The following meditation is a vehicle through which to consciously attain and physically become aware of your fifth-dimensional energetic signature while still embodying a third-dimensional form. 

Humanity, as a civilization, is evolving because we reside on a planet that is attaining her fifth-dimensional resonance within our solar system and galaxy.  Through the power of sacred geometry, you can consciously participate in your own evolutionary expansion and physiological transformation. 
This is a process to engage in regularly as the electromagnetic energies flooding the planet are changing every day. 
*Freedom from fear, unconditional loving, understanding the meaning of life, and accessing the abundance of the universe are just some of the results.*

  This mechanism has been given to humanity to facilitate the development of a new civilization of peace on Earth, a civilization that is in harmonic resonance with the planet upon which it resides, and is capable of participating in the galactic community to which it also belongs.   Each step of the mechanism is outlined in detail below. 

Start with The Golden Octahedron and end with The Golden Spiral.  In the process, you are attuning  to your own universal auric field.

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The Golden Octahedron

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1.  Upper four-sided pyramid moves from apex at the Monadic Star (or 
12th chakra
) above the head, to the base plate at the solar plexus
      – Lower four-sided pyramid moves from the base plate at the solar
down to the multi-universal return, (four chakras beneath
the Earth Star, or roughly three feet below your physical feet.)
     – Spins clockwise at 100% spin rate.

2. The golden octahedron is the geometry of the spiritual body of your all your expressions within this universe.  It transmits the presence of transcendence into your being and facilitates your evolutionary development in every life form you embody.

3. Gold calcite, gold or imperial topaz, and phenacite are the minerals through which the golden octahedron facilitates your intimate conscious connection with your own spiritual nature, the essential essence of your being. 

4. It is from this spiritual essence that all manifestation emanates with a distinct purpose, function, and process.  The electromagnetic energy creating and sustaining your various life forms is generated here as one Source of Creation.  Knowing how to understand and access electromagnetic resonance creates mastery throughout the universe.

The Blue Diamond Crystal and The Blue Heart Star

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1. Intense blue beams descend from the Monadic Star (or 12th chakra) and anchor into the pearlescent white 10th chakra above your head. 
   – Intense blue beams ascend from the multi-universal return beneath
your feet and anchor into the galactic return (below your Earth Star
and Solar Return.)
     – Increase the diameter of the beam by 3.5%.
     – Activate the Blue Diamond Crystal by becoming conscious of it.
     – The upper tip of the Blue Diamond Crystal is located at the 10th
while the lower tip of the Blue Diamond Crystal is located
at the Galactic Return.
     – Once aware of the Blue Diamond, activate the Blue Heart Star located
at your fifth-dimensional heart, above your thymus, in the middle
of your breast bone.  It will literally shine like a star in the night

2. The Blue Diamond Crystal is the geometry of your mental body throughout your universal expressions.  It connects you with your galactic consciousness and the experiential wisdom to be gained therein.  It is the home of the Blue Heart Star that processes intelligence as awareness.  This is our introduction to the thought process of consciousness that provides a means of comprehension beyond physical information and data processing.

3. Lapis lazuli, celestite, lazulite and shattuckite, are minerals through which the Blue Diamond Crystal can be accessed to increase awareness as your fifth-dimensional thinking process.  Sleeping with these stones is an effective way to consciously connect with your own galactic intelligence.

4. The Blue Heart Star is the brain of the galactic mental body and is the primary empathic center for galactic awareness and energetic competence.  Turquoise, angelite, ajoite, aqua aura, and owyhee blue opal will assist in connecting you with your Blue Heart Star and should be worn on the upper chest for maximum effect.

5. Working with the Blue Diamond Crystal will provide the skills necessary for communicating with and understanding the role, function, and purpose of an evolved humanity within the galactic community. 

The Pink Stellated Dodecahron

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1.  The pink stellated dodecahedron encompasses the Soul’s auric field,
connecting with the Earth Star below the feet and the Soul Star above the head.  The points emanate from the faces of the dodecahedron and the stellated points penetrate the 9th chakra above the head and the Solar Return beneath the Earth Star.
      – The stellated dodecahedron is constantly radiating energy outward
from the points and simultaneously inward towards the solar plexus.
      – It receives the electromagnetic frequency to be distributed throughout
the universal auric field from the crystalline transmissions of the
etheric body.
      – Supported by the Blue Diamond Crystal and contained by the
Golden Octahedron, the pink stellated dodecahedron is an electromagnetic delivery service for your expressions manifesting throughout this universe.
     – Become aware of how the pink stellated dodecahdron is radiating the
frequency currently being delivered.

2. The Pink Stellated Dodecahedron is the geometry of your emotional body throughout your universal expressions.   Through this dodecahedron, the life forms that you embody within the universe communicate with one another and address the manifestation of their desires on the planetary, solar, galactic, and universal levels.  Your universal emotional body functions as your multi-dimensional conference center and multi-dimensional manifestation generator.  Here, the wishes, desires, hopes, and dreams of your universal selves are considered for manifestation based upon the validity, purpose, and value offered to each expression.  Once a vector of electromagnetic transmission is activated, it radiates throughout the universal auric field causing sequential action to occur throughout your solar, galactic, and universal expressions.

3. Pink mangano calcite, pink smithsonite, pink lazurine, and pink
are minerals through which you can access and utilize the coherent creative power of your universal emotional body.  Utilize them in meditation to converse with your multi-dimensional universal presence and find the harmonic resonance required for your collective being to manifest its primary needs and desires universally.  During these meditations, your Blue Heart Star makes you cognizant of that which is truly required for your joyful evolutionary development.  Listen to it well before requesting a specific relationship, situation, resource, or environment so that your results are pleasing and helpful.

4. For your universal emotional body to be fit it must be exercised with precision and attention.  You do not want a jumbled communication system unable to deliver a message.   Nor, do you want damaged wires unable to transmit clear electrical signals.  All negativity must be purged from the system to clear the emotional body.  Low self-worth must be deleted for the system to run effectively.   How can you manifest what you don’t believe you deserve?  Joy must be downloaded as a precursor to celebration and to create the component through which unconditional loving will be installed.
5. The pink stellated dodecahedron radiates the electromagnetic frequencies through which unconditional loving is experienced.  As such, it is the source of coherence throughout your universal expressions, each becoming aware of the vastness of their collective power to contribute to the experiences of life as it exists throughout this universe.

The Green Octahedral Matrix

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1. Spans the Soul’s auric field with the upper point connecting with and
through the Soul Star to the 9th chakra, and with the lower point connecting with the Solar Return through and beneath the Earth Star.
     – The lower crystal point opens and closes, similar to the way a day lily
     – Inside the lower point is the rotating Earth Star, which
functions as a frequency modulator.  Every day it transduces the electromagnetic energies arriving on the planet from the universe through the galaxy and into our solar system so that our physical forms can receive the evolutionary transmissions that are upgrading our anatomy to fifth-dimensional resonance. Some days the point is closed, other days, the point is moving into new geometric configurations to accommodate the energy signatures being delivered. 
    – This is a columnar matrix of octahedrons that envelopes the human
form and runs through the Light Channel of the Soul’s auric field.  
    – Simply become aware of the green double terminated crystal that is
now running energy through your auric field.  Note whether the
lower point is open or closed.  Focus upon the rotation of the
Earth Star modulating the spatial frequency being transmitted.
Become aware of how the electromagnetic energies are traveling
through the upper point into the pink stellated dodecahedron and
radiating through it into your universal auric field.
     – Become aware of how the pink stellated dodecahdron is focusing the
same electromagnetic flow into the solar plexus chakra of your physical form.
    – Relax into the energy infusion.

2. The Green Octahedral Matrix is the geometry of your universal
etheric body.  It is expressed as a double terminated crystalline lattice through which electromagnetic commands are delivered to your various life forms throughout the solar system, galaxy, and universe.  Through this octahedral matrix, the coherence of your universal expressions are maintained through their evolutionary modulations.  The physical forms through which you collectively express yourself are transformed here.  Consider this the garage for the multi-dimensional physical vehicles your inhabit throughout the universe.

3. Peridot, green jade, octahedral fluorite, serpentine, and emerald facilitate the absorption of your daily electromagnetic deliveries into your physical form and out into and through your pink stellated dodecahedron.  Place them in your homes, offices, and yards to further the ease of your transformation.  Make sure that they are programmed to ground these higher dimensional frequencies into your relationships, careers, and environments.  Pick them up periodically and embrace them for the energetic services they are providing.

4. All forms of double-terminated quartz facilitate your deepening
awareness of and participation in your current physiological transformation.  Meditate with them by holding them upright or laying them vertically on your body so that the points correlate with your Soul and Earth Stars.  Note the amplification of the frequencies being delivered through your stone tools and become aware of the purpose of a particular vibration through the color and/or sound being generated.

5 Your etheric body is functioning as a double-terminated crystal– receiving, amplifying, and transmitting higher-dimensional electromagnetic energy into your evolving physical form and out into your universal auric field.  It is inherently ordered and symmetrical due to its crystalline origins.  It is the vehicle through which our carbon-based biology is evolving into a silica-based biology.  Through our crystalline etheric body, the isolation of humanity –caused by our chaotic, irrational processing– will be replaced by coherence throughout our multi-dimensional universal expressions.

The Golden Spiral

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1. Imagine the spiral configuration of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Now 
visualize a similar golden spiral rotating horizontally through your solar plexus, both abdomen and back, and expanding through your universal auric field.  Relax into your physical evolution.
2. The Golden Spiral is the geometry of your physical body.  It is the energy through which your spiritual essence, your electromagnetic signature, embodies into multi-dimensional life forms throughout this universe.  It correlates with the phi ratio of the Golden Rectangle, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers through which the patterns of all physical life in this universe express themselves.  On Earth, this includes all the kingdoms of nature, stones, plants, animals, and humans in coherence with planetary life.

3. Yellow jasper, lemon quartz and sulphur will assist in your physical journey into multi-dimensional by resonating with the Golden Spiral functioning within your universal auric field. 
    – Drinking a gem elixir of yellow jasper and lemon quartz, singularly or together, will vitalize the precipitating new physical form being born from the old. 
    – Sleeping with sulphur next to the bed will assist with the departure of unnecessary carbon-based structures to make room for the expanded functioning of crystalline human being.

4. The evolution of the physical form into fifth-dimensional resonance occurring through embodiment is an experimental technology that is advancing the understanding of life in this universe.  To consciously upgrade an unconscious civilization in the throes of remembrance is indeed a daunting task.  Yet, it is exciting in its ramifications for the transitional ease of life forms throughout this universe. 

We are happy to offer this meditational mechanism as our gift to humanity to facilitate the physical cohesion of your humanity into your universal multi-dimensional presence.

*WATCH a live presentation of the Fifth-Dimensional Human Resonance Meditation taped during “The Crystal Shift” workshop on March 27, 2010.*
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