The 5D Auric Field

Our auric fields are changing to provide us access to the multi-dimensional assistance supporting our evolutionary development into soul-embodied human beings.  Fascinating changes are occurring to our physical bodies, our capacity to transcend the past, our ability to remain emotionally calm and mentally focused under pressure, and our expanding awareness of the celestial beings supporting our third dimensional transcendence.  To that end, a number of new pages are available to facilitate your own empowerment into the soul-embodied human being that you are becoming.  You’ll find general information on the fifth dimensional auric field in The 5D Auric Field.  The Subtle Bodies of the 5D Auric Field provides more insight into how are auric field collaboratively functions to support our evolutionary development.  And, since our 5D fields are crystalline in nature, Mineral Assistance for the 5D Auric Field identifies useful minerals to ease and support our graceful transition into our soul-embodied selves.

Diagrams of the 5D field are on the way along with pictures of third dimensional models created by Joseph Teliha to help you understand the evolutionary processes underway.  Additionally, I will post the meditative activations that will further the journey for you.  You can begin by doing The Crystallization of the 5D Auric Field Activation. Joseph and I will be presenting this material in future 5D Auric Field programs at which you are welcome to record the activations and take pictures of the models as well as interact with them yourself.  Check the events page as we will post the next 5D events as they are scheduled.

Thank you for being on this evolutionary journey and honoring your power to create peace on Earth through unconditional loving.  It is my pleasure and privilege to support your evolutionary journey.