5D Stone Awakening Grid

A spectacularly easy way to fill your home and office with the electromagnetic energies of the fifth dimension is to place a mineral grid, devoted to the radiation of the six key qualities that fifth dimensional living engages, into your environment.  The presence of stones intent on encouraging, promoting, and supporting the development of unconditional loving, a deep capacity for joy, creative multi-dimensional collaboration, graceful abundance, gender unity, and commitment to service makes it hard for you to ignore the presence of your Soul, or dismiss your Soul’s power to generate your fulfillment.   Chalcopyrite, labradorite, lepidolite, pyrite in the sun formation, cobaltoan calcite, scolecite, and skutterudite collectively create a matrix of sacred geometry that radiates the peaceful joy and limitless possibilities that fifth dimensional living provide.  The crystalline matrix of this stone collection interpenetrates the auric fields of all those within its radiation, providing access to the higher dimensional electromagnetic energies that propel evolutionary development.  The impossible and unthinkable become recognizable and probable with the assistance of the fifth dimensional stone awakening grid.

Addressing five specific personality styles, this grid seeks to release suffering by supporting self-awareness, personal responsibility, and the ability to forgive.  It provides a new perspective in which to re-organize your life based upon your Soul’s understanding of your life’s purpose and reason for being.  It develops self-esteem through an authentic comprehension of your divinity as well as your humanity.  And through the unfolding multi-dimensional awareness that emerges in your life, it facilitates respectful, happy, and dynamic relationships based in unconditional loving and a newfound reverence for life.

Three of the minerals of this grid, chalcopyrite, pyrite, and skutterudite belong to the sulphide family of minerals.  They support your ability to see what is good, true, and beautiful about yourself, even when you may have forgotten.  From an evolutionary perspective, they bring to light the reality that your Soul created the body and personality in which you now reside so that you can succeed at living your life. These three shiny minerals are intent on helping you to release the illusions and inhibitions that have entrapped you into third dimensional fear, loss, and separation.  Their desire is to introduce you to the power of spiritual joy that lifts you beyond the hurt, sadness, and pain of third dimensional disappointments and dramas.  They are cheering you on and into a fifth dimensional way of life but they don’t teach you how to change.  For that guidance and insight, they send you to the next three minerals of this fifth dimensional grid.

Your silicate specimens, labradorite, lepidolite, and scolecite, provide you with the courage to understand what needs to change in your life and why.  They don’t respond to whining or complaining, remaining steadfast to the principles of fifth dimensional living until you embrace these qualities for yourself.  Unconditionally loving, they nevertheless provide the firm guidance and strong boundaries necessary to navigate the third dimensional world with the grace of the fifth dimension.   Powerful healers, these beautiful stones combine flexibility and gentleness with honesty and hard work to facilitate spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical reconstruction, while rewriting the painful memories of the past in the triumphant experience of redemption in the present.

As you fully engage in the process of your soul-embodiment, the carbonate representative of the grid, cobaltoan calcite, assists in your transition from experiencing third dimensional dramas to participating in fifth dimensional enlightened relationships.  Intent on developing fifth dimensional community, cobaltoan calcite supports the development of purposeful and fulfilling relationships that coalesce around the goals of peace, wellbeing, and evolutionary development.  It provides you with the personal strength and auric backbone to release destructive relationships and focus upon life-affirming social and professional environments in which your practical spirituality can thrive.

Additionally, cobaltoan calcite, a lovely magenta mineral, activates and supports the functioning of your Mouth of God chakra at the back of the head at the base of the brain.  This chakra serves as a command center for your multi-dimensional communication system and ensures your ability to creatively collaborate with the heavenly realms in developing your fifth dimensional lifestyle.  Functioning as a transmitter, receiver, multi-dimensional translator, and amplifier, it facilitates communication between your Soul, all kinds of celestial support, and your conscious awareness.  Your Mouth of God chakra supports the development of heavenly collaboration by providing an interface for conscious understanding and multi-dimensional relationship.  Your fifth dimensional community includes Ascended Masters, angels, devas, light beings from multiple star-systems, and even the stars themselves.  This grid will remind you that you are not alone on your evolutionary journey, nor are you ever forgotten, no matter how difficult any transition may seem.

Here is a closer look at each of the minerals supporting your fifth dimensional awakening:

Chalcopyrite encourages you to find joy in your life.

Chalcopyrite wakes up your auric field and promotes consistent energy flow throughout your subtle bodies and fifth dimensional chakra column. It connects you with the deep capacity for joy present in the fifth dimension and promotes consistent happiness as you journey to soul-embodiment.   It is multi-colored with blues and purples.

Pyrites fill your body and your environment with spiritual energy.

Pyrites fill your body and your environment with spiritual energy.

Pyrite, in the configuration of a flat and round golden sun, promotes the calm radiance of your fifth dimensional spiritual body.  It illuminates an understanding of your evolutionary journey which encourages you to make enlightened choices that establish your fifth dimensional lifestyle.  It supports your masculine energy and affirms your commitment to serve all life in unconditional love.

Labradorite promotes the ability to see many points of view.

Labradorite offers you the gift of heightened multi-dimensional perception so that you can engage in soulful decision making.  It is committed to serving you and encourages you to be of service to all life on earth. Giving you access to your fifth dimensional mind, it activates your fifth dimensional third eye so that you see your life and those around you through the eyes of your Soul.  Through its assistance your ability to forgive will grow, and your capacity for unconditional loving will expand.  Labradorite glistens with blues, golds, and greens from within a black base.

Lepidolite supports graceful change.

Lepidolite supports graceful change.

Lepidolite understands graceful abundance and will support its presence in your emerging new life.  It transmits the frequency of the fifth dimensional Lavender Fountain, which transmutes anxiety into faith and confusion into truth.  A bearer of freedom, lepidolite activates internal changes that work with your personality to promote graceful transitions out of cultural entrapment and into spiritual expansion with respect and appreciation for the past.  It too radiates the joy that freedom offers to those who choose to unconditionally love.   It promotes the creative collaboration necessary for innovation in the development of life-affirming and sustainable technologies.  Radiating through lovely shades of light to dark purple, lepidolite is sometimes found in a matrix of shiny clear mica and quartz.

Cobaltoan calcite awakens your Mouth of God chakra so you can hear the angels sing.

Cobaltoancalcite assists in keeping the Mouth of God chakra in optimal working order so that your fifth dimensional communication system is always functioning.  It celebrates your ability to utilize the languages of the Soul to develop wondrous multi-dimensional relationships and honor your place in the galaxy and universe.  It consistently infuses joy into your fifth dimensional heart chakra because it is so happy that you are becoming soul-embodied.  Promoting creative collaboration, cobaltoan calcite supports your emerging fifth dimensional community on the Earth as well as in the heavens.  In so doing, it affirms your commitment to serving all life in the development of an enlightened civilization of peace.  Cobaltoan calcite is a beautiful magenta stone that comes in varying shades of pink.

Skutterudite supports the dynamic creative power of your feminine energy.

Skutterudite supports the dynamic creative power of your feminine energy.

Skutterudite radiates the dynamic creativity of the divine feminine into your life supported and protected by the divine masculine energies within you.  Radiating fifth dimensional gender unity, it supports the effective use of your divine voice in manifesting your fifth dimensional presence in the world.  Shining with the Platinum Ray, this silver mineral will help you to shine with the harmony that gender unity expresses in your life.  This stone contains arsenic.  Wash your hands well after touching this mineral.  Do not use as an elixir as it is toxic.

Scolecite radiates innocence and purity.

Scolecite radiates innocence and purity.

Scolecite quietly nurtures your soul embodiment and purifies any residue creating resistance to experiencing the purity of your higher self.  It promotes the experience of unconditional loving through the tenderness of the divine feminine.  And, it utilizes the gentle power of the fifth dimensional masculine energies to promote internal strength and creative collaboration.  Resonating with the white frequencies of innocence, scolecite has streaks of white flowing through a white base.

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