make you ill, so can using the wrong mineral.  What’s great about stone medicine is that there are no expiration dates and they are beautiful additions to your lives and homes.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to the healing power of the mineral kingdom!