Angels-Starry-Night When seeking an angelic experience, look to angelite, blue wing anhydrite, and celestite for support and assistance.  These three sulphate minerals calm your mind, comfort your heart, and infuse you with peace so that you are free to open your higher sense perception to the angelic realms around and within you.  Through their orthorhombic crystalline lattices a multi-dimensional bridge is built through which you are able to experience your own angelic nature which resides in the fifth, sixth, seventh, or even higher dimensions.  The crystalline grid which these minerals collectively create,  links to the geometric patterning of your own auric field and literally builds a bridge between your higher dimensional angelic nature and your third dimensional humanity, allowing you to become consciously aware and to viscerally experience the presence of angels.As orthorhombic stones, angelic, anhydrite, and celestite are committed to serving humanity.  They provide the encouragement, compassionate support, and practical guidance that healers, humanitarians, and missionaries all over the world require to build an enlightened civilization of peace on Earth.  The angels utilize these stones as transmitters, sending whatever frequency is necessary to those who call upon them.  Courage, compassion, tolerance, patience, understanding, attention, and strength are just some of the frequencies that can electromagnetically flow through these blue stones.  For example, imagine a caretaker sitting in meditation with a celestite cluster in her hands.  She is struggling with the demands of caring for a loved one with cancer and praying for help.  The angels send their frequencies through the stone into her hands, up her arms, and into her heart.  She feels herself being support by a presence and then feels strength pouring into her auric field.  Tears fall down her cheeks and a warmth moves into her heart letting the sadness flow down her legs and into the Earth.  She breathes deeply and knows she is not alone in the days to come.

All of these stones correlate with the element of water, and they help those who utilize them to flow with life, to respond to life, and to gracefully enter into life.  These stones emerged when the water in which they were developed evaporated. As sedimentary minerals they encourage us to be fluid, flexible, and attentive to the environments in which we are living, and serving.  They support our ability to adapt, appreciate, and utilize the relationships and situations in which we find ourselves. Because water flows all over the planet, the support these minerals provide, through the angelic presences with which they connect, flow all around the world.  You can imagine the waters from which these stones emerged in the differing shades of blue in which we find them.  Blue wing anhydrite reflects a very light blue with overtones of white.  Celestite in crystalline form may reflect a deep blue, but in massive deposits emerges as a translucent white.  Angelite appears as chalky white round pebbles on the Earth, but when broken open their light to deep blue color is revealed.  Collectively they transmit the blue frequencies of the First Ray to infuse you with spiritual self-discipline and the will to love regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself.  Additionally, they radiate the white light of the Soul connecting you to your spiritual maturity which infuses you with the capacity to unconditionally love.  Using these stones in meditation and prayer are the easiest way to consciously communicate with your angelic nature.  But practically, angelite is the only stone that you can wear on the body because it is the hardiest of the three.  To develop mental flexibility and understanding, to be more at ease in your relationships and unconditionally loving in your actions, carry tumbled angelite in your pockets, or wear an angelite bracelet on your left wrist.

Angelite supports your ability to forgive.

Angelite supports your ability to forgive.

When placed in an environmental grid, blue wing anhydrite, angelite, and celestite create a matrix of receptivity to angelic guidance, assistance, and awareness.  They elevate your conscious awareness of your Soul’s presence through which your own angelic presence becomes available to you.  An environment of multi-dimensional fluidity is established so that you can physically experience the transformative power of angelic communication and radiation.  When needing a significant boost of hope or strength, you can sit with your grid and simply talk about the relationships which are challenging you.  In moments of anger, hold your angelite in your hands.  In moments of sadness, hold your anhydrite up to your heart.  In moments of gratitude, speak into your celestite.  Look upon these stones as mineral companions willing to listen, serving your highest good, and linking you to the multi-dimensional assistance that can transform your understanding of whatever situation with which you are confronted.  When you make this grid an active part of your evolutionary development, you can send your requests not only to your angelic assistants, but also higher dimensional guides and celestial support.  The stones send the information and frequencies across the multi-dimensional bridge from both points of departure, human and divine.

Let’s look at each of the stones individually:

A message from Angelite:Angelite radiates peace into the environments where it is placed.
I link the Heaves to the Earth offering the hope of peace by providing the courage to manifest reconciliation within yourself and others.
I know no limits to my forgiveness,
so you shall know no limits to yours

Angelite appeared in Peru in 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence, which was a celestial rescue mission for the future of humanity.  Knowing that humanity was struggling to find the capacity to forgive, and heading toward the self-destruction that power and hatred breeds, celestial light beings from multiple star systems brought forth a gift that would infuse the experience of peace into humanity.  They left with us a simple yet profound light blue stone that promotes respectful consideration and infuses you with the capacity to seek redemption.  Angelite is a hurt healer, promoting your self-awareness so you can choose forgiveness over revenge, and compassion over judgment.  When the past is healed, the possibilities of the present are finally seen.  Peace becomes possible.
Angelite promotes your capacity to connect with your Soul and to travel through your Soul to aspects of yourself that your humanity cannot reach, including your own angelic nature.  In doing so, angelite supports the development of telepathy and promotes the emergence of channeling, which is a multi-dimensional conversation with one or more higher dimensional intelligences.  When you view your current incarnation from the soul perspective of hundreds of lifetimes, and lessons that you have carried through each of them, you have a broader understanding of what is happening in your life now and why.  Taking an angelite with you when receiving an astrological or intuitive soul reading will help you to accurately receive and interpret the information being shared. Additionally angelite serves as a protective interface from negative or disturbing influences.  Angelite is a gift to humanity from the Earth, encouraging us to embrace the wisdom of the heavens by making peace with each other and the planet.

A message from Anhydrite:Anhydrite fills you with grace from the Angels.

I am gentle, tender, peaceful and warm.
Hear the angels through me.
Feel their grace surrounding you through every challenge and adventure.
Be at peace.

Blue wing anhydrite is a gentle stone that infuses tenderness into those it touches.  The angels transmit grace through its radiating structure and it seems as if angel wings live in the stone.  In the supportive and loving energy of anhydrite, change becomes possible because negativity is set free.  In the presence of anhydrite resistance flees.  Purposeful changes are welcomed and opportunities are embraced that would have been passed by prior to anhydrite’s presence in your life.  Although tender, anhydrite expresses the dynamic fluid power of the divine feminine.  It focuses on building self-worth by effectively utilizing emotional awareness to successfully navigate through life.  An angelic communicator, anhydrite supports the use of the language of the soul among humanity and with the heavenly realms.  Through grace, anhydrite develops appreciation for differences, and the wisdom to look beyond the moment to the highest good for all.  This is a wonderful stone to share a bath with.  You can literally wash the negativity down the drain.  However, the water will weaken the stone so be careful when handling it until it completely dries.

A message from Celestite:

Such love I have to offer you through
the power of my heart.
I see all that you are.
I will help you to see yourself as I do,

Celestite emanates a calm wisdom that increases inner peace and facilitates clear decision making.  It is a faithful stone encouraging you to have faith in yourself and in the divine assistance supporting you.  Celestite upholds that faith by facilitating your clairaudience, allowing you to hear the voices of the angels and your universal healing team so that you have a deeper understanding of what is happening to you when, and why.  With this knowledge you can relax into divine timing and feel the protection of the angels as your fulfillment unfolds.  Celestite is an effective problem solver and will help you to balance the needs of your inner and outer worlds so that only the best outcomes emerge.  Celestite not only assists in your capacity to hear, it also supports your capacity to speak your truth in love so that harmony becomes a reality in your life.  Celestite is a soft stone that easily breaks.  Because of that, it serves best when held in meditation, or placed on an altar, or in a bedroom to promote deep sleep.  Holding a celestite while saying your prayers turns it into a wonderful microphone amplifying your requests out into the heavens.  Just remember to wait to hear the responses.

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