Crystals for the Traumatized and Suffering

Have you felt the brutality of life? Are you constantly fearing the next barrage of hurt, pain, and loss? Does your search for happiness often end in despair? Have you lost faith? These are the questions of those who are suffering from traumas of any kind, emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.

Crystals for the Adventurous Explorer

The Amorphous Minerals – Do you love to travel? Are you constantly inspired? Is play as essential to you as food? Have you tried a variety of career paths? Variety truly is the spice of life for those with amorphous personalities. They are the adventurous explorers of humanity and no environment is out of reach for them.

Crystals for Stability and Self-Awareness

Do people get easily aggravated with you? Is spontaneity your way of life? Have you been called moody? Are you racked by self-doubt? Do you look to psychics for guidance? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a roller coaster of a life.

Crystals for Caregiving and Self-Love

Do you find it easy to go along with the choices others’ make? Are you the happiest when you are taking care of those you love? Is commitment one of your favorite words? Do you feel secure in the rhythm of your life? If so, then the minerals of the orthorhombic system are good friends of yours.

Stones for Stability and Balance

Do you suffer mood swings? Is it hard to stay positive? Do your energy levels plummet or summit throughout a typical day? If your answer is yes to any or all three questions, the phosphate family of minerals may come to your assistance.

Stones for Freedom, Pleasure, and Change

Most of us acquire things, relationships, locations, memories, and beliefs as we live our lives. The older we get, the more we carry around, and that includes everything from the weight in our bodies to the disappointments in our hopes and dreams. When it’s time to clean out and clean up, the halide family of minerals is very helpful.

Crystals for Contentment and Happy Relationships

Do you enjoy the simple things in life? Is feeling appreciation as natural to you as breathing? Are you comfortable with the people that surround you? If so, then you are greatly blessed with an experience of contentment that can never be taken from you.

Crystals to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Have you had difficulty finding your purpose? Do you struggle to find meaning in what you are doing with your life? Is it easy for you to procrastinate? Do you wish there was a pill to take for motivation? If you need an infusion of ambition, a hexagonal crystal will work for you.

Crystals for Authenticity and Self-Esteem

Do you enjoy trying new fashion trends? Is your library filled with self-help books that you actually read? Are you insatiably interested in what life has to offer? Are you worried about what others think of you? Is it easy to make yourself into what others think you should be? It’s hard work to keep up appearances when you really don’t know how you feel or who you are. The tetragonal system of minerals will support you in discovering your authentic self, if you will let them.

Stones for Innovation, Creative Collaboration, and Success

All life evolves making change an essential element of living. How we change and what we choose to create requires imagination, flexibility, and innovation. The carbonate family of minerals knows how to bubble up ideas. Consisting of a carbonate salt and one or more metallic elements, these stones assist in life transitions.